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  1. Abdul Rahman Says:

    The elections prove a very critical point. Return to basics.

    Quoting Henry Tan “Content is not necessarily king, distribution is king and engagement is the ultimate”. BN manage to maintained their simple majority simply because of mass reach of conventional media especially in rural areas. The Opposition could have probably won the elections had they not been denied the access to mass media. To counter that effect, the opposition ENGAGED the public via any means necessary effectively from online blogs to door to door visits and “ceramahs” fully utilizing powerful speakers like Anwar Ibrahim. Hence, this really proves how media planning has to evolve to communications channel planning - leveraging on touch points. Communications channel planning must be brought to the fore and not some after thought.

    Understand your consumers! BN had misread the “rakyat” and therefore paid dearly. A clear lesson is getting the right information. Research is no longer calling up acquaintances and asking them what they think. Proper research via the correct channels is required to provide an accurate picture of any political and market situation. All parties (either client, media, creative, PR, research, etc) involved then have to really sit together to piece out REAL consumer insights. The opposition got this right by opening up to the grouses of the “rakyat”. It was BN’s development campaign vs the opposition’s change campaign. Cheesy and corny patriotic TVCs and testimonials versus a really witty sarcastic humorous online clip. A clear David vs Goliath example. By understanding your consumers then the right communication via the right channels within the right context could be achieve.

    This would also mean that the mass media would have to seriously evolve too and see the people they are reaching as real consumers with real issues and needs. If not, consumers will move towards other media distribution points ie online. Hence, the shift of control over information distribution. These developments would be indeed interesting to observe especially how mainstream media will evolve in the content distribution business.

    With all that said, it would mean advertisers must start seeing agencies as business partners and not just a another service provider. Agencies would have to make a really big leap of faith to explore the unknown and provide results oriented solutions by investing into research, training and optimizing. The industry would have to evolve by putting the consumer to the fore. Sometimes its not what is being said but more of what isn’t said.

    As DAP puts is, “Change it” and not be be as the Malay saying goes “Katak di bawah tempurung” (Frog under the coconut shell). The elections have very important lessons which the BN government will not take for granted come the next election but to the industry as a whole.


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Unknown said...


sorry to digress. cant help it. another innocent 18 year old kid died after national service. its more like national mortuary.
and the shithead of national service lee doesnt even show his face for the funeral. he sent a representative, a former assemblyman of temiang to be there to try explaining that the death has nothing to do with national service.
when are these shitheads gonna stop playing with our children's life? my kid is now 12 years and i dont her to be there for a russain roulette program.
Zorro, do the innocent children a favour. blog this issue until they respond. and if we need a rally to stop all these deaths, i will volunteer my time. and to tell the shithead lee that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Anonymous said...

mark our words , the MSM will change its colors soon enough to stay alive ( like a chameleon )
for dun you think they dunno about the winds of change ?

zorro said...

Anak Malaysia: Thanks for your comment. My abrasive comment on LKS was made because the facts were quite straight-forward. And moreover I voted opposition. I dont take pot-shots if I do not get the true story. If you have all the facts how about sharing?

I wrote to the Editor of Malaysiakini?Now this is news! I have never written to the editor of Malaysiakini....maybe you read my blog that Malaysiakini whenever it is worthy, post under their Top Blogs category. Now you are not telling me that somdebody impersonated me? Can or not email me that Letter that you said I wrote. I might have to check the IP of the writer. and dont forget, if you have facts about Trengganu, share ok?

zorro said...

Yok Hoong....I have begun some enquiries on this and will work on this. Yes it is serious. How many deaths now?

backStreetGluttons said...

anak malaysia has a strong point there about restraint !
We agree 99% and always believe in the overall clear and present view as for eg how Anwar was vilified eons ago now becoming everybody's fav man to watch or as they say the rising superSTAR ( holy shit ! )

Unknown said...


really lost count but my guess is that there are more than 15 victims by now. Someone has the real figure?
zorro, we must stop this russian roulette program. they are hiding behind national integration to squeeze excessive rents and leave the innocent children at the mercy of fate. i repeat, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. There is one death too many already. And that chairman Lee must be held accountable for all the deaths.

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Conrad Black - "The Establishment Man"

"My experience of the working press," he says, "is that they are a very degenerate group. There is a terrible incidence of alcoholism and drug abuse. The mental stability of large elements of the press is more open to question than that of many other comparable groups in society. A number of them are ignorant, lazy, opiniated, intellectually dishonest, and inadequately supervised."

"The individual journalist, if he has any panache or talent, becomes something of a celebrity. Much of his social life is built up on the press-circuit: bars, hangers-on, media groupies, the stifling and depraved gossip of the degenerate little media community, and the fawning of unfulfilled women, boys, and hucksters.... Journalism tends to attract the sort of person who settles whimsically on it as a calling or comes to it after disappointments elsewhere, because of the relative ease of entry into the field. These people, discouraged and purposeless are easily influenced by their angrier colleagues. It is by inadvertence, inexperience, the investigative nature of the press, the antithetical role of the employee, and the negligence of the employer, and not by any organized subversion, that the press veered away from being a mirror to society, and became a perverse sort of irregular and often disloyal opposition."

zorro said...

Brother, I do not agree with everything that Conrad Black has penned, especially his opening paragraph. I still keep the company of Journalists who are best-in-class and yet have no compunction in sharing a couple of "setengahs" with me. Journalist do not keep regular hours per se and as such they do gravitate around hot-spot watering holes. You cannot imagine the number of scoops that originated from Colleseum Bar, Kum Leng restaurant, Old Town Sun Wah Bar and Jalan Gasing's Rennie's
Pub and later the National Press club. These were the places that I, an ordinary school teacher, got into "bad company" like Musa Scully, the late David Tambayah,Norman Siebel, Ben "16 tons" Cuenha, Maurice Khoo, the late Felix Abishegnathan, and a few others that distance and absence do not allow me to name. They all drank and the spirits flowed as blood through their the pens on paper or from their fingettips as they pounded their Royals and Remingtons. just inspired me....I will put up a posting on this. I DO NOT WISH FOR THE DEMISE OF THE MSM...I WANT THEM TO BE CURED OF THIS CANCER THAT IS EATING AT THEM.

zorro said...

Today, as requested thru email, I deleted comments by a reader. I tried to persuade him that no adverse comments resulted. He insisted that his comments be deleted. I have to accede to his wishes.