Thursday, March 13, 2008




Malaysian Joe said...

Err.. Uncle Zorro, he can be excuse kua... he apologized. Alls well ends well. Lets spare him the gas. Meanwhile I gotta release gas.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I have ONE question to stupid people like Kit Siang: Does he think that he loves the people of Perak more than the Sultan? Does he think that he cares for the people of Perak more than the Perak Sultan? Does he think he cares about the wellbeing, welfare and prosperity of the people of Perak more than the Perak Sultan? Does he think the Perak Sulan is stupid and that he is the best to know who should lead Perak? Why does he say DAP respects the consitution and works for the people and the Sultan and spits at the face of the Sultan; the ruler of Perak? So DAP cares for Perak's wellbeing while the Sultan is its enemy? Ka?

I have never felt humiliation more than what Kit Siang the stupid and sh_t did to the Sultan of Perak and all the Malays who stood with him, voted for him and his associates and waved his flags. Tell him to go and die. It is enough my dear. Enough.

Pak Zawi said...

He came to his senses after reading your blog lambasting him. He couldn't stand it after reading the F word in it. Coming from you, the word was more potent than the chemically laced water from BN's water cannon.
Bravo man.

Anonymous said...

My understanding of "Bangsa Malaysia" is the Monarchs are a substantial component of it instead of being a formality as current. I want them to remain for my children/grandchildren as I believe they provide a face/identity to "Bangsa Malaysia"

Apologies or no I think LKS needs to go as he still belongs to the bygone eras of the Mamak Kutty/Zam Alakazam/Semi Value. A leopard will not shed its spots?

Wasabi said...

I repeat what I said in James Wong's blog :-
It simply demonstrates that LKS is as thuggish as the BN dimwits who have been ousted. Having fought BN tooth and nails for decades, LKS is unable to change with the times and that his Malaysian Malaysia call is as lame as BN's bersih cekap dan amanah over the years.

An apology means that he has committed some disrespect, and that his future actions and words are to be treated with great suspicion. Such a cancerous cell should be methodically and categorically purged, either by pinpoint laser or by political exorcism. A gas chamber like this may mean little to LKS as he is not only tone-deaf but also has a deeply stuffed nose, and look at the size & depth of his specs, possibly legally blind as well!!!

What a shame to a potentially heart-warming new beginning, a new era, a new dawn. LKS is still living in his own time-warp together with the BN dinosaurs. The people will know what to do the next time...correct, correct, correct this erroneous mis-choice!!!

Damn, just spoiled my good-day feeling for a while, but manage to realise that this may be his last fling at national politics...he is not getting any younger....hehehehe


Anonymous said...

The great thing that I notice from the comments generated by your previous blog entry is that non-Malays are openly supporting a PAS MB. This level of political maturity is beyond dreams just 6 months ago.

Malaysians must abandoned race based politics and only select the best candidates to run and manage this country regardless of race or religion. We need only the very best or else Malaysia can't compete globally or even regionally.

My hope is that our Malay brothers/sisters are also willing to accept non-Malays for the same reasons too.

Anonymous said...

It took three paragraphs from Lim Kit Siang to undo decades of hardwork by dedicated DAP supporters.

It took a short statement by DAP to show the Malays that DAP once in power will dismantle everything cherished by the Malays though 50 years of dirty work by UMNO has never succeeded to do so much damage.

Well, it took me by surprise. Leaders don't change - only voters do.

Raj Manickam said...

Apology to Perak Sultan and Regent - No offence intended
March 13th, 2008 (1 hour ago)

My three-paragraph statement at 7 pm last night that the DAP Central Executive Committee emergency meeting on 9th March had not given approval for a PAS Mentri Besar to head a Perak coalition state government was not made out of disrespect to the Perak Sultan and Regent both whom I have always held in the highest regard and I apologise for any offence caused. The statement was on the party position at the time.

There have been further discussions and developments on the matter in the hours after the statement. Announcements of the latest position will be made.

Anonymous said...

