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"Therefore, as part and parcel of ordinary citizens who are seeking improved governance of this democracy we call Malaysia, which my friend AB Shamsul still calls “a state but not yet a nation,” I will be at the sit-in so that the PM will fulfill the promises he made about many things, but most importantly for this general election (GE); the promise of clean and fair elections………….

………….Furthermore, as a public servant who has worked closely with those issuing the new identity card (MyKad) and working with the research group behind the original design, but fully aware of the technical capabilities and weaknesses of the 64k chip embedded in the new MyKad, I find their so-called inability to clean up the list absolutely unacceptable. To prove my point I would like to name my counterpart in the MyKad project who made the MyKad into the only Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) success story to date. The media should therefore invite Azizan Ayob to give a complete briefing on why such checking and cleaning-up of the list can be done quite easily with our current sophisticated and integrated system."



Anonymous said...

see u there...

hope wont get spray tis time

Ron O'Shaunessy said...

Apologies should this comment beg to differ but may I really know is Malaysia in such bad shape of which it really need to have a change of Govt.? Or is that it's simply due to 1 party wanting to take over the power by simply spreading lies/misconceptions about the country well being?

I'm a foreigner but I've been residing in Malaysia for more than 20 odd years. I have many Malaysian friends from all walks of life ranging from rich to poor, old to young, buddies from the civil to private. Based on my assessments & judgement, this country is indeed in a pretty good shape. Almost 90% of all my friends regardless of their wealth background are saying the economy had been pretty good so far & it surely isn't as bad as how Pakatan Rakyat had been claiming. This indeed puzzle me as a foreigner looking at a foreign country from a neutral stand.

It could only be 2 conclusions pertaining to my query. First, it's an obvious lie what Pakatan Rakyat is trying to play out by brain washing the citizens or secondly, the citizens are plain greedy as they lack the ability to appreciate what's already a good thing but craving for more. Buddhism believe craving is the recipe to misery & I surely second this although I myself is not a Buddhist.

I honestly see Malaysia growing rapidly & growing steadily in the past 20 years & I seriously don't see why the ruling regime called Barisan Nasional should be changed in anyway. They are doing fine or in fact very fine & by asking the citizens to change the govt. would be 1 big risk as this could result the biggest plunge this country could ever experience.

This is my thought & no one stand correct to say I'm wrong as my views & thoughts would deemed the fairest as I'm taking no sides in mind.

Pakatan Rakyat perhaps could steer this country to greater heights but at the same time, it could also destroy everything this country would have to offer. Thus, is it a wise punt to change what had not been damaged by changing things around of which no one is sure of the conclusion?

Good luck my Malaysian friends!

flyer168 said...


Yes indeed.

Just to share this...

A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves! – YouTube -

You be the judge.


zorro said...

Ron, evidently what you read about Malaysia is from the government controlled main stream media.You need to read the alternative media for a better understanding of what is happening here....if you are still here. Let me just talk about corruption. UMNO gave the nation a RM12 billion dent thanks to the corrupt and conspiratorial ways of its politicians who ran the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ). The National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) is hit by scandals and another RM250million will be put to waste. Lack of integrity among UMNO politicians have caused the country billions of ringgit – from bribery, dishonesty, cronyism, incompetence, lack of transparency, corruption, bailouts, non-performing loans, over spending of taxpayer’s hard-earned money and to the raping and tearing of the forests for timber by those politically connected.

In the past 10 years, Malaysia has lost a shocking RM1.08 trillion (US$338 billion) in illicit outflows - the fourth highest in the developing world. If this illicit outflow of money were an indication of the scale of corruption then Malaysia must have the most corrupt set of leaders in Southeast Asia, who are also the 4th most corrupt in the world – “stockpiling” what they have pillaged overseas.

The Global Financial Integrity (GFI) reported in January that RM930 billion flowed out of Malaysia from 2000 to 2008, growing to RM218 billion per year from an initial RM71 billion in that period. Malaysia lost RM150 billion in illicit outflows in 2009.

