Thursday, April 5, 2012




susanloone said...

Uncle, your blog looks more and more exciting everyday....hehe....

Anonymous said...


R u telling me to stop eating, working?

Almost ALL daily necessities have been cornered by these cronies.


Car - walk to work, that's possible iff u live nearby. But then the house issue comes in

House - no more cheap houses around Kl

Handphone - back to fixed lines? That's another crony company! Don't use phone, u r not only excommunicating yrself, yr business dies the moment phone ringing stops.

Lottery, 4D etc - maybe can do. But...then u r extinguishing the hope of hopes of the down-&-outs, dreamers...


No go, man!

The tangled web of crony control of our daily necessities is just TOO deep to unwind.

This time RPK is REALLY talking shit!!!

zorro said...


On my FB Wall Musician Julian Mokhtar voiced the same sentiments:
But, if I boycott every crony business or service, I will have no phone, no electricity, no water, no vehicle (even bicycle), no transport (bus, taxi, train, LRT, MRT all crony controlled), nowhere to live (housing developers also crony), have to keep my money with me all the time (if I have any, since I can't work for any crony employer or one who does business with them)...
My reply:
True Julian & Faz.....why not pick on one-a-week except the essential utilities. We will choke if we eat the elephant whole....we nibble bit by bit....tail first?

zorro said...

Susan....really?....will catch up with you in next Penang visit.

Mr Bojangles said...


Shouldn't them be: The GLC's and their cronies; and, to the question, Now who is the traitor? You are!!?
That out of the way, it would be helpful to know which fast food, motorcycle/car,gambling, banking,communication etc companies do not have the grubby hands of cronies in them?
I, for one, never fail to tell every idiot who has paid 5times the actual value of a car that he is so proudly driving around (and usually fitted with extra-blinding headlights and other flashy paraphernalia to make sure people do not fail to notice them) that he has actually fed the insatiable appetite of some bolehland crony for the next holiday in the Bermudas or their wives for the fifth birkin handbag.
Why do we insist on letting ourselves be screwed by these scum? Must be some masochistic streak lurking just below the insecure mental make-up of such Malaysians.

M Muthusamy said...


Anonymous said...

All of you that talk about wanting change and having PR in Putrajaya is all talk.

If you gimps like Zorro the old monkey is serious than walk the fucking talk.

Dont use cronies companies goods or services. Boycott them. yes, boycott Airasia, Astro, Petronas, Proton, MAS, Celcom, Yes, Berjaya, YTL etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...



cin2tan said...

fyi, 325 has back-fired !!

ALL experienced mandarin-speaking teachers & HM must go to malay schools IF have NO credits in BC in SPM !!