Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I read AISEHMAN everyday and today is no exception. He is one of my favorite bloggers....professional, saying it like it is, pulling no punches, and if he knocks you, you had it coming big time, and about time.


His posting today is appropriate in such times and I want to share it with all Anak Bangsa Malaysia:

The Election Commission has just announced that indelible ink will not be used on polling day.

To call it off, to change the rules at this late hour … it should be clear to everyone what’s going on here.

So allow me go on my hands and knees, and beg you, whoever is reading this, to think long and hard before you decide who to vote for on Saturday.

For I live in this country. You live in this country. We all live here.

This is our home, tanah tumpah darah kita. It is sacred ground.

But more than that, it is our children’s home. And that of our children’s children.

We live for them. And as God is my witness, we would do everything in our power to make them happy, to keep them safe, and to ensure that they have a future.

And their future is what’s at stake.

For them to have a future worth living for, the Malaysia in which our children and their children will shed blood, sweat and tears, must be a better place, far better than the one we live in today.

For our country to become the place that we so desire for our children, it must change.

It is clear, as clear as the sky on a cloudless day, that the change we seek must come from ourselves. We have the power to make that change.

Enough of listening to voices that speak but do nothing. Enough of pleas that fall on deaf ears. Enough of pointing out transgressions to eyes that refuse to see.

Enough, for the line must be drawn here and now.

I beg you, for the future of my children is also in your hands, not just mine.

I say now — what is mine, is yours. And what is yours is mine. Our fate, our destiny, and that of our children’s, are our responsibility.

Together, we will change this country of ours.

God help us, we must.



Muffin said...

Dearest Zorro...

i was passed these IC numbers by a friend who told me to check and see their details on the Election Roll...
How can these people be voters?
I checked these IC numbers via the link on ur page...

IC Numbers :

All are "voting" in Rantau & Rembau, Negeri Sembilan...

What's going on, all of them are underage?
Is this the major Clean Up of the list that the EC has been talking about?

Product of the System said...

Typical BN spin doctoring and slandering.

Anwar was not perfect or without faults.

He's paid the price. Time to move on.

Vote Anwar, Vote Kit Siang, Vote Nik Aziz.

Never vote BN.

zorro said...

muffin: I have passed your info to Chegubard to cascade it down to rantau etc. Thanks....we really appreciate this contribution.

caravanserai said...

The lies spin
The rain can’t wash it away
The debris lies on the streets
Telling the onlookers
‘Help me to gain my dignity’

The tired faces
The long rallies
The BN spins
The lies spoken unconvinced

Looking for a way out
EC spins his tales of national security
The stooges nodded their heads
Giving hands soiled in their heads
They think they can fool the people
Nay changes will come
Like it or not it has to arrive

GE 12 will be dirtiest fought
Every voter must exercise it
BN knows it is losing ground
The toyols will be used
Fishing for votes

Don’t let it happen
Cast your choice
Let history be told
The people have made their stand known