UMNO prefers to remain silent on all these issues for fear that they will lose power if all those scoundrels and miscreants involved are hunted down and hauled to court. With UMNO’s indifference in attitude, corruption has hit every sphere of Malaysian life and in the equation here corruption is affecting the poor Malaysians most.

By the way Ron, I am 72 years old...I have seen things happen and I have been arrested twice. I and my fellow Malaysians dont need LUCK. We need CHANGE. We want to comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable.

cin2tan said...

Ron, as foreigner how u managed to stay ( still around !? ) for more than 20 odd years : dat's ODD man !!?

RAY LAI said...

Ron, I couldn't agree more with Zorro that you have been conditioned by BN controlled media that you can only see the country's state of affairs from the surface. If you just do yourself a favour, since you claimed you are an independent foreigner, open your mind to alternative media such as Malaysiakini and Pakatan Raykat publications, you will find that our gov't is lying all the time.

If the gov't has done so well: 1) why is our debt hovering at 54% of GDP? 2) why have 1.5 million Malaysians, mostly highly educated and professional, chosen to work and live in other countries? 3) the gov't has no will to transform despite all the talks about GTP, ETP, 1Malaysia etc. BN garnered 51% of popular votes, PR 47% in 2008 GE. But why BN has 140 parliamentary seats, PR only 82? Unfair electoral system - this is just one of many reasons why people want BERSIH. 4) why BN controlled the media and gives no access to PR eventhough many of the facilities are funded by tax payers' money. 5) the gov't has no will to fight corruption despite the rampant cases of scandals and squandering of public fund 6) Ringgit and Singapore dollar were close to parity when Singapore left us in 1965. Today S$1.00 is equal to RM2.5 despite the fact that Singapore has no natural resources and Malaysia has almost everything 7) our public institutions such as MACC and AG have been adulterated and manipulated by the gov't to become a tool to serve BN interest.

Malaysia's development in the past 20 years have been largely powered by our oil money. With all the rich natural resources we are blessed with, we should be at par or better than Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong today had the country been governed properly by BN.

Ron O'Shaunessy said...

Dear cin2tan,

Are you merely asking a question or are you trying to convince me to tell my life story here? Sorry to say but you're the ODD one here.

Donplaypuks® said...

"Thus, is it a wise punt to change what had not been damaged by changing things around of which no one is sure of the conclusion?" Ron S.

Man, you must have spent your 20 years here living it up in a pub not to know the huge damage BUMNO/BN has caused since Maha Firaun became PM.

With your typr of shallow, uninformed and misinformed thinking, there would have been no American War of Independence & Civil war, French Revolution, overthrow of tin-pot dictatorships, end of apartheid, independence for Indian, Malaya, etc.

Wake up from your guiness stout induceed drunken stupor, man!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

zorro said...

Ron, are you aware that there were 1,535 custodial deaths in 5 years! The Prime Ministers bodyguard (2) have been found guilty of blowing up the body of Mongolian Altantuya. They have no reason to blow her up with military explosive C4 unless directed.And immigration records of her entry disappeared from the records. This is a beautiful country but the governance is pathetic.Enough for now, but if you want more the readers of this blog could oblige you.Just ask if you still feel that we should not change the current government.

flyer168 said...


Just to share this...

“As I write this, I am watching the economic chaos in Greece. I'm sure we're all sharing the feelings of fear of economic collapse that is rampant among the other European countries - and in fact, around the world.

These events are classic cases of what I detail in my books - Confesssions of An Economic Hit Man and Hoodwinked.

Greece has been struck by economic hit men. Set to default on its debts, the Athens government is leading the pack of the 17 eurozone states as the first country using the common currency to be declared in "selective default" on its debt.

In the process, this nation, where democracy was first defined more than 2000 years ago, is clearly demonstrating how predatory capitalism works to undue the freedoms of its citizens...”

John Perkins: Economic Chaos, Loans, Greece and Corporatocracy -

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – YouTube -

John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man -

You be the judge.


zorro said...

Ron, here is the LATEST:

Police have confirmed that it received a report concerning an alleged corruption case involving MCA president Chua Soi Lek’s brother Chua Chong Seng.

