Monday, April 30, 2012


REMEMBER the Julio Inglesias or Willie Nelson redition of TO ALL THE GIRLS I LOVED BEFORE?

Well, let me change it to ALL THE FLIES I SWAT BEFORE….I posted this comment a few hours ago:

“Wow, this and the previous post attracted a lot of flies. I deleted some of it because some of it may hurt some sensitivities. But I had a good laugh before I deleted them. You see, that is one way to not use a fly swatter.”

You see, one of the virtues credited to me is that I am not vindictive. My convictions are not necessarily the best. I am willing to listen to the rest. But if somebody comes up with the truth, I will accept it as the consensus. If I am wrong I will admit it. Until one of you can come up with a recording of what Anwar and Azmin said that could have provoked the crowd I will accept it as hearsay. Come on guys, you with your smart phones compared to my Rm90 Nokia that survived a few spins in the washing machine….surely one of you recorded what they said. So don’t get on to the bandwagon for a free ride. Give me proof that they did provoke and I guarantee you that we will start the crucifixion process! For the moment, I dedicate this post to those flies whom I had no choice but to swat because here is the proof:

IGP Contradicts Hishamemudin.

Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar has clarified that confiscating memory cards and cameras belonging to journalists is not part of the police standard operating procedure (SOP).

This contradicts Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein’s claim that the seizure of journalists’ equipment while covering Saturday’s Bersih 3.0 rally was part of police SOP.

Sorry yah lalat…..I really am not a vindictive guy…..until I am convinced. The IGP convinced me HERE


malchindian said...

It is starting to point towards the fact that bumno has identified their fall guy. But he is too thick to realize it yes? I am waiting to see the collective muscles working to rid this slapstick pest. stay tuned!

cin2tan said...

aiya, wat a mentri-rumah la !!

motherchell said...

My dear Zorro,
This KrissDin has had the honor of walking around with a boot in his mouth right from the day he gate-crashed into Petronas to do the pickings for his" baptism".

He is now a full fledged thug. Its sad to imagine the next gen of leaders before they are swatted into history. Krissdin is the kind who will get high in a fart chamber with Najis as the boiler-man.
Regards and good wishes my dear Zorro

yob rizab said...

stoopid minister this krisdin mengong!