Saturday, March 8, 2008


above pic is merely a representation

Yes, last night at approximately 9.25pm, in the presence of a ceremah crowd at section 17 and with Parliamentary Candidate for Bukit Gasing, Edward Lee, as witness I snapped in two my MCA Lifemembership card issued to me in 1987, and tossed it onto the street. This life-member thing was offered after a donation was made to help in the rescue of Bagunan MCA. I was never an active member of MCA but somehow kept the card (but not in my wallet).

I had been talking about CHANGE at the Rally and I thought there was no better way to show physical commitment than to abandon the MCA and continue to promote BARISAN RAKYAT. Think whatever one will, but this divorce is final and irrevocable. A new chapter begins for me in BARISAN RAKYAT.


Master Baiter said...

Barisan Rakyat

What a sweet sound. What inspiration. But if it is to become more than just a pipe dream, there's a lot of work to be done.

I see Barisan Rakyat as made up of two components - political parties and people's committees. The political parties currently in BR are not newly formed. Some have been in the fray for a long time. Habits have been picked up that are not easy to drop.

If we just leave it to the political parties, we may end up getting more of the same. That is why the people's committee component is critical if we are to chart a new course.

The most suitable leaders for these people's initiatives are already well known in the blogoshpere. I am confident they will not hesitate to lend their expertise and effort towards this cause.

Onward Barisan Rakyat.

SV Singam
Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Anonymous said...

congrats zorro. i am with you on barisan rakyat. keep up the momentum.

Anonymous said...

Someone could have picked it up and put it on the Lelong site. Might be worth 5 cents.

Anonymous said...

bravo boss. surely an inspiration to the younger generation (early 20s) like me never to fall for the BN's lies, posturing and threats.

CK said...

i wonder if OKT will say uncle bernard is biadap but WTH.... biadap or not, no more BN!!!!!!!!!!!

so proud of you uncle bernard!!!

Anonymous said...

Better late than never, Zorro, I've say.

I never voted for BN n is proud of it!

猫头鹰 said...


resident.wangsamaju said...

zorro-unmasked,what an admirable move. Surprised you had an MCA membership.. hehe.

I want to say that I enjoy reading your blog postings- your writing style is clear, straight to the point and patriotic. Thanks for the inspiration.