Thursday, April 26, 2012


YES, who owns this tape.

How did he get to own this tape?

Why did he lend it to the borrower?

Is it an offence to share pornographic tapes?

Why did the borrower return the tape to its owner, posthaste?

Was it safe to return this tape in public?

… I leave it to you to ask other questions.

Remember the rooftop episode between Wonder Woman, Invisible Man and Superman? Wonderwoman was sunning al fresco and Invisibleman…ahem… did what comes naturally. Superman flying around on patrol saw the spread-eagled Wonderwoman, like signaling the come hither look. Superman zommed down horizontally and that’s how Invsibleman had the sore…you know what!

Who was it who told me in the National Press Club last night that this could be akin to the Superheros rooftop tryst.

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Anonymous said...

Someone got caught with his hands in the cookie jar.