Apology to Perak Sultan and Regent - No offence intended
March 13th, 2008 (1 hour ago)

My three-paragraph statement at 7 pm last night that the DAP Central Executive Committee emergency meeting on 9th March had not given approval for a PAS Mentri Besar to head a Perak coalition state government was not made out of disrespect to the Perak Sultan and Regent both whom I have always held in the highest regard and I apologise for any offence caused. The statement was on the party position at the time.

There have been further discussions and developments on the matter in the hours after the statement. Announcements of the latest position will be made.

Anonymous said...

Come on, give him a break. He did say he can agree to a Malay MB if it is from PKR did he? Kit is not a racist as you think or most of the barrage of commentators think he is, he is one of the greatest proponent of the comcept of malaysian malaysia. And Malaysian Malaysia is to a large extent difficult to be reconcile with PAS's idealogy of Islamic Nation don;t you think. It is easy to condemn, but step into his shoes for a while whould you. Don't be so harsh. And think, aren't you as equally biased or "racist" by insisting it must be a Malay MB? And what makes you have the right to call for his head when I can say the same thing about you. Think guys, are we still taking about liberal democracy when no matter what whom you choose as your government the head has to be a malay?? I rest my case..

Unknown said...

Hey Bro, I was pissed off too but give the man a break la. It's your decison but I think at least he was gentleman enough to apologise. But if he must go into that chamber, then so be it.

Anonymous said...


Read Veera's Column today, the only day it is ok to buy the star -

lucia said...

methink you people are being too harsh on LKY. i had said a lot already in rocky, aisehman and susan's blogs so not going to say anything here except that harsh part.

Anonymous said...

Unc. Zorro, agree with you that he shold be chamberred.
However, since he has apologised and and realiised his folly, maybe we should be magninamous and forgive him since I am sure Raja Nazrin will also do so.

Anonymous said...

I accept DAP has the largest number of seats in the Barisan Rakyat. But the Paduka Seri Sultan wants a CM who has the most support from the ASSEMBLY which includes the Barisan Nasional reps. I think that is wise.

To Lim Kit Siang, it is not only rude to the Paduka Seri Sultan and the royal institution but MENDERHAKA! And you say that you are a multiracial party that uphold the constitution which includes the royal institution.

After all the shouting about the keris waving UMNO, you insulted the very institution that is protected in the constitution. In a way, your being DERHAKA has justified the action of crazy kris waving people.

As the royal institution represent the Malays, this is a slap in the face to them as well.

Do you have ambition to be a Sultan?

Anonymous said...

I am Chinese and I voted for PAS and PKR because I believe in Barisan Rakyat. Time we put our differences away and work together. United We STAND!!!

I hope there will not be any more unnessary outbursts. This will only give the d***head, Ong Ka Chuan, a field day. I would like to see him out in GE 13.

Unknown said...

Apologies after the torrents of protest from across the nation does'nt do him penance. He's a veteran lah...not a newbie that the culture he wants his newbie first-timers YBs to adopt?

Unknown said...

Tony Pua can now dedicate his latest posting on 'THEY JUST DON'T GET IT' to his mentor

Anonymous said...

Can my horse contribute too?

Anonymous said...


The damage has already been done! :-(

Malay Women in MAlaysia Blog

Anonymous said...

DAP has apologised.

Now PKR wants to pull out of Perak government.

Will there be no peace there?

Zorro, whatcha gonna do now?

GobloKing said...

I respect our Monarchy not because of Tanah Melayu but because of Tanah Malaysian.

How the f**k does DAP think they are representing "the people"??

What People?

For sure they are representing
- NONE of the bloggers in all the sites

- NONE of my friends and family

With 1 fell swoop DAP has LOST their future electorates!

I say NO to DAP in future UNLESS they absolutely CHANGE and really represent TANAH MALAYSIAN!!

My forefathers came here for their and our future

They and we got nary a sen but worked and stayed here because we are Malaysians!

Doesn't the political party realize it does not matter WHO is MB so long as it is a GOOD person who is representing MALAYSIA??

Anyone who is representing Malaysia represents US!


lucia said...

well well just as you guys attacked LKS so much (esp. in the earlier post), go and attack syed husin ali now!

