Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Let me say this again. I do not blog about politics because I have yet to understand Malaysian politics. I BLOG ABOUT MISBEHAVIOR IN MALAYSIAN POLITICIANS. I have not spared the DAP and neither did I spare PKR (although my friend - I always thought he was until - Rocky says that I am on Anwar's payroll and which he still has to prove although I never asked him to, even when we knocked glasses at his last birthday bash at the NPC!)

I have throughout my two years stint as a named Blogger, always said that there are many credible and good thinking men in UMNO. I have many friends in UMNO. Most of them are the emerging young who (3.7million) will not be heard and thus did not vote BN or voted opposition.

Here is one who verbalized his frustrations at not being heard by UMNO. He found his voice in Malaysiakini:

Umno doing the same thing it condemns others for

Abdul Rahman | Mar 2, 09 3:43pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report

'Singh is King' mobbed, MP claims assault.

I read with sadness as an Umno member the behaviour of a group of Umno Youth in ‘mobbing’ Karpal Singh within the premises of the Parliament itself. Such behaviour should be condemned irrespective of what is said in Parliament.

If we as Malaysians are to react in this way to words uttered in Parliament by members of Parliament, I guess there would be a daily ‘mob’ in Parliament. As Umno members, we have set a bad example for others.

I find many instances where we as Umno members condemn others but yet do the very same thing we condemn others of. The same happened when we seized power in Perak from the Pakatan Rakyat government.

We condemn Anwar Ibrahim for encouraging and taking in party-hoppers, yet we did the very same thing in Perak that we condemn the PR of. We lose dignity and respect as a party. The impact is worse on our leaders, particularly our prime minister-in-waiting and the home minister.

Some of the statements made by our ministers are truly insulting our intelligence and are disgraceful. This is why BN, and Umno in particular, are losing support among Malaysians. We never ‘walk the talk’ and we are a disgrace to the nation.

The defence made by our Umno Youth exco member, Reezal Merican Naina Merican, on the Umno Youth episode in Parliament is bad excuse and an insult to anybody's intelligence. He should have kept his mouth shut.

Let me quote what was reported : ‘If we were to curse Karpal by saying 'celaka Singh', it would surely anger the Sikh community as it had hurt the Malays as Umno Youth is representing the Malays.’

Calling a person ‘celaka Singh’ is insulting the whole Sikh community, not Karpal Singh alone. The context of the language used in this form refers all who carry the name Singh, namely all Sikhs.

However, when Karpal Singh called our Umno Youth celaka, he is refering to Umno Youth alone, not all Umno members (for instance like me who is just an ordinary Umno member ) and definitely not all Malays.

It was a specific reference to UmnoYouth only. Please do not put all Malays into the picture. Sad to say, with the current condition in Umno, I dare not say we represent our Malay race anymore in Malaysia.

The Things done by many of our government agencies have been seen and perceived to be biased and in favour of BN and Umno. If I am to put myself in a neutral position without favouring any side, be it Umno or PR, I would tend to believe that there is an element of bias.

Take for example the recent MACC incident where investigations into a car and some cows were put at the forefront ahead of investigations into those who have embezzled millions from our nation's coffers. No wonder the MACC has been called ‘Malaysian Agency for Car and Cows’.

The MACC chief has been seen to have a tendency to reveal names of opposition leaders more than that of government or BN members. The police force is also seen that way, with a tendency to arrest opposition members rather than BN or Umno members.

Even right now, the public distrust of the police force is obvious as they have been perceived to be a tool used by the BN government to act against opposition members.

I hope our Umno leaders will wake up and change. I will not be surprised if we are to lose in all the coming by-elections because of the way we in Umno behave, particularly our leaders.

The worst nightmare would be if we would undergo another political tsunami come the next general election. Enough have been said. We have to change now if we want to remain significant in Malaysian politics.


I went through the Japanese Occupation as a child and running into air-raid shelters provided by the Japanese school I attended, when the siren sounded; I went through the Emergency Years where we sat by our Philips radio at 7:00pm to listen to the daily report of how many "bandits" (we did not call Chin Peng's people terrorists yet) or how many security forces were killed; I went thru the Confrontation years; I experienced first hand May 13. I still bear a mark of a slap that broke my spectacles when I pleaded for safe-passage for my Malay colleague Ronnie Hamid who lived above me. I went into the infamous Tiong Nam with my parish priest Fr. Lawrence LeGuen to bring home a Malay maid who had to breast-feed her baby in Kampong Chempedak near Sentul Dalam. Father Larry (who fogot to display his Red Cross sticker) and I had gun muzzle pointed at our heads at the check-point in Jalan Raja Laut.










Pat said...

I, too, hope and pray for good sense to prevail not only in Perak today, but for all-time in all of Malaysia.

Thank you for Abdul Rahman's article - I must've missed it on Malaysiakini; or didn't stop to read it because of his allegiance to umno - thinking it was more stuff to 'insult our intelligence' like he says.

Zashnain said...

I do not believe that the present Umno leaders want to wake up and change. After all, PakLah spends most of his time sleeping. Every month we read or see the arrogance and self-importance of Umno and their allies. They chose to be ignorant of the outcome of the Perak episode so as to discredit PR. With a desperate kamikaze attack, Umno intentionally want to see a state of pandemonium in Perak. Not to mention I think they are setting the stage for Najib to save the day, when he becomes the PM.

