Friday, April 27, 2012






My Online2 barmate Kamalakannan Veerapathan said:

They rather lock it for 48 hours than letting us have the space for 2 hours!!! What does that mean??? Think for yourselves!!!!

Read Bridget Welsh HERE


elizabeth said...

Yes, we do it because it is right. Just as Ambiga had said, we allowed the ruling government to strip us of our liberties bit by bit, and because we were comfortable we kept silent. We need to arise, before it is too late to save our beloved nation.

bruno said...

The actions of the cowardly corrupted regime who called themselves Humnoputras.

Kamalakuthi said...

"They rather go against instructions & cause chaos than agreeing with having it at other offered venues!!! What does that mean??? Think for yourselves!!! DOG also know how to answew la. They just want to cause trouble.

Bersih goer said...

i give you 12hours ultimatum to retract or change the word ants used on us in here. otherwise, me & my friends will change our mind & boycott this event. we are not ants, idiot!

zorro said...

Kakakaka....12 hours...working ants and warrior ants dont need 12 hours warning. You are a cyber pest.Go collect your fees.

zorro said...

4 commens came in with the same IP. I had to terminate those termites. Ants are necessary to the eco-system, but termites destroys.We rather be ants than termites, yah?

Anonymous said...

gosh!!! a street demo pest calling a cyber pest a pest. how ironic!!!

like a thambi calling a negro black. freaking hilarious!!!

Jelena said...

Zorro, using ants is surely an insult. whether it's from the same IP or indeed a true bersih mate, you can only assume. afterall, u might be wrong but what i know for sure is wrong is that there are indeed people who hate ants & being called ants. kindly use a more acceptable generic word ya? u support bersih just like me & i reckon we shud also act, behave & think fairly just like our motto "clean & fair". pls. dont act & think like a hypocrite. thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Bridget Welsh?

Must be some foreign bitch who ran away from her homeland maybe in England, Ireland, Scotland or wherever to seek refuge here & then now trying to make our country as unpleasant as her homeland.

Sundal Mat Salleh's story where can read & believe one?

Anonymous said...

but termites are stronger than ants wor. how leh like this? hehehehehe

Rentokil Pest Control said...

Hmmmmm, the only way to tackle stubborn pests is to use force & brutality. That's what I do to ants in my backyard. I spray them kaw-kaw with Sheltox & then pluck out their legs one-by-one.

The Cops & FRU should also follow this method. Spray them with hardcore chemical laced water & then strip naked one-by-one. If you can't educate them, you punish them. Any teachers in school will agree to this.

Anonymous said...

no wonder there are so many malaysians who fell to con & scam. malaysians are very naive & they are easy preys. malaysians succumb easily to greed & lies.

when i say greed, look how many malaysians have lost millions to dubious scams?

when i say lies, look how many malaysians will attend bersih tomoro?

malaysian succumbs easily to the provocative politics constantly played out by Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

We must all rise up in this occasion to tell our government that it is now or never for all Malaysian to have a fair and just governing system. Do it for us, do it for our kids, do it for our descendants and do it for all Malaysian. The future is tomorrow. Please sit in and sing. We must right all the wrong we can in our life time. If not, what is the meaning of life?

bruno said...

Zorro,on the travel channel's Bizarre Food,the fat guy Andrew Zimmerman even found eating termites very tasty.He is often in Asia filming his bizarre foods.Next time he is around,I will ask him to exterminate the termites for good.

Jong said...

Is Malaysia at war, and with its citizens? Why the necessity for barricades of razor wire to maim and kill?

This Najib led UMNO government memang tak boleh pakai lagi, need to exterminate!!!

Jong said...

Received this from a friend reporting from ground-zero – Dataran Merdeka, sharing….

Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012, 2:45 AM

Dear all

It was 12 midnite of 28th April…. I was there at dataran…the Bersih warriors began gethering and swelled up to 1000s of us. Sivakumar of Perak came and the chanting of “Hidup Bersih” throng the air. It was thrilling. U missed it if u are not here. It was only the beginning. By the next morning, we expect hundreds of thousand of loving and courageous Malays, Chinese and Indian to tell NAJIB and his corrupted cabinet ministers to come “clean” failing which we shall topple them either thro “pilihanraya” or “jalanraya”.

We are ready for the possible assault of tear gas, water cannon or the use of high acoustic device tomorrow.We said to ourselves: we will not come if we are fearful but if we hav come, we fear nothing. Courage doesn’t mean absence of fear but courage gives us strength to overcome the feeling of fear.

Personally, I am glad I made the decision to take part in the Bersih. I now understand why the Arabs were wiling to sacrifice their lives bcos I am, like them, utterly fed up with the NAJIS governmt and if I don’t walk on to the street this time, my grandson will blame me for not making a better Malaysia.
After BERSIH 3, I can safely say that ” I have not lived in vein”.

Hidup Bersih, Hidup Pakatan Rakyat.

- Chan.
2.30 am 28thApr 2012.