Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today is just about one week into election night and this father and son are being whacked out of shape by the PEOPLE who turned their backs on race and creed to bring about this CHANGE in our Malaysian political scene. What Papa said and directed he now regrets (?) and the utterings of the son brought about the scenes unnecessary.....especially after he had such a save passage, all thanks to the magnanimity of his predecessor Tan Sri Koh Tsu Khoon.

My take is that all this need not have to happen if father and son did not got to the wrong people to talk to. They talked to the Mainstream Media.....they went into the Lion Den. They forgot that independent blogs played a part in their campaign. They believed the likes of wong chun wai who said that blogs were of no consequence during the campaign. Senior Lim and Junior Lim.....we wouldnt have said it the way your MSM buddies said it for you. I hope you learned. Guan Eng, now that you have appointed Jeff Ooi as your Chief of Staff (without pay), consult him before you shoot your mouth. Jeff, whack him into shape if you have to.


cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...

DAP communication sucks!!!! put you in shame.

DAP , please take immediate steps to strenghten your PR and communication strategy.

Hope Jeff can do something.

Trashed said...

That would be quite a marvellous feat if the leaders of the 5 Opposition held states would talk to the bloggers first and then get their statements picked up by Bernama.

Truly, blogosphere would have displaced the MSM.

Anonymous said...

You see the 'Malay" demonstrators in the pictures are actually mamaks. When they wanted to be called Malays, you flers whacked them out of shape! Now they want to be known as Straits Born Chinese lah, and you flers are saying they are Malays and protesting something about the NEP. Funny lah the Mamaks. Also funny lah you bloggers.

Anonymous said...


You talk so much cock. Why dont you step forward and offer your help to Guan Eng & co??

Rather than sitting back and attending forums then commenting from afar, step up la.

Do you know what Guan Eng have sacrificed for this country?

Put your fucking money where your mouth is. Step forward.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Uncle B,

Can't people just give Mr Lim Guan Eng a chance? He hasn't even started work and already people are protesting...Give him a chance to prove himself lar...

That's what I think...But that's just me...

Pure Faith said...

Couldn't stop laughing to see how you could be a victim for the spinmasters...

Anonymous said...

That's DAP for you. Too arrogance. Cakap tak serupa bikin. If they carry on to behave this way, I can assure you that thepeople will reject them next round like what they did to BN.

The father and son team is not different to Badawi and son-in-law.
They are jsut fooling the people.

Jeff Ooi will just be sucked into the system and cannot talk or be killed.

zorro said...

Daphe, remember when I asked you to be a voice for young Malaysians when we initiatied Bangsa Malaysia in Penang. I am very discerning when I ask anyone to make a stand. You said that your faith did not allow you to be on any political divide. I respected that. Now you ask me to give guan Eng a chance. In life you are given that chance. If you dont strike oil in the first three minutes, stop boring. Guan Eng is a friend....he screwed up in his first press conference. You cannot afford to make too many mistakes in that position you hold. It is not the question of doing it right the first time. IT could be the wrong thing to do or say. It should be DO THE RIGHT THING RIGHT THE FIRST TIME AND ALL THE TIME. daphe, I am particularly hard on people I like. Period. It is always a given to give people a second chance....but in such a position, a second chance spells disaster. We do not patronise a person, more so somebody we fought so much for and likewise expect to reciprocate with some semblance of
good sense especially when making pronouncements on topics like the NEP.

zorro said...

I dont think you know where we come from. You asked if I knew what guan eng has sacrificed for the country? I am only 68 years old and maybe I missed what he has sacrificed for the country. Lets say I know. So What? He sacrificed a few years in prison! So he has every right to fuck up now, is it? More so when he is there because PEOPLE put him there? remember Guan Eng is not god. good luck to you if you think he is.

Markko said...

