Monday, March 30, 2009




TheWhisperer said...


I can vouch for that!

Saturday night at the Markas PAS was the first time I met MB Nizar.

Soft spoken, humble and most importantly, he listens attentively.

Good leadership quality.

My vote is for him at anytime.

Anonymous said...

MB Nizar is really the MB who cares and work hard for the benefit of all Perakians.

I would rate MB Nizar as the best MB Perak ever had.

Vote MB Nizar as Bkt Ganatng YB to Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Where else do you see a wakil rakyat which has the people at heart. long life YB Nizar! long life PR!

Tabuan Sipitang said...

Ya I remember writing about this guy-- give him the support, we're no longer looking at race and religion-we are up for quality, fair, just and equality-from Sabah

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I chinese and I used to associate PAS with all negative things i.e. islamic state, no more booze, no more bak kut teh, no more pubs and discos etc etc etc.

But now after watching events unfold at Perak, I and many others in my family are convinced that PAS is genuinely for all Malaysians.

I would like to add that events in Perak have actually brought us some good. It opened our eyes that in Nizar we have a true Malaysian leader that is capable and fair to all. I am of the opinion that Nizar is not only MB material. The man is capable to be our PM too.

May God bless the man.

Anonymous said...

Don't you feel it!!!! this man by the name of NIZAR fit to be Prime Minister of Malaysia one day.....
When the selection of PM to be voted by the Rakyat and not by UMNO. Down with the present system go for change.

NEIL said...

Nizar is an asset of PR.He possess qualities that no one in umno have.He will be CM again.

wandererAUS said...

Where is that blackie ZOMBIE, what a blooming contrast!
One must earned his worth and respect.... not like this Zambry shit, who came in from the back door and still have the cheek to say he represents Perakians...hello, why don't you stand against Nizar?
No marbles! UMNO bastards never have...false bravery, only good at hiding behind the Red Guards' buttocks.

god,s child an ex-decorated sargeant said...


Anonymous said...

I met him once at the High Court in KL. He is so affable and natural. He has good charisma and his knowledge of socio-economic and legal matters are so strong . He can speak much more intellectually compare to most of our BN politicians. He is the right material for Premiership of Malaysia.

KTemoc said...

I believe Nizar has unlimited potential in federal politics, possibly as a future PM acceptable to all - I blogged on this last week in

Termites said...

Uncle Bernard..
Nizar was in Kuantan last year at the invitation of PKR. And he spoke in fluent mandarin..He was so down to earth, humble and soft spoken, yeah..kinda difficult not to love this man. Try to hate him and see if u can. :P hahaha..

Unknown said...

Since the word "Rahman" ends with najib, is it possible that the word "Anwar" will emerge with Anwar as the next PM followed by Nizar?

Kudos to you YB Nizar, you're the leader of today and tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Bukit Selambau: An Open Letter to Hindraf Leader P. Waytha Moorthy...More

Vincent Kok said...

Which is why he has my vote anytime!!!!

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher said...

Thanks brother Zorro,

I love this chap and would be honoured to give him a HUG. Syabas MB Nizar, you are my pick !



P/S : I have the old Tee and it would be great to get the new one. How huh ?

Anonymous said...

YES ! NIZAR = PM in the making =

Anonymous said...

He is fit to be our future PM, a true malaysian leader. may Allah bless him

Idzan Ismail said...

Anonymous 7.15 pm.
You are soooo launghable.
Nizar can't even keep a grip on Perak.
And you want him to be PM.
Get a grip.
His tagline is: 'If I can't be MP, I be State Assemblyman'.
And Uncle Zorro, is Nizar the only candidate?
I didn't see the other 14 in your pix.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about if Nizar wins you turn the Malaysian flag right side up again?

Anonymous said...

Uncle zorro, please keep it up. Datuk Nizar had done a good job. Hidup Nizar!!! Hidup PAS.

zorro said...

Idzan brother, where lah got 14 in Bukit Gantung? When one has a fixation one tends to be confused. I am not saying you are, but I can't say you are not either. Salam.
Can't be in two places at one time....will be in Bkt Selambau on Wed. Anyway, even if I covered the BS nomination i would not waste my time on the independents. most of them are pathetic anyway.

Anonymous said...

Haha uncle zorro, you shot sharp to his face la...hehe...btw i'm also thinking of posting it too, but you are just faster...

Idzan Ismail said...

Sorry Zorro, your sister's mind is on Bukit Selambau.
Kuala Sepetang is the place where I go for seafood.
Bukit gantang for the durians.
I was being sarcastic on the Nizar thingy.
What I am implying is that you purposely omit the BN guy.
Dont care for the independents too.

Anonymous said...

When you want BULLSXXT, vote 4 a politician.
When you want to get the job done, vote 4 an ENGINEER.
ENGINEERS ROCK!!!!!! (Nizar)**26000000

Anonymous said...

