Saturday, April 7, 2012



ONG KIAN MING examines the 10 Major problems in the Electoral Roll.

The 10 problems are:

1) Voters who are above 85 years old.

2) Inconsistencies in the gender indicated by the IC number and EC data.

3) Voters with the same name, and some with the same/similar date of birth.

4) Voters who have IC addresses with the state of birth as ‘7x', indicating that they are born overseas.

5) Voters in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur in the third quarter and fourth quarter of 2011 who do not have house addresses, even though other newly-registered voters in the same locality have house addresses.

6) Postal voters who are registered using their regular ICs.

7) Spouses of police who are registered as postal voters.

8) Spouses of army/police voters who are of the same gender.

9) Army and police voters who are above the retirement age.

10) New army and police postal voters who are above the recruitment age.



Anonymous said...

8) Spouses of army/police voters who are of the same gender.

Like that also can ah??

najib manaukau said...

The EC should be dismissed immediately especially when almost daily some irregularities are exposed !
IThat were how the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir stay on in power for 23 years. And now his successors, the deceitful and corrupted scumbags and parasites are emulating him in every way. Every woe and shamble Malaysia is having comes from this mamak shenanigan and is about time he gets indicted. Allah must have kept alive for this very purpose because only the good dies young and for sure he is not young by any means. Najib should have an inquiry held into his abusive and excessive use of his power and then have him indicted for the countless atrocities he committed during the tenure of his rule. And for sure you will be reelected without having to dish out million, if not billion of ringgits, almost daily. Just remember Malaysia is running a deficit in the beget and you are borrowing to do so. This, no doubt, will bring Malaysia to be closer to Greece and Italy, just to name a few countries.
This may not be a popular move to his cronies but not all good decisions are, at first, popular with some but for sake of the future hold a RC on this shenanigan Mahathir and you will surely
get re-elected and with a margin similar to that of the first GE of AB as leader of BN. .

Jong said...

Yes I believe so that the Election Commission is not only incompetent, it inconvenience and confuse the public greatly and this I believe is done deliberately!

I met one Wargamas Madam Yee, born 1934 complained that she had been unable to cast her vote the past 2 General Elections because twice her name was found missing from the Electoral Roll at the Polling Station although she had been residing in the same house, same address in Canning Garden Ipoh, the past 60 years!

I did an online ER check and found that her address and State/Parliament constituencies had been changed to Negeri Sembilan! Madam Yee was flabbergasted, said she has never been to NS let alone reside there!

So I took her to EC Office in Ipoh to have her case reported and the officer promised to look into it but it took them several months to have it rectified.

Madam Yee is keeping her fingers crossed and is hoping that she will be able to find her name in the Electoral Roll proper and exercise her right to vote come GE-13, and won't be turned back as before.

zorro said...

Jong, continue to monitor for her. Click on my DOA sidebar. Get friends to continuously check.

Anonymous said...

Scared ya Uncle of 85 year olds because they always voted BN.
Normally septuagerians like you vote for BN. You are the exception. Must be made differently.Or eating too much pork.

Ubah Sayop said...

10.04.2012 7.30pm
DAP Sarawak Election Fund-Raising Dinner 2012 @ Petaling Jaya; Venue: MBPJ Civic Hall (Dewan Banquet);
Speakers: Lim Kit Siang, Wong Ho Leng, Chong Chieng Jin, Dr. John Brian Anthony, Leon Jimat Donald, Mordi Bimol;
Enquiries: 03-9200 5000

Jong said...

Yep, I have a few names of Wargamas on my list and have been keeping watch and checking the ER online on their behalf.

Zorro, appreciate your 'DOA' sidebar; a great community service you are doing. Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

Najib should have appointed Rosmah to take over the portfolio as women, family and community development shadow minister.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Before Bersih 2, i commented here when zorro said he hopes Bersih 2 will not be made up of only comment was that there will be ethnicities of all groups and wont be prayed wrong...and God is Great! It was made up of all races hand in hand that sang the negara ku albeit lashes of smoke and batons flying into them thereafter. SO this time round lets see if it will be a 50/50 instead of an 80/20% Mly to non Mlys...Lets not pray me wrong again but i love to see a 33/33/33% of all the 3 major ethnic groups in Msia !! SEE u all there in 21 days , bros sisters of Malaysian history! LET there be more iconic happenings outdoing Aunty and Uncle Bersihs this time round !

Anonymous said...

One of the world's most hardworking and sympathetic PMs.

PM + Finance Minister + counselor of the sodomised + women's affairs minister.

Anonymous said...

8) Spouses of army/police voters who are of the same gender.

Why not? Why are we discriminating against people for their personal private marital preference? Aren't we saying Malaysia should have true democracy and freedom? Why this double standard?

Anonymous said...