Sunday, March 15, 2009


Nothing original from this PRS President. Pet canines run alongside their masters, and fleas dig deep into their "home". Of course Bloggers make noise, as long as the noise they make registers with the right people. But, this "NOISE" Masing will not like.

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Apai, on March 13th, 2009 at 3:36 pm

I am sure Batang Ai voters relished at the thought of Masing self-appointment as Director of Operation for the said constiuency.Here is the man who was deeply involved in the socio-economic study on the impact of the first Dam.Let him explained the ugly truths about what is happening in the constuency-has the Ibans of Batang Ai reaped the the harvest of the Dam as promised. Have the people enjoyed rural electrification programme,feeder roads,rural health programme and other basic infractures and amenties? In short is there any improvement in their standard of living?And again here is the man whose stark record on the Bakun project is on public record-has he collected from Tan Sri Ting the RM5 million pledged for the benefit of of Belaga residents? There again Tan Sri’ son in law is still an assistant minister inspite being dismissed from PRS. That assistant minister post is PRS quota. What is Masing going to preach in Batang Ai?Let us wait for his honest campaign then?Hence Masing cannot dismissed outright bloggers role in this election or Masing cannot enter into a meaningful dialogue with informed voters.I am definte that this discipline of engaging into dialogue with people was instilled into him when he did his PhD.Or has Masing become Jabu-do not messed around with the Ibans-.I wish to point out that Jabu is preaching bloodletting,racial in tone and exploiting the Iban base barbaric nature,which is contrary to what is actually happening on the ground.When the Ibans are adopting other races as their son,never mind if Masing is asking for an adoption certificate,i find it strange to come out of Jabu mouth.To Masing he is just parroting Taib policy-you cannot produce a title then it is state land.To Jabu he knew for a fact that that particular incident where a Muslim died in a longhouse where Annuar visited was due to the wrath of Iban gods?May be Masing told him it is The Coming of the Gods.Is this what Masing/Jabu going to preach because both of them are bankrupt of ideas.To the voters of Batang Ai let me tell you what Jayum A Jawan writes in book Leadership and Development at page 42 the last paragraph-what am i prepare to do to help provide a better prospects and future for my children and grandchildren?The answer lies in the hands of each Iban individual-not in the hands of Iban assemblymen.So translate it into votes otherwise -the distribution of the benefits of development might be equated to a durian season;by the time Ibans came to the communal orchard farm,all the fruits are gone;what is left is only the smell.Rember the answer lies in your hands-not in the hands of Masing,Mawan and Jabu.

NOISE is good. It shuts out the monotonous chest-thumpings and mumblings of the BN coalition. Noise is better than the surreptitious distribution of money (RM200 now, and the remaining RM1800 if BN wins!). Somebody calculated that 6000 (instead of 8000) will come out to vote BN will spend pittance to woo Batang Ai voters.....mere small change compared to PP and KT buy-elections. However, the test will be: Will Batang Ai voters be tempted again to sell their votes for transitory gains and their Native Customary Land rights? We will know come April 7, 2009.


Anonymous said...

If it is only noise that they make, why should he care?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


If bloggers don't make noise
How can they be really heard?
They have to come out with their poise
Or do you merely tug them at their beard?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150309
Sun. 15th Mar. 2009.

Anonymous said...

Those guys in east m'sia have got no balls,period.

Old Fart said...

Hello, every time you face your electorate you rely on promises not on what you have done or what has not been done.

Give them hope, my man. Not depress them with whats not been given or not given. Put so much hope in them that they forget about what they should have had but don't have.

Unfortunately we are voters. We vote not to say thank you. We vote thinking here is a better chance at realising the hope.

Between James Masing making promises and building our hopes up and whoever the Keadilan guy is, sure Masing's hope message might seem a little more reliable and possibly achievable too. Well, at least it is easier to fool ourselves with this idea anyway.

amoker said...

I hope the Ibans will don their warrior stance and reject being slaves to money politics.

jumpover said...

actually that old man(jin masin) was very worries that...his party will lost the Batang Ai.

he realise that people of batang ai ,,now day was no longer behind bn candidate.

Anonymous said...

Apai's "noise" is music to my ear but ear piercing to Masing, Jabu and Mawan ears. Voodoo man Jabu should declare himself as a non Christian. Church in Kuching should distance themselves from the Voodoo man.

Anonymous said...

Well done Zorro for your coverage of Batang Ai by Election.
I am a Dayak/Iban truly. But with James Jemut Masing the Bacu (JJMB) and Jabu the Ball player still around, I ashamed to admit to my peninsular friends that I am Iban or dayak. Enough is enough..Iban of Lubok Antu must STOP listen to these two stooges, great liars or pemula besai. Shut their mouths by throw yor vote to PKR..

With that Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"