Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I got this story thru FUDZAIL (Dubai Verson) BLOG that I think I should share with my visitors.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Selangor State Officers Destroy Documents…Sulit!


Selangor State Officers Destroy Documents…Sulit!
Posted on March 11th, 2008 by KhoKing. Categories: Malaysia.
Just read the news in Sin Chew Jit Poh today…

Selangor State’s Officers were in the process of destroying some confidential (Sulit) documents when cleaning and tidying up preparing to leave the administration office and hand over the control to the new Opposites (Barisan Rakyat) new state government.
PKR and DAP members rush to the scene to stop the destroying process…but some have already been shredded.

Selangor treasury official later explained, the destroyed documents are “copies”, must be settled and the “Original” are still kept safe.



zaharibb said...

Selangor treasury official later explained, the destroyed documents are “copies”, must be settled and the “Original” are still kept safe.

So SULIT documents have copies? Then how come it is sulit if copies can be made? If copies must be shredded, why only now? Something fishy here.

Anonymous said...

belief or not they keep the "Original"? they r not tat dumb left out all those thing for them to investigate....

Unknown said...

In CSI they managed to reassemble shredded documents. Maybe those who like to do puzzles can help to put together shredded papers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro, logically when you walk out from a toilet, you flushed to get rid of your shit, otherwise the next user might suffer suffocation. Nothing different what! A place where politicians stay always resemble toilets, be it BN or BA... they are stinks!

toyolbuster said...

Found any Chua Soy Lek Video cd or not? How about any "confessions of Maya" CD?

Anonymous said...

The Land Office was closed yesterday (and possibly today).

Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Why speculate.. whole nation knows why.. corruption and stealing of rakyat's money under their own noses, with government, Sultan's and Agong's blessing..

In 1957, we had the potential (and still have) to be Asia's No.1 in economy and wealth.. if we were diligent, we would be better than Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore today (after 50yrs) by 2 or 3x. All of these richness were reaped by BN.. now we are actually equivalent to Philipines and Indonesia (all those TV adverts showing growth could have been achieved by us in 70's already)

Very sadly, if done with good governance, it may take another 50yrs of hard work before we take take on Singapore, but US and Japan, maybe another 200yrs.. today's living generation will never ever know how it feels to be a first world country.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I heard Khir Toyol left the country and arwah Zakaria's son is caught by the police on the way to the airport. Investigation is on the way or something about those sulit document originals.

SO i heard la, i dont know what my dad yak yak with some guy on the phone just now. kalau u can confirm, bagus gak.


Anonymous said...

Raid Toyo's house. He's got tons of stuff there.

Anonymous said...

this was expected. nevermind. start new and fresh.

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

REMEMBER the 7th day of the 7th moon of the chinese calender. When it comes, the goose pimples rise, the corrupted smell the stink. All hell breaks loose. They are to be nailed one way or another.

20 Cent said...

Now I know he isn't all that smart. After all, it took him 7 years to complete a 5 year dental degree. But surely he can act to defraud us in a less transparent manner.

Now where is that broom of his that he likes to give out? The least he could do is clean up after himself.

Then again, perhaps we could use that broom of his for a little 'persuasion' so he'll tell us what he knows.

He'd better watch out for splinters up the bum.

Anonymous said...

When the electorate are stupid enough to keep one party in power for 50 yrs, this is the result. The crooks from the same gang have been robbing the rakyat and the partners in crime cover up for each other. Developed state? I hope Khalid will extract the dentist from Java.

Dave Avran said...


i'm not in the least surprised at the evidfence shredding. thank you for highlighting the shenanigans. the rakyat, be they malay, chinese, indian or lain lain have spoken collectively. we don't want clowns who propogate race based politics.

congratulations to bloggers wee choo keong, jeff ooi and liz wong. my heart goes out to chegubard who fought a damn good fight with limited resources. the fact that he lost by a slim margin despite chicken shit's (ref kl confidential) dirty tactics speaks volumes for him.

the mainstream media is still in denial and stll spinning from force of habit. read chun wai's analysis in today's star to see a perfect example of lallang spin. the strongly pro BN dato is suddenly critical of the govt. like duuuh! the tail wagging the dog, bernard.

make no mistake that net savvy urban voters got their info from alternative blogs malaysiakini, malaysia today, and dedicated and brave bloggers like raja petra, harris, rocky, marina m, jeff, tony yew, shanghai stephen, bernard khoo and blackinkorea just to name a very select few. you know who you are. pat yourselves on the back, boys and girls. thanks for pointing the way to kl confidential's blog, Bernard. you're right - she is something else!

even tun dr mahathir acknowledged the role bloggers played in the tsunami that blasted the ge12.

"where the mainstrean media put on a show, the bloggers worked"

...and before tony yew gets all over my ass for plagiarism, that was a parody of the mca's election poster propaganda.


Anonymous said...

As they destroy the files & other incriminating evidence, these criminals may also try to move their (our) billions out of the country.
Our newly elected Reps must advise Bank Negara to be EXTRA vigilant and be accountable.

Anonymous said...

MSM papers going on all out to discredit BR coalition in their efforts. Expect more and more negative reporting to come. Please activate the 'Boycott MSM and don't buy the papers' campaign!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit!!!! So much Shit!!!! Shit !!!!

Anonymous said...

Rats will be rats and thieves will be thieves, what can we cay?

Their actions only confirms what we have suspected all this while. :-)

Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

Anonymous said...

"three things cannot be long hidden:the Sun,the Moon,and the Truth.