The outbreak of unsound political hostilities will not benefit the raykat. It would merely initiate the start of a series of meltdown where ultimately everyone loses.

Knights Templar said...

Perak ... which is my home State also... Has gone to the Dogs Rev'rand ... nothing more to say ...

zorro said...

Knights...gone to the dogs? Which breed? Nothing more to say?... maybe,to each his own, but as a Perakian, I have started to do something....like blogging about it.

Anonymous said...

Its always good to be badly shaken now and then about who your real friends ( or foes ) are !

especially those who always say good things about you in front , or in your comments section for they are usually the most dangerous

You might be old but sometimes you are naive like a child

Zashnain said...

Well I must congratulate PR for making every effort to turn a bad situation to their political advantage.

Lets just hope that the Rakyat would be given an opportunity to vote their choice of Govt.

Unknown said...

sins of the father will surely take care of the son. The fight for justice, must go on. Surely the powers that be can see how foolishly they have created a choatic and undemocratic state of affairs in Perak

Anonymous said...

These goons are never going to change and UMNO will never be changed as long as they have leaders like that sleepy head and pink lips. Just read what sleepy head said about the "flip-flop" issue (toll raises) raised by the opposition parties. He said it is not flip-flop when you change things from bad to good. Then why the FUCK you have to allow a stupid minister of your cabinet announced a bad decision (about the toll raises) in the first place before you even debate it in your cabinet meeting? You then went on to give a lame excuse that after the announcement, you realised that the economy was so bad that you have put a stop to the raises. So to you, the downturn of the economy only happened a couple of days after the bad announcement was made, is it? What a nut of an excuse. Even a three year old kid would laugh at this. Com'n sleepy head, don't insult our intelligence lah! Ditto to that "Allah" issue. It is a total disgrace to the nation to have a leader like you! Better you step down before we all die of exasperation from your eternal stupidity!!!

Anonymous said...

Democracy is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD in Perak and all of Malaysia!
These gangsters are abusing the use of public servants for their own ends.

Anonymous said...

" Father, it's DONE, tq ! amen . "

Knights Templar said...

Just did Rev ...But Pale in Comparison to Yours ...

Cheers ol Chap .

Anonymous said...

I hope Pakatan retains Perak.

Here is another UMNO man who is not at all pleased with the behaviour of the Nazi thugs and idiots within the party. Read what Tengku Razaleigh has to say. Despite his UMNO credentials, he comes across as very sensible and level headed. He stood up for Karpal Singh and sided with Pakatan during the the unconstitutional pseudo take-over of Perak by UMNO-BN.


mob1900 said...

The facts remain:

1. The Perak ADUN were never dissolved as required by Law after 4 MPs from the ruling coalition 'suddenly' became 'independent'.

2. No election were held as there's no dissolution of Perak's ADUN, thus making the 'new' MB invalid/not recognised by the law.

3. If BN goes ahead with this blatant power-grabbing by self-declaring themselves as the ruling state gov in Perak then they're naturally fighting against our Constitution which is the ultimate law of the country. Crime against The Constitution, anyone?

ADUN dissolution > election, is the only way as provident in our law.

Anonymous said...

The writer is Syed Imran, an Arab-Malaysian born in Penang, Malaysia, an ex-Bernama journalist (1971-1998) and former press secretary to the Minister in PM’s Department. We received this through our email. It is a must read


Anonymous said...

Unc Zorro, I am confused between RPK and PKR or is it PRK?

Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah!!!!

Anonymous said...

I must have been born at the right time to witness mother of all crisis happening in Malaysia:
1. Consitutional Crisis
2. Financial Crisis
3. Economic Crisis
4. Legislation Crisis
5. What will they think of next Crisis

flyer168 said...

Former Lord President Tun Mohamed Suffian Hashim repeatedly insisted in his foundational written texts that in Malaysia,
“the constitution” and nothing but the constitution is “the supreme law of the land”.

“Malaysia cannot afford to see constitutional principles imperilled, and constitutional processes jeopardised” —

“not even out of an understandable impatience, or a conscientious determination, to see the urgent political and practical problems of the day speedily resolved.”

Devine Intervention works Wonders.

YB Dato' Seri Ahmad Nizar & YB Sivakumar, you & your quorum of Assembly members have all done everything that is “Humanly” possible, but “Do Not” give up the fight & struggle....towards our “New Dawn.”

God Almighty “Hears & Feels” the Call, the Pain & the Despair of our “Defenders” & the downtrodden rayaat.

Remember “What goes round, will come round to these Desperate UMNO Ketetuanan Beggars” - Past, Present & Future.

The “Opressors” will “FAIL” & God Almighty will ensure “Justice” will be done.

Do keep up your “Prayers” to God Almighty in your own way for “Sanity, Human Rights, Justice, Freedom, Equality & Peace to “Prevail” over “EVIL”

John Quincy Adams:

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”


May God bless, guide & protect our Defenders of Truth, Justice, Equality & Freedom, this great nation, its remaining assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia forthwith.