Sunday, March 9, 2008





Anonymous said...

let us work hard together to remind we have WON as MALAYSIANS and to walk along this difficult journey to DEMOCRACY as true MALAYSIANS!

Thanks uncle, love your work. Next time i will pick up my courage to come shake hands with you!

Love all Malaysians, especially the ones who tirelessly promoting HOPES and TRUTH towards a better MALAYSIA!

steven said...

Kudos to your selfless and untiring efforts in contributing to this outstanding achievements and hopefully will lead us to a new beginning. Equally important is hope that the more experienced and veterans will provide the proper grooming and guidance to our newbies in the discharging of their duties as a wakil rakyat. Like you said...THE HARD WORK BEGINS

thinking said...

Even though I don't comment very often in your blog, I am a frequent visitor to your blog and of the other tireless citizen-bloggers like Haris, Lulu, Nat Tan and Polytikus who walk the talk and talk the walk. People may not always agree with what you gentlemen and ladies have to say, but no one can fault you for putting your blood, sweat, tears and hearts on the line where it counts most. Thanks to you guys and gals and the countless Malaysians who came out to vote, I believe we've taken the first step towards a better government. Even though this is the year of the rat, there's still much to be done to smoke out the other pests and parasites still hiding in the government and to prevent the ones the rakyat has just kicked out from slipping back in. Thank you for all you have done and looking forward to the journey ahead.

GobloKing said...

THANK YOU ZORRO.. Courageous People like you, Rocky, RPK, Jeff, Ed Lee, has made a HUGE HUGE difference to Malaysians.

But don't stop yr work. It is just Help and Guide the new Democracy.

People - Let us once again walk proudly and with Love and Peace with ALL our brothers and sisters; regardless of race or religion.

For Today we are ONE.

I must say although Opposition did win, my own conspiracy theory is that BN did try to rig the elections (I BETCHA MY BOTTOM BOTTOM $) but there must have been some real vigilant supporters to observe

OFCOURSE there must be rigging; if not how does one account for >1000 Postal votes in the Wangsa Maju area who ALL voted BN? Think about THAT!

I believe if there was truly a fair elections; the Oppoisiton may well have won.

Which is also a BAD thing.

At least NOW there will be Balance of Power and Control of Abuse - to some extent...(don't get too joyouse people) because

sure as HELL..BN will now dig in their heels to grab on and hold on to their ILL GOTTEN GAINS!

From now on I will SMILE at ALL the people in KL, Selangor, Penang, Perak, Kelantan for allowing MALAYSIANS to shine!

Now if only Khairy, that Bungshit will also bite the bloody dust!!

Zorro bro - I don't drink (boring right?) but I would love to meet you and invite you to have a tipple with me? Back in 2 weeks time. Are we ON???

thegodfather said...

Dear Bernard sir, the tears are flowing freely as I write this. It's due to the inspiring efforts of people like you, RPK and Haris that we have been able to achieve this. Thank you so much. I now look forward to a brighter future for my family. Keep up the good work.

zorro said...

gobloking: me at I will alert like-minded bloggers.But the tipple will be on US. If you need transport just holler.

Malay Women in Malaysia said...

Yes, it is a victory for all poor and concerned Malaysians. Thank you to all Malaysians for making it possible!

Love u all!

Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

aiyomanaboleh said...

Thank you for your tireless efforts in making all this possible. I am very sure your grandkids are very proud of their yeh yeh.

They probably did shifted the goalposts but the opposition front lines were in excellent form cheered on by their very supportive fans.

With power comes great responsibilites and I hope the revitalised opposition will harness it for the good of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Great work there Zorro.

The easy part is over.

Take a break and get on with the tough part - delivering results for the next 5 years.

Viva bloggers

HIRO said...

While Malaysians are basking in the dawn of a new era in Malaysian politics, where there is a message of hope that finally, we could all come together as a nation without being divided by race, religion or political preference, there are already forces conspiring to turn this celebration into an opportunity for UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

The international investors are unwittingly drawn into the conspiracy by casting negative aspersions that Malaysians are immature and that supporters of UMNO will resort to violence. UMNO compliant media has also been attemtping to imply that PAS is back on track on Islamic State issue even as its hudud law will unlikely make it past a coalition legislative assembly in Kedah where PAS does not hold a majority by itself. There has also been implications that DAP will punish bumis by removing Bumiputra assistance.

Dear bloggers, we have work cut out for us to continue spreading the message and ensuring peace throughout Malaysia. The battle is with UMNO, though wounded, is still potent. And with real likelihood of internal turmoil when Badawi is forced out of office, UMNO will thrash about and drag anyone else within the vicinity. We must be mindful to expect more blogger arrests, clamping down in the internet as the last bastion of free speech in Malaysia, and acceleration of corruption because UMNO knows they can't make money forever at the expense of taxpayers' money.

UMNO media will likely try to make Malaysians feel guilty, telling us that we wanted to punish BN but not to this extent. But we must hold sway, and be steadfast in our resolve - we asked for change, and if change is not forthcoming we must boot out BN completely come the next elections. We may undergo transformative pain for the next 5 years, but it is a price that is worth paying if we are to save our country from those licensed pirates.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro!

YOU ROCK!!!!!!

From a true blue Malaysian Youth.