Dear Zorro, what you have expressed in your blog is clearly your personal opinions and is your rights to comment so (freedom of speech ma...) some people may agree with you, but more people out there think you suck!!!!! so please do not push things down to everybody's throat!

Your I-eat-salt-more-than-you-ear-rice attitude makes me want to puke sometimes. and you are clearly a canon-behind-the-horse-back, good only in hindsight. RPK's " I oppose an Islamic state" in his no holds barred column should enlighten you on how you should present your opinions in a less sarcastic manner.

Anonymous said...

Zorro my fellow senior citizen,
Time may not be on our side but Guan Eng's rookie mistake is not the end of things. He will learn and learn quickly. I, too, am disappointed he did not choose his words more carefully being now Penang CM and not on the Opposition bench but cut him some slack. Better to make some small mistakes early on and learn from it than to f**k up big time later on not having been forewarned of the hidden dangers of loose pronouncements.

Pak Zawi said...

I agree with you that there is no need for Guan Eng to make pronouncement especially to mains stream medias who will be too happy to mince him and spin the story to their owners desire.
All he has to do is to go ahead and do the work and let people judge him by what he did. If he needs to make statements, do it on the blogs just to test the waters. It is easier to do damage control here compared to doing something after the damage is done by the MSM.
The mamak will morph into any race they deem suitable eh? Never trust the, especially the ones on the fourth floor.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Asking Jeff to whack LGE? Come on Zorro... Do you think that Jeff will take on your advice? I doubt it. He's no longer an ordinary blogger like you anymore my dear Zorro. He'll be licking LGE arse from now on. Dream on my dear Zorro.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,
Please give LGE a chance to prove his worth, with your esteem vast experience in your profession I am sure you have encounter even worst then this. excuse a new kid on the block, still having butterflies in his brains, which he never dream turn reality.The problem actually is that the BA/BR(what ever you call) are having too many a spokemen that were the confussion arise.During campaining all 3 speaks the same, now for sure with the unexpected outcome, ther will be some wanting to express to get reconised. any they be learn for sure as time comes by. Thank you hope I have not in any way offended you.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Uncle B,

I wasn't refering to you in my comment (about not giving Mr Lim a chance), actually =)...I was refering to those people in the pics (who before Mr Lim even made any announcement, NEP or otherwise, had condemned him)...

What you said about him making a false move (ok, many false moves) made complete sense...And I agreed with it...

Sorry if you mis-read the comment =)

Anonymous said...


If you find and think this Guan Eng guy is not doing a good job despite only being in office for less than 14 days, feel fucking free to vote back BN in 4/5 years time.

I do not think Guan Eng is god BUT I THINK HE SHOULD BE GIVEN TIME.

And yes, the people voted them in this time round. And yes, the people are the real bosses and all. But after 50 years of BN shit, you expect things to be cleaned and smooth after a few days??? Give me a fucking break, dude!!!

Man, cock talkers like you deserve BN. So, go vote back BN the next time.

GobloKing said...

marko marko marko
As you have rightfully pointed out..THIS is Zorro's he can write what he likes, wants or see fit.

I don't agree Zorro is pushing things down anyone's throat...

You or anyone who don't like to see offensive things or read stuff they don't like...flip to another channel, website, page.

Don't see lah!

When you do a blog - you express your own opinions and thoughts.

I do my own blog too..and I write anything I want...can't stand my thots, my writing style?


I hardly think Zorro is writing this to gain votes or sway minds.

And Why should Zorro write in the same style or manner like RPK (or anyone else?)

This is his own unimitable style and STILL his own PERSONAL SITE.

As is Malaysia Today - a fact RPK always points out..
"This is my site. I can write what I like. Don't like it? shove off!"

Anonymous said...


It's not going to be easy for PAS, PKR & DAP. Our mainstream media is controlled by those in Barisan Nasional. Our opposition political parties cannot expect mainstream media to publish fair news and stories.

