Monday, March 9, 2009


For two Sundays we were cowed into not holding the vigil. Instead the group spent their time, brainstorming and stategising on what next to do. Some good ideas were bandied around whilst some extraneous items also got some airing. Keep at it people, but keep focused on our mission to Abolish the ISA, because we still have some 40 in Kamunting. Yesterday, was International Women's Day and Karen thought that she would like to remember yesterday by doing something she never did before. She said, "Dad, let's you and I do the vigil at your normal place." And we did.
On our way in we met Senior Koh, exchanged greetings/hugs, who, on our request, agreed not to join us at the tarmac to avoid infringing the three-is-an-illegal-assembly law. Karen and I sat on the kerb facing the MBPJ office entrance. We lighted a candle. Each of us verbalised our thoughts into prayer. I then read out all the names of the ISA detainees, one by one, and Karen rejoined with "Protect and keep him safe, O Lord." Like all women who would want to have the last word (its ok because that day was IW Day): "Dear God, give courage and sustenance to the wives of our detainees and keep the children free from harm."

We never saw any SBs until Karen stood up to be relieved of the hot curb we sat on. Two were watching us but they were just observing, as was their duty. Nobody barked at us. We had agreed to spend half-an-hour doing our vigil and we just talked about the ISA. On our way out we saw 6 SBs, well camouflaged into the greenery, waved Selamat Malam at them. I then reminded Karen about my request that Angelina Williams watch over us. SHE DID! I sent Karen home as I had invited Vic, Jerry, Queenie, Lillian, Old Fart, Shah 101 and Duke to fish with me.

Next Sunday, Karen and I will do likewise but in another venue. Don't join us but why don't you pair up with somebody and light a candle at your own chosen venue. Duke, the Whisperer has already picked his venue.

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K Barsha said...

wah such immense effort! now surely the ISA will get abolished! the whole malaysia wants it!


zorro said...

Yo, people, the Kamel is back. LOL? Louder please, can't hear you....or maybe Camels don't laugh.

petluc said...

Uncle Bernard,
There is only on thing for me to do, I SALUTE YOU!!!

On behalf of ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA, I say Thank you!

What more can we say, what more can we do....... we can all as suggested, pair up in twos and light our candles

And while we are at it, say a silent prayer for our country.

Next sunday, 8pm...two by two....let the candle burn!

zorro said...

Pat...great.....all over the place...two by two.

Antares said...

Zorro, your heart is bigger than the planet! Love you, bro! :-)

K Barsha said...

Anak bangsa malaysia?? LOL another feel good meaningless slogan veiling a racist predominantly non malay urbanite movement, completely subordinating and ignoring the real anak bangsa malaysia and the masses of mainstream malaysia.
Hello, you guys cant even carry a decent conversation in Bahasa Malaysia but claim to be anak bangsa malaysia..

Petluc.."on behalf of anak bagsa malaysia"?? dont make me pee myself laughing lah.. who are you to speak on behalf of anak bangsa malaysia when you people cant even talk Bahasa, fight to not wear the songkok to meet the King, No respect for our Mlaysian rulers, u insult islam and degrade the malays and you have the cheek to say you are anak bangsa malaysia??

I bet you guys see Gwo burne as the role model for anak bangsa malaysia..hahhahahaha

Go finish you beer la.. i think u need more.. im sure u beer drinking, english speaking urbanites can relate to the anak2 bangsa malaysia in kampung baru and segamat.. LOL
they may even join u in your favourite pub..LOL HAHAHAHAH

bangsa malaysia.. LOL pirahhh apek

new fart said...

Hey Bernard, couldn't be with you all in person but at least in spirit. You make us all proud to have a fellow Malaysian like you.
As for that Kamel....shot, he is not even a camel. See, camels are good animals and they toil the harsh desert land doing humans big favours. This fellow...he is more like a blood and good for nothing else. Let's torch him!