Monday, March 2, 2009


Did I miss anything, like the BN component parties chastising UMNO to stop playing dirty in Perak?
I know that after March 8, all of them are still lost in the maze. Some pretend to rebrand. The best way to rebrand is to get rid of the dead-wood.

The MCA I am told celebrated some event yesterday and its President OTK said: "MCA as a major component of the Barisan, must stand up to injustice and engage other like-minded forces to seek redress on issues of public concern.....We have to be bold and we have to be loud if and when we nave to. We need to transform and energise the MCA to be fearless in championing equal opprotunities and a level playing field, not only for the Chinese community, but for all Malaysians"

For how long and how many times have we heard this drivel? Nice words that makes one feel good. Nothing more. Those platitudes, echoed at every MCA function are mere words....words like these if not translated into ACTION is just a dream.

None in the coalition DARED to speak up. Only one man did HERE.

OK, get lost you worthless scruffy rodents.....get back into your hovels and go nurture your brood. We the rakyat have better things to do than listen to your prattle.


shar101 said...

In other words, with UMNO, who needs BN!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

No further need to waste precious bandwith on MCA. They are as good as dead, kaput and terminated. If anyhting, at least the former president of Gerakan did show some salvation even though at the wrong time. The Malaysian Chinese had all condemned MCA and what little support they had now are from those who had their hands in the pockets. The same goes for SUPP in Sarawak. They drowned during the last Satte election and died a second time when the floods hit Sibu on late January this year. The Titanic had sunk. Their captains are going down with the crew. At least the band can keep on playing to entertain us while they drown.

vinnan said...

Any squeaks out of these pondans in support of Zambry will mean the extinction of these parties in the next GE. I come from Johor the bastion of the MCA. Let me tell you the vast majority of the MCA members here see the takeover of the Perak government as nothing more than out right subversion of the democratic process.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Perak Crisis: Open Letter from RPK To Dato Seri Nizar

backStreetGluttons said...

The situation is dangerous and volatile. UMNO can start a riot & Najib can declare emergency. Extreme caution advised to all readers to prepare for the worst

Anonymous said...

same moron who said he will bare all on Port KLang Fleece Trade Zone whne he assume the MCA throne?
what has he done except to spend millions to get some reports out that fleecing is ok?
Hey, Zorro they dont call MCA the Most Corrupted Association for nothing.
Gerakan? better not say anymore. Dr Hsu, where are you ( pls not the spineless Koh. This Hsu doctorate is for real ok.)

Anonymous said...


think desperately BN has no choice.
they are checkmated. earlier rumours were on Siva and Singh selling out PR but they each turn out to be gem of a man.

Good luck PR wherever you are. stay true to the Constitution whatever your plans are. Dont ever stoop as low as BN.

Eyes Wide Open said...

The rakyat must respond and fight back!!

And how can we respond? Let your voices be heard!

No more silent surfing. Post your comments on every blog you read, voice out your disgust. These blogs are monitored by the evil UMNO/BN cybertroopers. Show these goons that we the rakyat are not rolling over and closing our eyes anymore!


Hack the UMNO/BN websites! Destroy them!

Contact your MP or ADUN (SMS, call, email, letter, postcard, red paint on the front door - anything!) and let them know what you think of UMNO/BN's shenanigans. They are arrogant because they think they are not accountable. Well now is the time to hold them to account!

Register your displeasure every chance you get! Get the message out!! Spread the word!!

Ghifari X said...

We've been trodden on your wine press much to long- rebel rebel, and we've been taken for granted much too long , rebel rebel!
Everywhere in the world people are standing up, gaining results. Now, the time has come for we Malays! this time my children's future is not my excuse nor my career or xenophobia. ENOUGH!
Hold on Sivakumar hold strong! we are on the way. We will face-off these Romanian goons of Nicolae Ceausescu in PDRM uniforms.

Anonymous said...

MCA is a disgust; not fit to represent the malaysian Chinese.

In their recent AGM , their president has the guts to talk big inside the four corners of their own rat hole dewan.

But in actual situations like the UMNO power grabbing which is blantant abuse of power by their big brother in the BN, they don't even dare to make a squeak!

In chinese they term such action by cowards as "dalam kampung sendiri act macam naga, tapi di luar kampung aksinya macam cacing"

MCA= Malaysian Castrated Actors

People said...

MCA and Gerakan shows again they are just the political beggar party and their sole illegal Exco -Mah and adviser to illegal MB -Tan in Perak are the scrap of the earth in the Chinese Community!

We chinese are disgrace of having these 2 people!

Stop embarrasing the Chinese Community!

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

hahaha, someone should just compile a list of all the acronym of MCA....

may there be peace in perak, lasting peace....

w said...

These MCA, MIC and Gerakan beggars are still holding the beggin bowls, what canthey say, except. "Tolong. tolong..."

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Does silence here mean consent
When deep inside there's dissent
We know what most people resent
Yet to see what final scenario will present

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 030309
Tue. 3rd Mar. 2009.

Anonymous said...

lapdogs droolling now.

waiting for UMNO to win the fight. then, in the name of multi-culturalism. MCA, GERAkan and MIc nominees appointed to EXCO earning more than 300k a year.

WOv, Wov, WOV, (with tails wagging) what can we do for you, UMNO baby ( oh gosh, how much we love you UMNO)?

K L said...

Mainly Chickens Action group !