Harrison bin Hansome said...


Uncle Kit has already come to his senses in tendering an apology and withdraw his boycott.

Referring to the time I wrote this message, PKR is now protesting.

Maybe, spare Unkle Kit out of the chamber of yours. He repented. Hahaha. However, it is your freedom to exculpatory emancipation. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Release KIT from the gas chamber

Anonymous said...

Stupid fucking ass! DAP thinks they won big. BUT they forgot who made it possible for them to win big - the rakyat.

Fuck man, I am not voting for DAP ever again. Fuck them, fuck that racist party.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Zorro
Amazed by the tons of reaction fm the people on this at various sites. Good though but i thot the negative outbursts are a little premature n immature. Why do i say that?
- the people who wanted change voted n were heard. Ever since independence, majority rules apply n no one had a problem. We had a coalition majority thereby taking Perak, within which DAP had majority. So after all the hue n cry for change to move forward, DAP got cursed for staking claim. One step forward n two steps back.
- as for the three names submitted to HRH of Perak, my guess it's out of courtesy n respect. Many wud hv expected the expected but it wasn't to be. Since HRH had called the three reps, maybe HRH shud hv at least advise on his decision. Wud hv avoided this n same time greatly helped transparency.
- the people cursed MCA n others for not having the guts to confront UMNO n now the people cursed DAP as well for voicing out within the coalition. So who flips n who flops?
- if the people follows the US Presidential Nomination campaign between Obama n Hillary, can the people say US Democratic Party is cracking ah?
- for 50 years the people hv submitted itself to UMNO thru fear n kiasu. The people hv recently for the second time in history braved itself to move just a little but very important step forward in the right direction. So people, spare some thots n give the new coalition a chance. Give them the space. Give them the support. Provide constructive critisms if u may. But don't kill them. They are not even a week old n we want perfection n heads to roll. PLEEEEZ. The people must help itself to nurture capable political parties to challenge the incumbents to make this country of ours stronger n move it forward for the challenges are even greater beyond our shores.
- on the issue of biadap towards HRH of Perak, i think Ong Kah Chuan is most foul. Lim Kit Siang has apologised. Right or wrong channel i don't know la.
Not only does the new coalition needs to walk the talk but i think the people must too. So are we ready to embrace democracy or just talk air? Still the people must decide.

Anonymous said...

To whom shall we turn to now? why should the so called leader/s do these to us?

Unknown said...


i am with you. if the people's interest is above everything else, race will never be an issue. after 50 years of brainwashing by BN's divide and rule policy, it takes time to completely drain away the poison. patience is the word and lets continue to work together towards a Bangsa Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

matter of principle la...

selangor pas had a pow-wow with selangor bn... dap got news on it & decide to boycott.

while all these are happening, anwar... are you in sabah or sarawak?

Anonymous said...

Let him off because he apologised!! (he did not apologise to the Rakyat)

I am demanding he steps down. The so-called error of judgement is unforgiveable.

It has dealt a severe blow to the movement for change & has shook the faith of the thousands of Malaysians who had voted as one people.

Stepping down will restore some believe back & more important, serves as reminder to all the newly elected that they are there because of us. And they should ship out if they fail us.

The future of our country is what matters, not the future of one individual who is still stuck in an obsolete mindset.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the Palace got to say about this.

Ong Ka Chuan : “Having a mentri besar from PAS creates fear among non-Muslims. This also creates political instability.”

This guy shall got guts, insulting His Royal Highness' wisdom.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yeaaaa...the good ol' chamber. in you go LKS. this, for being a shit-stirrer.

sp lim said...

I think Kit Siang should just resign and retire. We do not deserve to have someone like him who for more than 40 years sacrifices himself for our rights. He is certainly not without fault. I'm equally pissed off by what has happened. But to accuse him of all sorts of things from being anti-Islam, anti-Malay, breaking up BR etc is going overboard.

After all, his objection was that the MB is from the smallest party in the coalition in terms of the no. of seats won. He was not objecting because the PAS guy is a Malay/Muslim. Didn't object because of the fact that it is a PAS member. He was only protesting at what seems to be a betrayal of a fundamental democratic principle. In accepting the PKR candidate, he is even willing to bend this principle to accommodate current political realities.