I'd advise all my MCA/MIC friends to vote for this man, whatever his party because he will unite all the people and our grandchildren will not have to taste what we are been ill- treated now by UMNO- that all other races have no say in Malaysia.Would you want your children and grandchildren to suffer like us? THINK WISELY MCA & MIC members.DON"T follow your blind leaders who are not responsible for your children/ grandchildren future.

zorro said...

Hi sistah...sorry for the gender mixup. No point talking about the BN candidate for BG. Yes u are right. I purposely gave the BN guy a miss. If it was the usurper Zambri, don't you reckon I will be writing fire and brimstone? Haven't had the chance to get at the durian (in season?) and the sea-food. Ciao young lady, mem(?), matron(???????)Must stop here....never relished on the wrong SIDE of a lady.

zorro said...

anon9:06pm: The flag will fly upsidedown until there is a semblance of good governance! I can't make it any simpler for you, can I?

iskandar said...

dear Idzan IIIsmail,

you cant even get your facts right, and you have the cheek to judge and make comments on others. I am no supporter of either side, but from the feed back of the comments in most blogs Nizar seem to a likable, and accepted by most regardless of age, colour,religion and race. I guess its best that you only make and any statement or comments when you have the facts right or maybe try to understand before you past a remark( that i hope you can understand what you read), otherwise just read and keep your opinion to yourself. thank you. Btw zorro keep up the good work.

joenathan said...


Mate,be polite a bit lah,avoid racist tone like calling people blackie,arent we all against a racist regime like UMNO.If you gonna address people according to the color of their skin then you gonna put yourself down,mate.As a proponent of change,you got to set a good example.Remember the speaker who is against all odds in Perak might get offended,Obama too might get offended.If a person is black,it does not mean he/she is less human,come on mate this is 21st century.

Just a friendly reminder.

Lets not be too emotional and work together to ensure our PR candidates win.


Jong said...

Now you guys know why we were all so upset when our "HAK rakyat" was taken away!

One got to be blind not to see the man is well loved by Perakians. He's soft-spoken, caring and unassuming! Can't agree more when many aptly described him - PM material!

zorro said...

Hi KayTee, I wrote something along this line - merely a wild shot at that time - February 12

and on Feb 9 posting.
He is indeed excellent material.

Idzan Ismail said...

Bro Iskandar
It does not mean that if this blog is pro-Nizar I must also like Nizar.
Must I pander to your likings and just be a sheep.
To each his own.
For your info, when the crisis first erupted in Perak, I did voice my sympathy to Nizar at my ex-colleague Wong Chun Wai's blog and Ktemoc.
But when he was blatantly being rude to the Sultan and fighting all the ay at the instigation of the DAP, he cheesed me off.
I think he's better being an engineer who build bridges, viaducts and expressway.
Politics is not his forte.
Orang Melayu kata dia macam ulam, sedap diratah.
With petai and tempoyak famed in Perak, he's my favourite food.

Anonymous said...

People power rules!!!!!

johnny cheah said...


Red said...

Being Malaysian, I gave my vote to PAS in PRU13. Never regretted since that day. Probably, the most memorable and significant decision of my life.

PAS has my vote now and every GE thereafter, so long I still have breath of life in me.

The BN media will always give bias views on PAS, PKR and DAP. We know it its all damn lies.

Go Nizar! We support you. You are the true Perak MB.

wandererAUS said...

joenathan said..

Sorry old chap, I call a spade, a spade. Calling him by his color does not make me a racist. If he is black I cannot call him white can I. If I called an Anglo Saxon a white man, does that make me a racist as either?
It was not my intention to insult my Indian brothers, just this blackie.
There are times it is excusable to throw one's tantrum, especially one that have to put up with these UMNO bastards for the last 50 years!
If you don't like it, I am sorry brother, I am not here to please everyone.
If you know me, you will see I do not have the slightest racism in my vein.

Anonymous said...

Nizar is just a puppet of those two tersengeh and ternganga fellows.
Tak dapat jadi MB, jadi MP pun ok laa.
I WILL NOT vote for nizar.

- org kuala

CheahSweeKuan said...

If I see him I will hug him but then again not. The BN people will cook up a story that we are gay.


Bentoh said...

Nizar's Malays votes are deeply affected by the filthy UMNO propaganda... :(

Can only pray for the best...

RPK wannabe said...

Is RPK part of your entourage in Bkt Gantang now?

Don't see his photo with the team.

Kamal B said...

Looks like a nice guy. Wonder why his own coalition partner (cina DAP) opposed the decission of the Sultan of Perak to elect him as Perak's MB.

iskandar said...

Dear Idzan Ismail,

Again do i have to remund you that, you have to understand what you read, in my comment to you, i did say that i am no supporter for either side, let it be Pakatan or BN. And as for my likings you mentioned, well again you seem totally lost, never did or will want or force any person to follow suit. Every individual has his or her own way of thinking,(basing on facts) Again, you are judging him between being a politician and an egineer. There is a saying that before we judge anyone, one has to look oneself in the mirror first. My dear friend,my opologies to you if the truth hurts. Thank you.

shar101 said...

