Thursday, March 27, 2008


This came into my inbox. I called the author Stanley and got his permission to put this up in this blog.It complements People's Parliament's HARTAL MSM efforts.

Tak Nak star: Peace to all Malaysians,

In our recent meeting with the Regional editor and staff of STAR PUBLICATION Penang, I discovered that, it`s really a waste of our money and time supporting this kind of publication and making them rich day by day. They Do not have a stand and are playing games in the tune of the people. They are not committed to journalism and does not have the quality of being a press company. They admitted that they are PRO GOVERNMENT.

They have also denied in not giving a fair and equal coverage to all parties in the General Election. The Regional editor Anna cheah said that, We have given our best and had given a fair and equal coverage to all contesting parties. It was clear that she was defending her company.They are not even willing to admit their mistake. How can we expect an apology from this guys.

They continued saying that, any sensitive report or political report which is unsafe to be publish, will be first send to kl to the big bosses for editing and for advice on whether or not to publish the report.. Now, who are the big bosses !!!!!!! MCA Guys..... And we have seen by our own eyes, the results of the report about the opposition during the GE 08.. Full of BULLSHIT and negative views of the opposition. And yet, they still have the pride to say, We are not wrong. It is a big shame and humiliation for the journalism career !

They even said that, their license are given on a yearly basis. And that there are many rules to be followed. So, does that mean that they will be in favor for the government even if right or wrong. And if they publish a true negative report on BN and a true positive report on the opposition will their license be in trouble. Let me tell you guys, this company is not afraid of their license being revoked, they can get it back like in the past. I think it is the boss whom belongs to MCA whom chooses to be a tool of barisan nasional and reject press freedom, trying to fool the readers in to what he wants the people to read. He is trying to give a good impression to BN that he`s doing his part for the government and standing up for them, hoping to get a minister post in the cabinet in years time i think !

Do we want to be the reason of this companies success. Do we want this kind of people to succeed in their plans.

We have change our government, Let us change our paper too!!!!! Stop making them rich.

create SMS and sent out to all your contacts to boycott the star !!!

No point complaining. Let us put it in to action!

It worked during our General Elections !!!

And it even worked on all the Nasi Kandar shops in Penang !! they are badly hit.

Now we wanna use it on THE STAR... SMS/ EMAIL/ FLYERS..

Be creative and design your own words!!! and send it out to everyone !!!!!

We also demand for advertisers to stop advertising in The Star as that is their main profit.

We also demand the international press association to withdraw all awards given to The Star.

We will keep track on companies advertising in The Star and include them in our boycott list if they continue to advertise in The Star.

Forwards this mail to all your contact. Let us stand united as BANGSA MALAYSIA rejecting companies who denies us our rights to hear and read the truth.


Let`s show them the People`s Power.. MAKKAL SAKTHI ! We can do it.

Thousands have stop buying, Why not you ?

Regards and Love

K.Sudhagaran Stanley


Islanders Tamil Youth Network

More reading at People's Parliament.


Anonymous said...

Yes RAKYAT pleazzzzzze boycott...I even reject free "Bintang" delivered to my house!! But I still see alot of people reading this crap of a paper in the Mamak shops in the mornings

Old Fart said...


There is only one way MSM can be curtailed very quickly. BR..the political parties that is, should tell them, "as sure as the sun rises each morning, BR will rule not long from now"

"The first thing BR will do is to call upon MSM, each one, one by one, and all of them collectively, to account for their conduct and behaviour from the day the warning is issued."

"If MSM cannot show that they fulfilled the charter of what is expected of purveyors of news and opinions in the public domain, that they, by their actions, would have forfeited their license to continue to be in business."

BR should be prepared to seize the licenses and reissue them at RM1 to parties more deserving than these MSM.

The new licensees can of course offer to buy over the assets of MSM at Fire sale prices.

I am certain shareholders of these MSM will take immediate notice. If they do not, then investors should know what to do. Just sell and run now. Because these companies do not surely have a future.

MikeM said...

i long time never read The Star d. I do not think it is fair to label them as PRO GOVT, what if the govt is Barisan Rakyat? will it still be PRO GOVT? I would say PRO RINGGIT MALAYSIA!!!

Anonymous said...

Stopped buying star a long time ago. Everyone should stop buying too.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Stanley guy?
I think he is a fraudster...

Look at his credential and profile at

Only 23, year-old and study in University of Bosnia..On Nov 2, 2007 the Star also featured him as a flower seller in Penang...So how is this guy?

In his profile, he also said wrote that one of his hobbies is to get into trouble...

zorro said...


Anonymous said...

I have been following the Malaysian news through the Star online since I am residing in overseas.

They were a bunch of bullcrap in them and the only face I see in the Star was Bodohwi all the way and no one else. I ahve been keeping myself updated through the blogs! If I can do it while I am away from home (Malaysia), so can you, just need to open your eyes and ears, and think with your brain when it comes to who's the real LEADER for our country.

