Sunday, April 29, 2012


The police have dealt with rowdy illegal protesters professionally despite provocations, said Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

HE SAID THAT BERSIH 3.0 WAS NOT A SECURITY RISK, SO WHY WAS IT ILLEGAL? No wonder his teachers at St. Johns volunteered that he was pretty daft and on the borderline of DUMB.

He commended the police for being unfazed despite being tormented by about 20,000 protesters.



Anonymous said...

Horrible, atrocious!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazingly, the badly mauled man in purple can still walk !
Now, can we go after the gangsters/mafia men in blue & maul them ?
and will Najib also apologise to him by whispering into his swollen ears ?

Anonymous said...

His father is turning in his grave!

johnnie lim said...

As usual our home minister talk cock. Even our PM talk nonsence. Who broke the promise? It was peaceful all the time until they cause a riot and firing water cannon and tear gases at a peaceful crowd was really uncalled for and unnecessary. I mean these are not criminals. These are the brainless people who govern us? God help Malaysia.!

NajiBohong said...

Good Cops, Bad Cops and Ugly Undercover Dogs... Rakyat knew lah!

bruno said...

Zorro,the young guy looks like Hisham during his teenage days.If it is that brat drinking beer,I will ask his aunty from Johore to come all the way down just to smack him,for being a bad boy.

Anonymous said...

zorro - you would have seen the video of anwar and azmin giving the go ahead to enter dataran.....what do you say now?

will you believe what they are going to say at their press conference having seen this clip?

Doe a deer said...

ZORRO...Come Onnnn!!! Don't be a SORE LOSER!!!

It takes 2 hands 2 clap. As much of a blame should be pointed to HISHAM & his troopers but you also gotta put the blame on your IDOL (Anwar Ibrahim & Azmin Ali) for provoking/instigating the tensed crowd to push & break beyond the barrier. This was needless & I wonder could it be a plan of PAKATAN RAKYAT to encourage people breaking beyond the barrier so that they will get HURT & thus HATE BN???

Either way, please STOP being so extremely 1 sided. Let's look at it at a FARIR-BERSIH perspective (afterall ain't your motto BERSIH???)

To summarize the Saturday event, there were 2 WINNERS (BN & PR) & 1 IGNORANT LOSER (the innocent rakyat).

Unknown said...

Do you think our ministers know the country vision, mission and core values? Vision:2020;Islam Hadhari;1Malaysia… Can we keep changing vision? Mission: Enriching self with projects, cows, diamond before country go broke? At least this is consistent. Core Values:Malay First;You help me I help you;Nambikei? Can we achieve Vision without proper core values? I think Malaysia is doomed under BN!

wongty robert said...

From growing up in a tough urban KL neigbourhood, this video is worst than some of those vicious gang fights. In this case, these are uniformed/licensed thugs attacking a defenceless person. In city living, it is an accepted fact that some police personnel are corrupted and big bullies but the attacks carried out and captured in this video is senseless!
Just hope that these are NOT REAL police personnel otherwise one day soon, these same thugs will bite the hands that feed them

Anonymous said...

Typical Pakatan lickers distorting videos to show false doings.
I was ashamed to be a Malaysian on Saturday.
So kurang ajar of you protestors to beat up police who are looking after your security.
Dont blame them when the leader is very kurang ajar. How want to be PM, tell us???

Anonymous said...

the police dont beat them for nothing!
Let say Zorro, if I shouted at you anjing, babi, celaka and much more repeatedly over and over again..

will you just smile and say 'tidak apa'?

There is limit, and the one got beaten must had gone too far and too much. I was there and heard all the foul languages and sings to the police when the police just stood still trying to control the crowd. Then someone threw a plastic bottle with water to them and in just a short while the crowd was chearing 'pegi mampos lah polis babi' and much more. n next minute I saw more bottles and cans and even stones and hard objects being thrown from the crowd!

What have you been thinking?
The police just grab that guy out from the crowd and wallop?

Well, think again!
Policeman is just another human being, and if you are in their shoe, you will just do the same.
Me too, maybe even worst than that!

Anonymous said...

20-30 thousands on the street?
maybe 1/2 are registered voters!

and that not even 1% of who will cast vote for 13PRU

The rest of 99% are now deciding!

I am switching from PR to BN this 13PRU for the first time!
Cos' I had seen Selangor, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan & Penang! I had seen Anwar, Nik, Khalid, LGE and others, its like from one crook to another. Even worst the PR crooks are also mobs and you can expect an ochlocracy style government if given the Putrajaya!

let us all not gamble the future!

Anonymous said...

Mr Bernard (Zorro) here accuses police of brutality, but so conveniently leaves out the parts where people were brutal towards police.

What a 'peaceful' rally it was. Shame on you for twisting the truth. You are no different from the government, twisting and turning the facts so that it suits you.

Anonymous said...

the bad and the ugly.

bad boy - ugly police
so whats the big deal here?

Have you all not seen anything worst in the US street? UK or other Europen?
How about China? Never happened there? Oh India too, the indians are immuned, nothing to shout about, isn't that correct heyy.. Rajoo?

bottom line; talk peace, do peace, act peace and stay peace. then there will be no anger, no fighting.
Isn't it beutiful?

zorro said...

Anon232, its beautiful in the Artic and Antartic....u from any of these.

Anon206...sorry for twisting your to do something like that to wake up a few sleepy dolts.Sorry if I woke you up.Really sorry. Buy you a beer, can? made my day...thanks for the laughs. Go ahead vote for may be doing the best choice ever, yah? Give yourself a pat on the back while I am on my back rolling with it ROTFL? Have to end here before I choke to death laughing.

Anonymous said...

Ini kah imej PDRM yang dilaung-laungkan. Puiiih! Tak gentlemen langsung. Polis bersikap samseng jalanan pukul seorang. Kalau gentlemen mai one to one lah pukimak!!!

Anonymous said...

Ini kah imej PDRM yang dilaung-laungkan. Puiiih! Tak gentlemen langsung. Polis bersikap samseng jalanan pukul seorang. Kalau gentlemen mai one to one lah pukimak!!!

Anonymous said...

Zorro, why can't you be as smart as RPK? Why Zorro? Why?

Anonymous said...

PR days are indeed numbered. BN is surely gaining ground.

zorro said...

Wow, this and the previous post attracted a lot of flies. I deleted some of it because some of it may hurt some sensitivities. But I had a good laugh before I deleted them.You see, that is one way to not use a fly swatter.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at April 30, 2012 2:32 PM

The Police are supposed to be a highly disciplined force that do not lose control even under the most dire provocation and even under attack, they have strict rules of engagement.

Did they look like a disciplined force in the video?

More like a bunch of thugs if you ask me. Beating up an outnumbered and defenseless man. A shameful exhibition by our PDRM

Anonymous said...

Malu only lag these cowardly policemen or are they actually rela members. Whatever they are, they're a bunch of cowards ganging up on helpless people. Makes me malu to be a melayu...