Thursday, March 12, 2009


That, I am told is how you greet a Sarawakian, who will then respond appropriately with "Manah".

Yesterday, we met up with a Sarawakian to learn more about Batang Ai. In the meantime, the best way to get a good feel of Sarawak in general and Batang Ai in particular would be to visit these bloggers listed below:

Please click on graphics to enlarge.

I would be delighted to have the URL of other Sarawak Bloggers (that I have missed) who we can link with.


Unknown said...

Dear Zorro,

If PR is seriously want to win Batang Ai, we need to look into the indelible ink again..

I have my reason here..

and here

Like you said.. due to the logistic and vast area to cover, A voter movement is hard to control

Shiok Guy

Mazri said...

Very hard to control especially on Friday mid night. You know what i mean.

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro

logistics...? if it's money, just publish you maybank ac number....


Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,
Nama berita Zorro? Manah?
Thanks for the initiative to introduce several Dayak Bloggers in your esteemed blog. We appreciate the gesture, thanks again.
Well, if u decide to come over to Sarawak, please free to contact me/us.We almost know who's who amongst us in blogsphere. Email me ok, at
Regards fro Borneo- tedewin ngumbang.

Uchu Keling said...

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro, I am forever proud of you..Thank you for the such initiatives only giant souls like yours could make...Let's hope Batang Ai be a symbol to our fellow friends in Sarawak that it is never too late to make it right...Take care Sir!

Salak said...

Nama berita, Nuan?

Let's just try to roll out as much as we can. Sarawak ain't Malaya but the info is out there.

Let's share it all, for Change!

Sik ngirup, Nuan?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Uncle Zorro. Aprreciate it. If you are coming to Kuching do drop me a line and would like to meet up. 0198860108 or 0168608063

Malaysian said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,

Wao, this is a good move to let Sarawak People know the true, however i think that Batang Ai area still left behind to the technology, yes, sarawak is a rich state but where is the development???

where all the money go?

I'm not a Sarawak Blogger, however i am a Bukit Gantang Blogger (P59) so can i listed here?

I will update the by election result so if anyone feel free can visit my blog during 7 April to share (if u can get the latest result) and discuss the latest election result! Thanx...

cheer for Malaysia Baru!