I guess our political opposition parties have to talk to the people on the streets more often now. Perhaps they should consider doing that at least once a month. They can call it 'Hari Bersama Pemimpin' or something.

Malay Women in Malaysia

CP Waterman said...

Hmm.. do you think we bloggers may also become ARROGANT?

I say give grace & encouragement with knid words.

Anonymous said...

One must read the whole sentence and not take isolate words to understand what the speaker said.

Jeff Ooi has explained but Guan Eng meant in his blog. Some took cetain words and spinned them out of context.

zorro said...

You said:If you find and think this Guan Eng guy is not doing a good job despite only being in office for less than 14 days, feel fucking free to vote back BN in 4/5 years time.


"I do not think Guan Eng is god BUT I THINK HE SHOULD BE GIVEN TIME."


"Man, cock talkers like you deserve BN. So, go vote back BN the next time."


Mat Salo said...

Now it's Baptism of Fire for these guys ... they've got got disgruntled malays on the islands (probably aided and abetted by unscrupulous and equally disgruntled BN-ers)on one side and a now blowin'-in-the-wind media on the other...

This is gonna be a steep learning curve for them. Jeff's media savvy but he alone can't stop the onslaught. For what it's worth, dazed and confused at the newfound power in their hands - they now know it ain't easy.

The court of public opinion is the hardest court of all. And that includes courting you and me.

This is a whole new ball game...

Anonymous said...

... and Zorro dude, it is beyond INFANTILE to ridiculed the years Guan Eng spent in prison. It is mongish, but coming from a wannabe armchair critic like you, I must say it is expected.

zorro said...

I am fully aware that he went to prison unjustly, but that does not allow him at this crucial stage to make a misstep. Anwar spent 6 years in and that too does not justify anything if he too makes a misstep. I am (probably you will not believe me)just making a simple but emphatic stand that the new YB must be media savy. Is that not a legitimate request when the new"opposition" is crouched to pounce. Anon, believe me I am concerned.

Donald G.H Tan said...

Just why can't the DAP-PAS-PKR work extra hard to start up a daily newspaper where one can read news as what it should be?

My family have just cancelled our 'Star' papers delivery because we do not like to get so stressed out everyday! Rubbish reporting daily.

Since two month ago, we stopped viewing ALL TV news on RTM/TV3/Astro...whatever! All bull

Cheers and Regards
Birds Talking

lucia said...

i was about to say i agree with daphne ling but then in her 2nd comment she said she didn't meant what she wrote in her 1st comment (too bad) so i can't agree with her.

i agree with a few others here that we should give LGE a chance. why, it has only been 8 days he took over as CM, for heaven's sake, and people had been well... kind of bashing him.

i think all of you should read haris's blog where his sister, farida wrote a very good piece about giving the new government (not only penang but perak and selangor) some time before bashing them.

Markko said...

dear gobloking,

FYI, I have visited your blog once some time ago and found your blog distasteful to me, as such, i have not visited your blog ever since.

Of course i agree with you totally that a blogger is free to express his/her opinion the way he/she likes. But you forgot that freedom of speech is a 2 way traffic. If you can write something to criticize others, then you must be prepared to be criticized by others also!

To echo your words : don't like my comments on Zorro? Don't see lah !And what did RPK say? Shove off !

Markko said...

Dear gobloking,

Did I at anytime said that Zorro is writing to gain vote or sway mind? Please don't spin my words out of context. This is the same tactic adopted by MSM to create misunderstandings which we very much abhor!

My personal opinion is that bloggers can write anything but let's not be arrogant and advice can be given in a less sarcastic manner.

