Saturday, April 7, 2012


As planned at 10.00am this morning, Stephen gave me a ride from Avenue K to UKRC to witness and give support to the APPEAL members of UKRC made to the Selangor Menteri Besar.

Everytime I visit this people’s club something new amazes me…apart from the prevalent selfless voluntarism of the members; today the discipline of the youngsters on the field amazed me. I witnessed several times, when someone made a mistake, he does the necessary push-ups without being told to. You got the message? And these are Under12 kids. We could not stay back to watch the 3pm match when UKRC Under16 squad take on their age-group Australian side from OZ.

Shanghai Fish describes the morning gathering, witnessed by the Press and parents. HERE


Roslan, Tmn Permata said...

Saari Sungib and Azmi Ali can say goodbye to the Ulu Klang votes if the UKRC issue is not honoured by MB and Pakatan rakyat. Selamat Jalan Pakatan Rakyat.

Dr. Liza said...

From the picture I see, this kids are enjoying all the hard work done by UKRC committee in maintaning their beautiful football pitch. I am sure their parents will know whom to vote if the current Pakatan Rakyat government takes UKRC for a ride.

Sheikh Mizan, Ukay Bestari said...

Uncle Zorro,

I have been playing football in UKRC field since I was 10 years old. Now I am 19 years old. Can you answer me, why the MB is so cruel to take the 'Padang' that is so well maintained by UKRC? You think the MB office can manage the field? I am very sad Uncle.
Why all this thing is happening in Malaysia.

Ir. Salim, Shah Alam said...

From what I know, Khir Toyo, tried to steal the land from UKRC for condominiums and after that he lost Selangor. Looks like Pakatan are going to face same situation if they screw up UKRC land issue. I think even Azmin Ali and Saari Sungib will lose in Ulu Klang.
Khalid, think carefully, you have got alot to loose with this little people whom got volume of followers through their annual sports event.

Yussof Mohd. said...

Kalau Pakatan Rakyat tak boleh tunaikan janji pilihanraya mereka kepada UKRCdan rakyat Hulu Kelang, lupakan sahaja undi rakyat di Hulu Kelang pada pilihanraya yang akan datang.
MB has prihatin terhadap sumbangan UKRC kepada rakyat Hulu Kelang lebih 50 tahun.