Now that the PKR guy has also protested. Will he be accused of being anti-Muslim or anti Malay? Will he be accused of insulting the royalty? He is protesting on the same principle that LKS has protested. PKR has more seats than PAS.

LKS has eaten too many 'dead cats'. It's time for him to retire and write his memoir. Why continue to fight for a bunch of ungrateful people? After all his son is already the CM. If he is power crazy as some has accused him to be, he can still rule behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

senor zorro,
came across this on the mykmu site.


Tidak rasmi:

UMNO Bahagian Batu, wilayah Persekutuan memutuskan untuk menghantar Petisyen memohon Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berundur secara terhormat.


PENTING: Adalah dimaklumkan tidak terbabit dengan sebarang perhimpunan haram yang dirancang pada sabtu atau ahad ini.

Aaa... what is this perhimpunan haram they are talking about???

svllee said...

Its always self-interest first I guess. I'm non the wiser!

Anonymous said...

Distrubing rumours:3 ADUN crossed over to the BN in Perak.Hope it is not true.If it is,LKS must be in the chamber forever!

mob1900 said...

Here's what I think, LKS is using the voice of the people to convince DAP 'conservatives' & Hardcore supporters to change their mindset.

Use the 4th-Estate well and rattle their sites with what you think they should do! Active participation of democratic principles.

Makkal Sakti!

Satya said...

Uncle Zorro, perhaps you could also put the PKR people in here too. Here's why:

Anonymous said...

Uncle, how to change block head ie. old ones like LKS, ego,power crazy, have forgotten that we the people made him there so can we also get him out of sight which is just a blink of our eyes GE13, and will be Dream And Parish, we do not need one track mind MP and Duns, we are Malaysian irrespective colour,religion,even toddlers now knows how to mix and play only old thick skull like him forgot his pledge during ceramahs or is it the same sickness of I forget syndrome like TDM

zorro said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,
here's what i got to add all this its called

Anonymous said...

For all those who have condem LKS, besides parting with some money and giving BR that 1 vote, what have you done to make M'sia a better place to stay? What have you done to help the helpless when BN care less about them.

There's a malay saying - Semut di sebarang sungai nampak, tapi Gajah di tebing pun tak tahu. Of course if you guys still want to vent your anger, go ahead. Its DEMOCRACY mah! Correct, correct, correct ....

Anonymous said...


Just want to say;

Your Fucker
You had Fucked up and
You better Fuck off


Anonymous said...

Hi there:

Maybe some of you think you would be a better general if you were LKS. I would say the brains that you all are having are emotionally disqualified to judge. You all fall into the hole of no return. Some of you could be BN supporters with the aim to destroy the coalition. Are we going to help if we made so much noises at this moment? we like to jump into the conclusion that LKS is a lousier guy. Is this fair remark on him.

Think, if you have a government that members of the parliament can be bought anytime to bring the downfall, what would you do? This is politic and not simply a video game. Remember they just have 3 extra seats and any 2 seats that are bought over, thanks to all of your remarks.

You think the triumph this time is mostly because of the rakyat power? it is true this time but mainly because they were overconfident and preparation of "making them successful in every seats" were slacked. (you know what i meant).

I dont find LKS remark applausable but he has apologised. Can you all just "shut the fuck up" and wait for the outcomes.

Thank you

Not a DAP Supporter but a believer in justice

Anonymous said...

lks should resign, pure and simple.

he should resign in april, making way for anwar

there will be no other way for lks. he should be out, period.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro,

Can I just give a different slant to things?

Kit Siang made his announcement to boycott on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning, in The Star, Ong Ka Chuan says DAP has cheated its voters in Perak by allowing a PAS MB:

After LKS' announcement, the public cried out and said to let the PAS MB be. The rakyats gave their consent.

LKS apologises and goes with the rakyats' choice, and at the same time, nails OKC's statement void. Perhaps LKS had some foresight? I dunno.

But now everybody's happy with PAS' MB :)
(well, except OKC I guess??)