In a text message to Malaysiakini, Criminal Crimes Investigation Department chief Syed Ismail Syed Azizan said the report was lodged on Friday.

He added that a team from the department has begun investigations into the matter but has not classified the case under any section of the Penal Code yet.

According to The Edge, ornamental fish breeder Xiang Leng Holdings Bhd in a special audit had failed to account for RM90.7 million in capital expenditure between 2005 and 2008.

The report said three former directors including Chong Seng were signatories of cash cheques amounting to RM85.7 million given out under questionable circumstances to four contractors for the construction of fish ponds and another RM5 million was paid out to 52 other contractors.

The other two signatories are former managing director Ng Huan Tong and his wife, Lim Wan Hong.

The report added that the cash cheques were made through a licensed moneychanger company which is 80 percent owned by Chong Seng, but he did not disclose them to the company.

According to a filing with Bursa Malaysia by the company, it said the issuance of huge sums of money through cash cheques was against the company’s financial manual and there was a lack of corroborative evidence that the amount was ever paid to the contractors.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is Bersih 3 or Bersih 100th, BN is still going to win.

cin2tan said...

Ron, guess you have forsaken or abandoned your own motherland ( jika ada ... u should faham kan after 20+ tahun here) coz of its rots there similar to those migrated from here to better lands sebab tak tahan LAGI 'corruptions, skandals & ...& pun tau bukan !? '

Anonymous said...

We have tolerated the corruption (called commission, subsidy, incentive or what have you) for decades for the very reason Ron is talking about - the semblance of peace and prosperity. We developed the mindset that it's okay to let these things happen as long as we have a roof over our heads, we have the twin towers, we have LRT

Anonymous said...

We have tolerated the corruption (call it commission, subsidy, incentive or what have you) for decades for the very reason Ron is talking abt - a semblance of peace and prosperity. We developed a mindset that it's okay for the people at the top to profit from projects as long as we the people have roofs over our heads - at least we have the twin towers, the LRT and the shopping complexes. Don't worry abt the people living under the bridges or the fishermen or the rice farmers - there are not too many of them in the great scheme of things - and of course not visible to expats or foreigners. When I was 40, we would hear abt the corruption here and there. That's okay, we are a developing country. At age 50, almost every minister was rumored to be involved in some lucrative project. Now that I am 60, the stink is so bad, you wouldn't know where to start to clean it. IT DOESNT STOP!! I m quite a reasonable person but there comes a point when you have to do something or leave

Anonymous said...

Dear Ron, I have been around since the day of independence. What we see and hear seems to be just the surface. A window dressing in many ways. If BN continues.. M'sia will become like Greece and worst like Somalia. What you see is what the govt wants you to see. We see the twin towers, but that piece of land was formerly a place for horse racing. why was it so, becos it was not suitable for high rise building like the twin towers but t was build anyway. One day, it will fall like the highalnd towers.
Why is the water works in finanicial difficulties..or our TNB buildings on land that is rented and not its own. Is one really sure the the handout of rm500 to the rakyat is from the govt and not from some companies who advance in future taxes to the govt.Why is the rm1.08 trillion managed to leave the country undetected, by our national bank negara. The list can go on and on and never end.

flyer168 said...

Zorro and cin2tan,

Here’s an interesting read...

Shaughnessy Family History -

Why are we wasting our space, time and efforts to be "Diverted" from our cause...

Let us all focus on "Reducing" UMNO/BN's majority as our "DO-ABLE" objective.

East Malaysians should also decide and focus on "Reducing" UMNO/BN's majority.

Only after that, should PR and the East Malaysian Opposition Party Leaders consider the coalition to sustain the reduction in UMNO/BN's reduced majority.

There is no point in "Bickering" between the citizens, Parties and within the Parties on why, why not, seats and whatnot.

A reduced majority is the first step to a "Fairer" representation towards our final trust for A-B-U.


cin2tan said...

flyer168, sir, u r right : let's leave the ignorant foreigner alone !

JOM428 for a 'Clean & Fair election'
come the GE13 !!