Thursday, March 13, 2008


The Insider has this:

Thanks to wall-to-wall coverage of him over the past three years in the alternative media and a catalogue of own goals, he has emerged as probably the most disliked person in Malaysia today and the person most likely to have to take the fall for BN’s showing in Election 2008..........

..........An Umno division chief, who requested anonymity, said: "The view on the ground among Umno members is that Khairy played a pivotal role in drawing up the list of election candidates. They believe he was trying to be a kingmaker. That is why many candidates were rejected by the divisions and even our own Umno members.

"There is a great deal of anger against him and the PM.

"I think that the feeling of frustration against the PM will only die down if Khairy steps down as Umno Youth deputy chief.''

The Malaysian Insider understands that Khairy – who until recently was being touted as the next Umno Youth chief and a future minister – could be looking at giving up his position in the youth movement, signaling probably the end of a meaningful political career for the country’s fastest rising star.

In the days after the Opposition took control of five states and denied the ruling coalition its traditional two-thirds majority in Parliament, the knives were being sharpened for the back of the Oxford-educated economist.

If this happens, it will be the end of a career that once seemed destined for the apex of Malaysian politics.

..........I really don't know but the writing is on the wall, faint or clear depending on where you are standing.....go here for a clearer look.


Anonymous said...


zewt said...

we can only wait and see...

and what... he be 1st deputy finance minister???? the country will be doomed!

Anonymous said...

at 1st kj lost by 141 votes BUT after RECOUNT he won by more than 5000 , waaaaahh !! how ?????????????

Anonymous said...

If Khairy is gone, then that keris wielding guy would have nobody to stop him anymore.

Think about that !

Death Note said...

he likes buffalos....

mana tudung? ha?
apa islam hadhari.
apa peluk peluk... nak kena saman ke?

Dave Avran said...


i realise this is off topic from your post but i want to vent my frustration if that's okay with you.

It’s disgusting to read spinning gasing chun wai’s article in the star today. I refuse to dignify it with a link here. Not only does he downplay the bloggers’ role and efforts in the outcome of the elections, but he also demeans jeff ooi.

The only positive thing in the article is that he admitted the mainstream media has to relook at its editorial policy given the maturity of malaysian readers.

err..i hate to wake you up from dreamland to break this to you, but you kinda missed the bus there, my delusional datuk.

spinning gasing chun wai, spin it any way you want. Our jeff won. And you had better address him as yang berhormat, geddit?

Krishna said...

In all probability the BN did suffer this humiliating setback because of him. The keris waving, his brainchild, at their agm was to seek that holy grail known as 'grass-roots support'. But these and other acts serve (wittingly) to also reinforce the notion of racial supremacy amongst an immature audience.....

There are no grounds for racial supremacy as there are none for racial prejudice. This is the 21st century for crying out loud and besides the evidence of gene mapping there are countless other facts that have been raised as to the equivalence of humankind. What sets us apart are cultural differences and here in Malaysia the cultural truth is that civil society across every divide has allowed indecency to creep into our everyday lives in the form of Institutionalised racism.

Besides the Keris waving (which I'm actualy glad happened as it served as a catalyst to wake us up) there are countless other issues which should have made us say no this is not right. Preferences in Business, Education, Housing and Employment. Literally across every strata of society. This was demanded by UMNO through their BN coalition and their component members quietly acquiesced. And the rest of us did not make a stand.

The top echelons of the MCA, MIC and Gerakan allowed it as we all know for their own short term gains. Their gravy train depended on them 'kow towing'. As long as they played ball choice morsels would be thrown their way perhaps even up to and including the occasional AP to sweeten the pot. The rest of the Rakyat though, what was their reason for their blind allegiance and subservience? One word. Fear. Fear that if we upset the status quo the boogeyman would come and get us. Or rather that society as we knew it would fall apart.

This acquiescence on our part was never viewed as graciuounsess though. Or even received graciously. NO. What it did was it created something truly horrible. It created the notion of racial supremacy. And we are surprised? Anyone who seizes and abuses a confined victim will soon enough have supremacist ideas as he senses he has absolute power and control over his victim. His victim though will develop a different but equaly perverse perspective. That his or her life is dependent on the graciousness of the captor. It's called Stockholm syndrome.

We needed to break out of this vicious circle. It needed a level of maturity on both sides of the divide and thankfully it did come. Acts such as those perpetrated by KJ and his ilk while drawing support from within a xenophobic party served ultimately to disgust and alienate the decent and good among us across all divides. We can only build from here and hopefully we will.

zorro said...

Dave, yes I read that too. When one spins too much this is what happens: you lose your equilibrium, both physically and mentally and as such those sycophantic utterings. Remember the games we used to play as kids....spin the guy blind-folded and then ask him to point to his nose...and he might probably jab at his belly-bottom (am I going too low?)Leave him be. Wong is a master gasing player in the mold of Kali, and the plagiarist.

zorro said...

Yes Krish, on 8 March, against all mindsets, the PEOPLE houdini(ed) themselves from the shackles of the Stockholm Syndrome. Much courage and as you inferred, maturity too were mustered. The PEOPLE were ready to be in the front line of fire.What is there to lose but much to gain.
Cheers splash of malts?

Anonymous said...

No, let this punk die a slow painful political death.

Krishna said...

Say when!

Anonymous said...

Tak seperti wife peluk hubby pun. Gambar tu macam emak peluk anak sebab anak berjaya dapat 21A1 dalm SPM.

GobloKing said...

No sense gloating yet..let's see what happens to the fil; and then we will see where sil goes. I hardly think that would be the end of sil.

Once you taste power...that's it!

On the flip side, after one has reached the top, there ain't no way but to go...doo..ownn??

Krish and dave - great comments..thanks guys!

artchan said...

once FIL goes..they will go for him.

This is UMNO. They will "mengamuk" (to borrow an UMNO MP's word) for SIL blood.

If SIL is oxford trained and have some brains left, now is the time to go before FIL goes.

But his behaviour like a monkey in Ijok leaves me to think that this guy is a no brainer.

AAB failure is partly caused by his SIL arrogant behaviour

mindful mariner said...

The analysis is plausible, I think the FIL & SIL will soon be history.
His overseas education and Oxford University seem to have made him an highly educated but ignorant (out of touch) oxymoron. Pointedly Foolish (Greek oxumron, from neuter of oxumros, pointedly foolish : oxus, sharp; see oxygen + mros, foolish, dull) if he cannot clearly see the writing on the wall!

elorajah said...

Dear Zorro,
I think we can send that Bernama's "youngtaufoo" to your gas chamber, here now for his uncontrite statement following a very racial and sloppy editing !!!

Zawi said...

FIL will be digging himself a bigger hole for him to fall into if he were to reward his SIL a minister's post.
The feeling on the ground now is that the SIL was the cause of his downfall from grace in the last GE.
Damage control is best done by letting the flowing water to take its own course. Any attempt to alter it will only result in devastating flood.
He has his private jet to take him to Perth where the new home is. Why wait any longer?