Anonymous said...

LKS has eaten too many 'dead cats'. It's time for him to retire and write his memoir. Why continue to fight for a bunch of ungrateful people? After all his son is already the CM. If he is power crazy as some has accused him to be, he can still rule behind the curtain.

he should not resign until 3 yrs later when there will be no local by-election. seriously, do you know what will be the repercussions to have PAS as MB ? do you think he can shake off PAS central and kelantan influence ? and do you know the real majority in DUN is BN UMNO. Being MB, PAS will have more power in state affair, and how sure are you ppl that PAS islamic influence will not creep into perak ? yes, DAP may defy certain PAS policies, but these policies may voted in by BN (who enjoy the infighting), and PKR for the sake of not being labelled infidel and anti-islamic. DAP is the one puppet here, not PAS.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Opposition la. You fuckers are bitching about everything.

May as well give everything back to BN.

Anonymous said...


got the guts to put the sultan of selangor in there next for taking us a step back from bangsa malaysia?

zorro said...


How did the Sultan of Selangor take us a step back from bangsa malaysia.I demand an answer....and just a mild reminder, this blog is not a playround for bullies, machais nor hired troopers. Go give some carnal care to your boss.

Anonymous said...

im no machai or trooper. im just a reader . Get your arse out of your head and stop labelling people whos views differ from yours. YOU do not hold the key to the ULTIMATE truth. though your arrogance certainly shows so.

ps ; i voted PKR .

If you given me the chance to explain b4 u shoot off your old hips, this is what i was referring to you twit!. Now that i have shown proof of what i spoke about, you probably wont publish this comment. Obnoxious self righteous one sided blogger!

zorro said...

Posted in the spirit of freedom of speech, and the right to dissent or disagre.
I was perplexed with your question which asked if I had the guts to put the Sultan of Selangor in chambers?
I have never deleted any comments that went contrary to my posting. I just asked why?
You referred me to M'kini which I perused this morning. What did the Sultan do wrong? It was Mohd. Munir who intimated that it should be a Malay deputy and Prof.abdul aziz countered that:“The Sultan of Selangor does not need the menteri besar or the deputy menteri besar in matters pertaining to religion and Malay custom,” Prof Abdul Aziz Bari, who lectures law at the International Islamic University Malaysia, told Malaysiakini.

And sorry I smelt wrongly....but please satisfy me with an answer as to why the sultan has to be in there?

zorro said...

....and anon...all the names you bestowed on me are taken in the spirit of give and take.
Peace to all men of goodwill.

CP Waterman said...

Its only a few days this young loose coalition has just got down to try to get into a united position the best they can and you people are so quick to come in with your big sticks of righteousness & "gas chamber".

Please lah give these heads of PKR,DAP & PAS some good time to allow things to sink in and digest and come out with the best workable programs that will benefit all the rakyat.

They must be extremely tired both physically & mentally by now after such a punishing journey to just get this far. When yiou are this tired you don't think at your best.Encourage them lah with kind words & give them gentle opinions if you think they have gone the wrong way.

To err is only human. But having the guts to apologise makes a bigger man.

Anonymous said...

ok, it was a knee jerk reaction from my side.
Frustration getting to me after hearing the sultans spokesman saying that the deputy must be a malay. is it not safe to assume that he speaks for the sultans behalf? would someone possibly dare to speak on his behalf without his consent first? why would the sultan approve to such a statement? where does this lead bangsa malaysia to? 50 years backwards?

name calling was childish of me, and like i said, a knee jerk effect from being labeled as someone who would sell his soul and principles for money.
no hard feelings. apologies from me are due. But im no trooper, i answer no one. and i will never be anyones tool. thanks for allowing to speak here

zorro said...

buddy anon ain't no tropper and I wanna buy you a drink if you are in KL. Of course, the old bloke in me got worked up unnecessarily. forgive me again...the drink is still on. see you. to a new Malaysia.

Husin Lempoyang said...

He needs the gas to wake and realised that he is no more purely opposition.

Act like you are governing and prividing leadership and not opposing your own self.

Or we, BN will be happy to take it back....