Friday, March 14, 2008


On May 11, 2007, I organized a tea-dialogue for blogger-buddies with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Datuk Anwar spoke passionately about his New Agenda which I suspected was to be his trust-platform if he was to stand in the next general Election. I am no political pundit and never aspired in that direction. Datuk Seri in between sips or tea took many questions from some 20 of us.

Me? I had only one question for Datuk Anwar. IS THERE GOING TO BE AN IMPLOSION IN UMNO? I received some knowing looks and some bewildered looks and one cynical sneer.
And what was Datuk Seri's answer? He asked after a pause: What makes you ask that? "Just gut feel Datuk, nothing more, nothing less." A smile that ensued was sufficient for me.

So will there be judging from Rocky's latest here.
followed by the "Letter Pak Lah Doesn't Want Us To Read."


J.D. Lovrenciear said...

WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM - If the 15 banners of UMNO posted on the blog are true, then it is very unsettling.
I appeal to UMNO members to keep their party issues within the framework of the party and address it at the right platform. This has always been the clarion call of BN too.
Placing such banners all over town and with such wordings that hint of racism and religion is akin to taking party matters to the streets.
As a concerned citizen, I appeal to the IGP and the UMNO party wigs to take the appropriate speedy measures consistent with actions taken by the police in the past and for the betterment of the nation.
HOWEVER, if these banners posted on the blog are UNTRUE, then the law must act on those responsible with urgency without fear or favor.

samsengsil said...

If those posters are true and representing the general sentiment of UMNO, and if Mukhriz's gamble pays off, we could really really pop the champagne and herald in a new era.

My take on this here :


Anonymous said...

Soon there will be impolosion in UMNO and that will serve Barisan Rakyat. All the reformist forces will join BR and then rotten elements go together. We may have BR Prime Minister soon. Mark my words.

KLConfidential said...

If this is true, I must credit my guest blogger Melayu Lama for making the prediction.

He mentioned about 5 months ago, that "if make BN loses big this elections, then we don't even have to eliminate Mr Dollah or his SIL. UMNO people will do it themselves."

Let's hope he's right, let's hope the other bad apples, grapes, laichees,longans and rambutans are kicked out too.