Anonymous said...

hi guys --- for pete's sake ---dont go overboard please!!!
LGE has just become the CM ---- we believe ( in my faith)that CROSSING A RIVER AND RISKING A DROWNING IS THE BEST THING --INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR THE RIVER TO LEVEL DOWN ONLY TO FIND THAT THE OTHER SIDE BECOMES FLOODED! He made his statement at the onset of his tenure -- he will henceforth know how to make statements without hurting people but upkeep his priciple at the same time.
For he is definitely for ALL Malaysians ---AND he said he will NOT let down the Malays! Sabash to LGE! As a Malay I feel that we should let him helm the adminstration ---instead of ranting about a small statement! And anyway those who protested were just releasing their frustations of having lost! They too will smoothen out soon when they see the result of the new administration. Look at the mess that BN is in -- so peace be unto all.Lets enjoy our freedom.

Marduk said...

Hi Lucia, I noticed you're everywhere...trying to save DAP (the only Chinese Opposition?)! while others here either intentionally or unintentionally, are destroying it! You're a fair and WISE man. God will bless you always:-)

Anonymous said...

Zorro, Zorro,

Dont you know our newspapers are all agents for UMNO-BN?? They have no problems twisting and turning facts.

I will say this, we have all put up with UMNO-BN shit for 50 years ... and thats a very long time, agree? Why dont we give this new state government who is less than 2 weeks old time to settle down???

Imagine cleaning up shit and thrash that have accumulated over 50 years... its a dirty and thankless job.

We have all voted in PKR DAP PAS, so have some faith in these guys. Yes, it is gonna be rough at times and very rough on some days but this is what change is about.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that when the police and FRU tried to water jet the protesters the hose valves jammed?

And when they throw the tear gas cannisters they refused to open - that's why you don't see anyone running helter-skelter

Anonymous said...

ai yo yo, why some of you bloggers so sensitive huh - take a chill pill !!!

Anonymous said...

Guan Eng enggan keluar RM100 ribu
Posted by labisman
Monday, 17 March 2008
Abdul Halim Mohd Rashid

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 Mac (Hrkh) - Kerana enggan membelanjakan RM100 ribu, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng lebih rela tinggal di sebuah rumah berusia milik bapanya.

Naib Presiden PAS, Haji Mohamad Sabu menceritakan perkara itu selepas bertemu dengan Setiausaha Agung DAP itu di Pulau Pinang baru-baru ini.

Beliau ke pulau itu baru-baru ini kerana hendak bertemu Lim untuk berbincang beberapa perkara mengenai kepentingan bersama kedua-dua pihak.

"Oleh kerana beliau sibuk, beliau meminta saya menemuinya kira-kira pukul 10.00 malam hari itu.

"Tahu di mana Guan Eng nak jumpa saya? Di restoran McDonald," kata Mohamad Sabu yang mula mengenali Lim dengan lebih dekat ketika sama-sama di tahan dalam Operasi Lallang 1987 lalu.

Naib Presiden PAS itu juga lebih selesa bertemu di tempat terbuka kerana "tidak ada apa yang hendak dirahsiakan".

Bagaimanapun, katanya, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang itu kemudiannya memberitahu pertemuan itu tidak dapat diadakan di tempat terbuka itu atas nasihat pihak keselamatan.

Memahami perkara tersebut, beliau terus menuju ke rumah di mana Lim tinggal.

"Di rumah, dia biasa sahaja dengan "seluaq katok" (seluar pendek). Bila saya tengok keadaan rumah yang berusia tempat dia tinggal, saya tanya dia, kenapa tak pindah ke rumah rasmi Ketua Menteri?

"Dia (Lim) jawab: 'Susahlah, kalau nak pindah kena perbaiki. Terpaksa belanja sampai RM100 ribu. Takkan saya nak belanja duit rakyat sampai RM100 ribu untuk kepentingan saya'

"Saya rasa sangat terharu mempunyai kawan seperti itu," kata Mohamad Sabu.

Walaupun perkara itu bukanlah perkara baru baginya, memandangkan Mursyidul Am, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang menjadi Menteri Besar Kelantan sejak 1990 memilih kehidupan yang sederhana, begitu juga Presiden PAS Tuan Guru Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang ketika menjadi Menteri Besar Terengganu dahulu, Naib Presiden PAS itu tetap merasa bangga dengan sikap sederhana dan rendah diri Lim itu.

