Wednesday, April 11, 2012


People, this comment just came in:


*Selangor Journalist said...

*MB has deferred his decision on the UKRC issue to Thursday, Zorro. He is seriously looking at returning all rights including the field to UKRC under Chapter 138 of the Land Code as UKRC obtained its approval to control the said Land under the said Land Code. Thursday is the day for UKRC.


shanghaistephen said...

Am keeping all my limbs crossed !

bruno said...

MB Khalid,I hope that you and your herd of dunggus of exco members will wake up from your wet dreams and do the right thing.

If the Selangor exco members,that includes you as the leader have awoken much earlier,you guys would not be in this mess.But it is better to be late than never.

I hope that you guys had the satisfaction of 'coming' before the Ah Ma's,Ah Ee's,Ah Kor's,Ma Chik's and Thangachis smacked you guys up from your wet dreams.

mauriyaII said...

I sincerely hope MB Tan Sri Khalid's decision on the UKRC comes as a red letter day to all UKRC members and supporters.

If Pakatan Rakyat wants to retain Selangor and project its image as a clean, transparent and accountable government to the people and earn their trust, they should not have second thoughts about any decision that is people-centric.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and be positive.

Common man said...

Zorro, are you barking up the wrong tree? Dr Rafick said the UKRC claims 1000 members but that list had never been verified. Not only that, those he talked to said it is almost impossible to get admission. So if it is an exclusive club, do you think you should be fighting for them rather than for the common people in the streets and the kampongs?

Source: UKRC – In a matter of fairness

zorro said...

Common Man, I will let Amdrew Gopal, the President answer this question. But one thing I know and you too should: How exclusive can a club be that collects RM20 a month as fees?
Over to you Andrew.

Common man said...

Exclusivity does not only depend on how much one have to pay to be a member. Membership may only cost 1 cent, but if membership is controlled tightly, then obviously the club is very exclusive.

Andrew Gopal said...

Common man, for your information, UKRC has never been controlled tightly in the spirit of sportsmanship. Being a recreation club established in year 1957 by Kuala Ampang residents,the club is always open to all and you are invited to join the club as a associate member with a fee of RM24-00 to use the club facilities. Can you ever find a recreation club in town with a nnual fee of RM2400? Hope the above clarifies.

Andrew Gopal said...

Comon man, correction, Line 7 of my comment should read as RM24-00 and not RM2400. Sorry for the error. By the way, for your informaton, UKRC is maintained and managed by volunteers, mainly residents of Kuala Ampang whom are so passionate about providing recreational facilities for the Community. Also, do drop by to UKRC to verify about the 1000 over membership, mainly residents, that UKRC has.

Common Man said...

Dr Rafick's comment: "Please check with ROS
(1) On type of membership at UKRC. Associate member has no voting rights. They dont decide on the fate of the club. Its the full membership that is being tightly controlled.

Over to you Andrew Gopal

Ukrcforall said...

I was born in Kuala Ampang, lived there almost my whole life. I, too like all of you thought that Andrew Gopal was a hero. I, too, joined many others in full support of UKRC when the fight for the land against the 'vultures' began. After more than 10 years of being a friend, supporter of UKRC, it dawns upon me that so many things are just not right in the club - the management, the direction its going, its commitment to the residents of Kuala Ampang,...etc.

For the love of the club and its original intentions, nobody wants to air its dirty laundry in public. So, this internal squabble was kept under wraps since Oct '11.

It all started when a group of these members (residents, non-residents) voiced out to AG(Andrew Gopal) that they wish to have a change in leadership, after his 10 years of uncontested presidency.

Within weeks, 50% of the club total membership (NOT 1,000)were disqualified from voting. This was followed by legal letters from AG's lawyer, for merely signing a petition to the club patron, YB Saari Sungib, asking for a fair election.

And, things escalate from then on. Latest, an automatic barrier gate, guardhouse complete with 'private' guards were put in place. These actions clearly shows that the club has lost its way, of serving the community.

I wished I have seen these postings on these blogs earlier. Obviously, many think positively of AG, based on the many press writeup. Therefore, I strongly felt that I should share with all of you the other side of the story, not covered by the press. We need you to know the truth, and we need your help to set things right for UKRC, so that it is truly a club that serves its community.

A group of us are more than willing to talk to anyone who wants to know the truth & to help.
Please check out 'Ukrcforall' in FB, with an open mind and we look forward to hear from all of you.

Thank you.