Sunday, April 29, 2012


The PM allegedly whispered ‘I apologise for what has happened’ in the ear of the reporter injured at yesterday’s Bersih rally.

It is always easier to say sorry after the fact.

Do something about the brutality!

Do something about your cousin.

He needs professional help.

The PM allegedly whispered ‘I apologise for what has happened’ in the ear of the reporter injured at yesterday’s Bersih rally.

According to the Sun reporter, Radzi, Najib has said, "I apologise for what has happened."

Najib was seen whispering to Radzi when he paid the injured reporter a visit at Hospital Kuala Lumpur earlier today. Thanks Najib. But what if your cousin still hangs around and mess up your transformation initiatives? Its doublespeak then !

His cousin Hisham said: I am saddened over what had happened today, the organisers had promised that the demonstration would be a peaceful one, but it turned unruly although the government had given its best to allow them to gather peacefully.

Hoi pundak, is this part of Traffic Cops SOP.


Antares said...

The Eye of Allah is omnipresent and it uses digital tech to record the sins of Umno's munafik samseng!

Anonymous said...

police = po-lice = lice 0f po !!

Anonymous said...


go eat shit.

Anonymous said...

lets start a fund and sue the fucker minister.

he has been having too good a life. highways given to his brothers. printing monopoly also.

mf said...

Hi Zorro

I felt angry inside me looking at action of the police. As much as I would like to return tit-for-tat, a deeper part of me ask to look at it from my faith point of view and let go of the hate but to ensure that truth and justice prevail.

You guys have been magnificence.

Keep the flame burning and it is really time to change this government.


Anonymous said...

mooodin blames ambi but jipgor has to apologise to a reporter who was brutally INJURED by polis !!

Anonymous said...

Blardy gangsters in uniform! Confirms what every Malaysian knows about them on a day to day cari Mayan SOP

Sklau said...

Imagine what that guy at the back pinching his nose was thinking? "..oh man, both of you farting at the same damn time? We could patent a new tear gas with this concoction.."

bruno said...

We do not know what are the instructions and orders given to the PDRM.Whatever they are,we have to admit that this time the men in blue did act more professionally.

The protestors,curious tourists and onlookers were already present Friday night,and the crowd were slowly building up towards the 2pm rally time.The atmosphere was like carnival time.The police personnels were friendly towards the rally goers.

I always said that there will be repurcussions of some sort by the men in blue.But for the first time,I was having some doubts,that this was not going to happen.Families with children in their arms,in tow,high school and college students,the elderly and the disabled in wheelchairs make up part of the huge crowd.

The festival like action of the people,offering flowers and taking pictures arms length of the police shows that for the first time,the people felt comfortable with the police around them.

After Ambiga thanked and asked for the crowd to disperse that some protestors decided to breached the baricades.It was very clear that no one was allowed to cross the baricade line.

Bersih 3.0 was already a success even before the protest started.With the participation of Malaysians and supporters spread out across almost thirty countries,what more can be asked.

Once the protestors breached the barricades,all hell broke loose.The police have a job to do,and this time although as usual in situations like this,people are bound to get hurt.Much as I like to scream and curse like hell,at the men in blue,in the end I think that the politicians who were present should have kept their asses zipped.

Jong said...

A bunch of 'legalised' thugs bullying a single helpless Bersih 3.0 participant! Also seen among them Bersih 3.0 and PAS's Unit Amal impersonators?

And that Super Idiot wants to put blame on Ambiga? Get that Kerisman first!

Anonymous said...

n u think when a new govt formed, all the polize will b retired?

Anonymous said...

How can a fallen man be repeatedly beaten and kicked like an animal. There are laws now to imprison animal violators The traffic policemen should look after traffic offenders. Even if he committed a traffic offence he should not be kicked repeatedly.
OMG. He is seen being lead away. Could we get his details? Another man who wanted to intervene was asked to turn back. Now I have no more respect for these "white legs".

Anonymous said...

this confirms that the boys in blue and also of the white have lost their marbles!
definitely cannot trust them them to safeguard your life or property!

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see a poor helpless protestor being attacked by the very people who were supposed to protect the citizens of this country.

Anonymous said...

HATE THIS STUPID TRAFFIC COPS!! 4 years ago,I was driving to work and suddenly stupid idiot stopped me . Happened in greenlane one of the busiest road in penang.Applied emergency brake(luckily all the cars at the back did not bang me)know what he did??he kicked my car nearly 10 times and then shouted me to jalan. until now i did not know what I did wrong.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Definitely will not be shown over rtm and tv3.
And to all tourist and visitors, Welcome to KL and Tel Aviv.
(Twin cities)

Geronimo said...

Bernard, you may like to look at the common traits of the following:
1. UMNO Youth - advocate violence
2. PERKIDA - ditto
3. JATI - ditto
4. PERKASA - ditto
5. PDRM - ditto

All of them are truly a menace to society. The AMAL Unit of PAS certainly put all of them to shame.

elizabeth said...

This FB has a pic of 3 guys breaking the barricade.. not sure how genuine..

zorro said...

Anon108...and what did you do? What for get angry, get EVEN in the best way you know how.

Anonymous said...

After a new govt comes to power, the top ranks of the police will be replaced by true professionals (rather than political partisans) and the lower ranks will be subjected to proper discipline.

BTN-type Fascistic indoctrination of the police will also be ended.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

i think he deserved the lesson!
his mom and dad failed!
Just like yours zoo-low!
how i wish that was you but that the point here, cowards like you, ambiga, anwar, and all in the committee are not even in the front row. they pop up a while a go home sitting comfortably in aircnd room and wait for live feed.

You are nothing less than a rascal!
trace back and check did your parent or grand parents are from the 'chicken' family?

and don't expect your grand children to be better.
I will spare my urine to piss on your face this time!

Anonymous said...

lets estimate how many are registered voters during the bersih. 20K?
so the majority has not spoken?

i think if they are not on the street, understanable they choose peace!

BN will get a land-slide this PRU13. Anwar will get too old for PRU14 or he might even die before that (maybe cause by a mystery illness - then blame UMNO poison him - hahaha what ajoke!).
Zorro? I dont know! his like lalang, can be anywhere and whatever - all for his own survival. Ambiga will continue upto Bersih 55.0 but since bersih 4.0 it was just her and the old hippy samad said run the show in their own 'cell' at bamboo river.

Zorro, one question I would like yu to answer sincerely. If Anwar stands as a candidate in your voting area, wil you vote him or you will not (vote at all)? remember he has got moral issue (major one)! answer should be YES or NO. and no explanation neeeded.
your answer will ensure if whether your grand children will get a better world to live or not.

Roti Sunshine said...

The word POLICE is an acronym for " protector of lives in civil emergencies'. Judge for yourself, whether they were protecting or harming fellow Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

This video show so many policemen beating this poor guy and shows majority are samseng, wearing a uniform