Friday, March 13, 2009

FRIDAY GUEST BLOGGER: AISEHMAN (who I fear to tangle with.....NEVER)

The first blog that I read was the late MGGPillai. Then Jeff Ooi of Screenshot burst into the scene, together with Aisehman. I used to spend quality time reading them although I stole company time doing this. AISEHMAN is a guided missile......if you are locked in his sights, you are poooooffffffed........pulverised. Today I offer you two of his latest superbly timed.

For whatever reason I am unable to copy and paste his two postings.

Go HERE for Unforgivable Insults
and HERE for Illegal Adviser


When news broke about the 6 who would be charged, I received phone calls and sms from friends who were anxious. I assured them that ikan bilis goes well with beer but never as a main meal.
However, I appreciate the concern. I might have questioned my Sultan but I never insulted him.


Stay close for the
definitely today
when you get back to your keyboard after lunch.


zorro said...

Malaysiakini reported that the Court of Appeal today allowed Perak speaker V Sivakumar to be represented by his own lawyers in two pending suits related to the Perak crisis.

The decision of the three-member bench led by Justice Md Raus Sharif was unanimous. The other two judges were Justice R Abdull Hamid Embong and Justice Ahmad Maarop.

That is satisfying news for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

GOD sent, amen !

Anonymous said...

BUT back to ipoh high court STILL judged by the same fler ah !?