Dang! Looks like most of the good stuff are already written but I'd like to add one act of humility which Nizar showed on Saturday night.

As we re-gathered into the hall to hear him, Nizar ignored the 'upper' stage and stood on the same floor level to welcome us, both the BloggersNetwork of Perak and the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers.

To me, it seemed like a natural thing for him to do reflecting the goodness within.

Nizar is truly a gem emerging out of Pakatan Rakyat.

And although I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to shake his hand, I (as a KLite) envy Perakians for having him in your midst.

Anonymous said...

I liken Nizar as 21st Century Hang Tuah praying hard for YB Nizar to win big n may allah bless him n his wonderful family. Together wz my family we love you Nizar.

Anonymous said...

Very impressed by him, especially the way he deals with the current crisis in Perak. All Perakians, and Malaysians, salute him, and must give him the vote. A vote for Nizar is a vote for the rakyat! Why? Simple, because he has proven to be a caring leader for the people, ... unlike.. you already know who they are.

joenathan said...


Heard you brother.As I mentioned it was just a friendly remark and it was not my intention to call you a racist.

btw I am not an old chap,just a middle aged man,,got put off by these UMNO scumbags led govt and now settled down under.

Anyway thanks for writing,have a nice day,brother.

teo siew chin said...

Nizar is excellent!

"Excellence is the only way to beat racism and sexism."

Jasmer said...

Yes, the perfect PM for Malaysia. He is from my kampung (Ayer Hitam Labu)five minutes drive to my mother's house and his sister Habibah was my class-mate (in Form 4 and Form 5) Their family house is still there, on my way to my mother's house in Tronoh Mines, Kampar, Perak. His family is well respected and humble in their neighborhood.

May god bless him and my best wishes that he wins with a very big majority in the coming by-election.

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as a good man.

In politics, unexpected things can happen.

If Nizar, for whatever reasons jump ship, he will be branded a bad man.

Just look at that Englebert look alike PKR chap that just quit. In a matter of time, he will be called traitor, bought by the millions etc. but before that he was an angel wasn't he?


CheapJustic said...

zollo or zullu?
you sound like you're proud to be malaysian. but i guess you and bunch of others are just talking through your ass.. while you heart is something else!

CeapJustice-Everyone can justifly said...

ohh zollo, BTW, don't bother to publish what I had said (you must be stupid if you do) just my sincere message to you not your readers...

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work and god bless master.

Hulk said...

Why izzit the UMNO members simply hated Cina. (Chinese). Those who hate none malay could just vote for UMNO.
BTW, the uMNO candidate seems to be puppet for the UMNO leaders..even Ceramah also pass to the topgun. For god sake..we cant accept Microphone shy guy or else we get one sleepy guy at the Parliament.

Nizar is certainly MB & leader for all races. PAS promote harmony.
UMNO promote only UMNO greatness.

Please ..BN dont insult RAKyats inteligence..we know UMNO is expert in clouding & deviate facts. We are not school boy.

rpremkumar2u said...

A gentleman of the highest order.

Vernon Kedit said...

Hi Uncle Zorro

I'm Mr. Manager, an Iban living and working in KL. I've been blogging since 2006, but almost entirely on ENTERTAINMENT, since my job is being an artiste manager.

However, I have decided to join my fellow Iban bloggers in their struggle to bring change to our homeland Sarawak.

Do check out my first 'socio-political' posting at my blog today.


Mr. Manager

zorro said...


Hulk said...

I think he's better being an engineer who build bridges, viaducts and expressway...quote Idzan

Nizar is certainly a good Engineer who has succesfully built a solid BRIDGE to merge both Malay with the None Malays. , a task BN component fail to do.
He with the Political Degree grad as well, has revised a long gone harmonious multi racial RAKyat integration.
I despise some party who has DERhaka the Monarchy by placing the new ACT in 1993 & Terengannu incident but yet clouded public eye by pushing the blame to other Party.
As said..dont insult rakyats intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Hi People,

Err... Just because he talks so softly and humble he is PM-material?

Darn... The pakcik security guard outside my apartment talks as softly and humbly too.

But I dont think I would want him to be the PM.

Anonymous said...

Just an excerpt from Malaysia Insider - The man on a motorcycle said that Pas candidate Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had visited the village too, before Ismail, but failed to do anything for them during his 10-month stint as Perak menteri besar.

dont hate the messenger

Anonymous said...

Nizar IS DAP's MB....

Doc said...

you guys doing a great job up there. Keep it up. I'm rather moved with these photos. Can't remember the last time i saw an UMNO fella touching a non-Malay. Thanks for the empowering photos. Sorry, but i pinched some for my blog.


Anonymous said...

Well I agree but I think the post should acquire more info then it has.