"Saya bangga kerana dia takut nak belanja wang rakyat RM100 ribu sedangkan Perdana Menteri gasak sehingga RM15.81 juta untuk ubahsuai kediaman rasminya Seri Perdana di Putrajaya.

"Saya yakin, Menteri-Menteri Besar kita yang lain (dari PAS dan KeADILan) juag akan memilih jalan kehidupan yang sederhana yang sama seperti dua Tok Guru kita, jauh lagilah menyalahgunakan harta kerajaan," katanya.

Sementara itu, Bernama melaporkan, kata-kata pertama Lim semasa mengadakan sidang media di Pejabat Ketua Menteri di Tingkat 28 Komtar ialah: "Saya rasa seperti melangkah masuk ke kandang singa".

"Saya tidak menyangka dapat duduk di kerusi ketua menteri ini kerana pernah dipenjarakan. Ia merupakan transformasi sebenarnya dan pengalaman baru bagi saya," Bernama memetik Lim.

Sebelum mengangkat sumpah, Lim berkata beliau dapati lebih ramai pemberita menghadiri sidang akhbarnya sekarang dan "saya diterangi lampu-lampu kamera".

Dalam kenyataan kemenangannya, Lim berkata, "Kami gembira dengan kemenangan ini dan berjanji tidak akan mengecewakan penduduk Pulau Pinang.

"Kami mahu menegaskan bahawa kerajaan baru adalah untuk rakyat Malaysia daripada semua kaum. Kami ada bersikap adil, saksama dan tidak mendiskriminasikan mana-mana kumpulan - memberi bantuan kepada semua yang memerlukan.

"Penduduk Pulau Pinang yang berbakat akan mendapat peluang saksama daripada gabungan parti pembangkang itu yang disatukan menerusi kecintaan terhadap demokrasi dan menghormati hak asasi manusia, kekaksamaan politik dan keadilan sosioekonomi," katanya sambil mengesa orang ramai supaya "menghormati hasrat rakyat".

Where to find this type of leader? Penang is so lucky to have this type of CM.

Anonymous said...

something not right with the pictures. Most look suspiciously like people who just got off the boat. these malay-by-definition extras should step out of the country for a reality check.

and how come they weren't out protesting when the BN was buggering them for years?

it's good that papa and son lim said what they said. now we know who the real hypocrites are.

Anonymous said...

Open your eye n see... Yeah.. DAP still Suck!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Uncle B,

I think we should be patience with our newly elected LGE and all the changes.

Anonymous said...

Hello Uncle,
I was just wondering where the FRU and the police were when the "protesters" went out on their walk? I didn't see anyone being arrested, in fact i saw angry protesters given opportunity to vent out their anger on TV, so unlike what happened with the Hindraf rally.......
Goes to show that when and as they like, the word seditious is thrown!

Guy in the glass said...

Just to give my comments.

Guan Eng is not God and only God is perfect. Yet, we expect Guan Eng to do it right the first time and ALL the time? Then Guan End is God.

What happened is a big lesson for him and I believe he has learned from it. Eventually, what is important is how well he did his job at the end of 4/5 years.


Daphne Ling said...

Hi Uncle B,

Please allow me to address Lucia (Thanks):-

Actually, Lucia, I am all for giving LGE a chance to prove himself (and I never said I "didn't meant what she wrote in her 1st comment")...

What I was clarifying in the second comment was that my first comment was meant for the protestors (all of them) and not anybody else...

LGE made many false moves (speech wise), but Im still for giving him a chance to prove his worth and make a change in Penang...

Heck, I didnt agree with PAS helming the role of MB in Perak (where I am from), but still, he should be given a chnace...Who knows? He might be a hell of a lot better! =)