Monday, March 17, 2008


For a fact, Pak Lah is have a gruelling time putting together his trimmed-down cabinet. but I am sure he heaved a sigh of relieve when his former stuttering Minster of Information failed miserably in Sungai Petani against PKR's Jonari Abdul. Now not only the people of Merbok rejected him, the rakyat in SP spat at him. He never believed in anything but his own pomposity. The MSM, cowed as they have been since he became their Minister unleased two weeks of vitriolic against the Barisan Rakyat coalition through advertorials and hired guns like Chandra Muzaffar of Just(?) World, who clearly prostituted himself and all that he stood for. According to credible pundits, this onslaught against the opposition and bloggers significantly contributed to the undoing and inevitable downfall of Barisan Nasional. NO?


backStreetGluttons said...

correct correct correct !
now can we continue with the real Mongolian , Port Klang & Lingam stories et al

for team AAB is officially in a coma and waiting for the funeral arrangements and burial date

Master Baiter said...

Hmmm... "this onslaught against the opposition and bloggers significantly contributed to the undoing and inevitable downfall of Barisan Nasional."

Was Chandra Muzaffar, in a perverse way getting back at the pimps who had bribed him into prostituting himself?

Anonymous said...

picture this:

KJ the new Information Minister

-.-' ...

lanaibeach said...

Bloggers are stupid!
Now who got the sack?

Imagine the world
At our fingertips
With a click of a mouse
The world smiling to us

BN says otherwise
Bloggers have nothing to do
Kay por blasting trails in the cyber-world
They don’t know about managing affairs
We are just goblok
Now who got the sack?

BN has to change
It has to evolve into a multi-racial party
No more UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP
And the rest of the small parties
If BN wants to stay relevant
In pursuit of governing the country

The way the leaders do
I am afraid they don’t learn
Come GE13 BN will be gone
A favorite digit a hell to pay!

Anonymous said...


we will do the same to KJ as to ZAM come the next election if that SIL ever becomes the Information (or rather Disinformation) Minister

Anonymous said...

Zahidi wuz on Awani with that Suhaimi fella plus another HP6 Pensyarah from that No200+ Univ Malaya...these jokers still dont get it (or should it be "just dont get it"?). Still spewing out much crap! Better switch to MTV now!

20 Cent said...

Hah! Chandra Muzaffar. That man literally speaks out of our 'beloved' premier's mouth because his tongue is so far up the premier's... er... well, that's their personal busness.

I have a nagging suspicion that this fellow, that Currymurah fellow, WongChunwhasisface and Vcky DoubleChin get together at nights to make a 'locomotive' circle.

Anonymous said...

As a reminder again, as long as the monkey is still around UMNO will crack even further. Then again who cares if UMNO gulung tikar. Might as well let this monkey stay back and let them crack until next GE and BR will be our new government. YAHOO!

Anonymous said...

Talking about the info guy, Britney Spears he ain't... We in SP had new and better faces to look at. We happily broke the dacing.

zorro said...

lc teh: You SPians sure did good.