Anonymous said...

its so convenient to fault the laws as a reason for their lop-sided coverage. gee, who is the controlling shareholder of STAR. its MCA, dudes. Do you expect them to allow good things to be written about their to be nemesis? be real. only way to get rod of these pests is to STOP BUYING. NO BUY NO LIES!

Anonymous said...

The way to counter bias reporting is not to boycott the media but to have more alternatives. People will always have their bias, if not politics, it will be some projects. If the Star or NST will not publish your views, what we need then is another paper that will, provided we are not saying something that is slanderous or libellious.


zorro said...

anon1:18am....another alternative paper is simplistic....will they give you the KDN....the permit to publish!

Anonymous said...

I've always been rather fond of reading printed news. But being overseas now, I don't have a choice over where I get my news from, other than blogs and online news sites.
Have always been purchasing the Star when I was back in Malaysia, probably the reason behind why I've always been "more than kind" in my criticism towards BN.
To have an alternative newspaper, as anon1:18am suggested, would be good, but not easy.
TO boycott the Star completely may be one way of getting our message across, if they don't start printing NEWS, like they should be, then they're going to be losing out big time.
They lose readers if they continue what they've been doing, they lose (probably) government support if they write objectively.
Either way, they lose. But, is losing government support so much worse than losing their readers, their pride, their dignity, respect (and of course, $$)?

lucia said...

anon 7.37, zorro and all

stanley is certainly NOT a fraudster. he is a personal friend of mine, who drops in my office now and then. oh and some of the bangsa malaysia penang members had met him too.

as to his profile on friendster:
on the university of bosnia, i'm sure he is just putting it in for fun, same like when he list his hobbies as getting into trouble - all for fun. you know youth at this age like to put nonsense in as fun. why i did it myself too when i was a youth. hobbies: eat, sleep, play, getting into trouble - that was what i put. and for education i put 'too highly educated' but of course that was further from the truth but as youth we did it all for fun.

as to the report in the star paper of 2 nov 2007 which you read that he sold flowers - simple explanation lah. as he signed off with 'islanders tamil youth network' - which is under the catholic church, they (the islander tamil youth) had a fund-raising during the all souls day week (which fall on 2 nov every year), which was selling flowers to those who came to the cemetery, as we catholics use flowers a lot on our loved ones tomb. see? he was on a fund-raising project of selling flowers during that one week of 2 nov (before 2 nov and on 2 nov). the star reporter was there so he got interviewed.

Anonymous said...

Why only single out The Star? What about nst, utusan, bh, etc?

I am sorry to be such a wet blanket here. But I find i still need the physical, hold-in-your-hands morning newspaper. This may not be very complimentary to the star, but 50pc of the reason i buy that paper is for the ads. For instance, I'm now looking for a hse to buy. Yeah, yeah i know u can surf online, and estate agencies wd gladly e-mail you. But i find it hard to concentrate online. Nothing like seeing the thing in print with yr hi-lites and all. Easier on the eyes too.
Then there's death ads and the like.
HAving a newspaper in hand makes me read everything - sports, finance, biz, human interest.
Go online I click only on what i want to read, pander to my bias/prejudices/pet peeves.
For instance, post-election week I hardly read the papers. I read blogs and news portals only. And I find i knew nothing about world affairs. Northern Rock? What's that?
So in a way the information is lopsided.
So you see this is why I still need the papers. And my problem is further compounded by the fact that I don't watch telly at all.
Old Reader

zorro said...

Anon 7:18pm. I am not for STAR to close shop. This time-framed boycott by HartalMSM is to put across a simple message: let us read the truth,publish the truth or be damned. I buy it on particular days when certain columnists put up their pieces and when the EPL pull-out appears. the boycott is aimed at all MSM, and not only the Star.HartalMSM recently sent out notices to the main advertisers of these papers. We hope they can apply similar pressure. I say it again: NO BUY, NO LIES. Just deliver the truth and not what MCA or UMNO wants published. Is that asking too much?

Anonymous said...

MSM, including The Star, can exist side by side with Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and many well-informed Socio-Political Blogs operated by Knowledgeable and Credible Person/Persons.Readers, should be able to discerned what to read and what to ignore!Persanally, I do read the Star for Sports News and International News and Articles from Intec and fit4life.But, for National News, I read Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and numerous Credible blogs.I do not tuned to RTM and TV3, Tv7 etc. We do have a lot of choices from Astro.I say, let the general public decide for themselves what they should read so as to be well informed!

Malaccan view said...

Zorro bro,
Apart from The Star,i think TV3 and Utusan Malaysia are the other most vulgar of all MSM.MOB should start campaign to say TakNak to TV3and Utusan Malaysia as well.Fyi,i have started in my
We should teach them some ethics of reporting Fair and Equal.Over to MOB.

Anonymous said...

Have been a long-time reader of the Star and will continue reading it because it is still the best among all the bodek government newspapers in the country. I am all for an alternative English newspaper though.