Saturday, March 8, 2008


for BN ministers a message is inscribed and readable only in expanded mode:


MAHAGURU58 said...

Hahahahahahaha! El Zorro!

How embarrassing but true!


Susan Loone reports that Penang is seeing the Opposition forming the next State Government!!!


Koh Tsu Kkoon has got his ass whupped by more than 3000 votes to Prof Ramasamy!

Goodbye Tsu Koon!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I commented in your blog when you wrote about Penang lang.Just wanted to let u know , i went home , ate all that I wanted except for nasi kandar Line Clear cause didnt want to go to that place alone with my daughter at night.

anyways opposition WON in PENANG and I am glad my trip was worthwhile.

Selamat Tuhan kurniakan
Negeriku yang mulia
Kutaat dan setia
Amam dan bahagia
Majulah jayalah
Negeriku yang ku cinta
Bersatu dan bersama
Untuk negeri kita

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, we rule

pak lalalala better offer his shoulder to cry on for many that got their a## kicked, hahahaaha

GOd Bless this COUNTry !

Penang Lang

Mat Salo said...


As bloggers, I think although the struggle is never far from over, I think we can safely say we did our part...

Now I can hold my head high and proud to call my self a Malaysian. Most importantly, two of the candidates I backed and I sent hard-earned money to - won! Jeff and Eli Wong! Yeeha!

Even convinced the whole of my family back home to do what's right (N.37 - Bulit Lanjan & Subang)!


Anonymous said...

hahaahhahaahahhah good one, and to show how smart they are they to make this their daily attire

jasgill said...

Dear sir this must be the happiest day for you and many of us. A upset beyond our wildest dreams, thanks in no small measure to bloggers and citizens like your goodself. Let us pray that the opposition delivers the mandate given to them as well as the battered BN govt learns a lesson to treat it's citizens with respect. You deserve a word or rather a bouquet of thanks.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the people of Malaysia,
who have spoken through the ballot boxes, as once challenged to by the former de facto Law Minister, Nazri Aziz!!. And the very angkuh and proud UMNO and their running dogs now have the tails dangling between their legs!Don't humiliate and trample the people when you were in power, UMNO putra!

Anonymous said...


Please be noted that your boss is the RAKYAT.


Hidup Barisan Rakyat!!!

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Khoo,

This is your victory. What you have done since you started the blog inspired many. Your direct and indirect commentaries awaken the 'Shakti' in the Makkal. I thank you sincerely for making a difference. I may be away from home (central rockies-usa) and unable to experience the excitement of this 'political tsunami' but with your site I am always made to feel at home. My everyday cup of tea and routine is to check 6 sites: Malaysiatoday, MalaysiaKini, Zorro-unmask, Mob1900, Rockybru and Jeffooi. I salute you for your persistence. Perhaps someday you will allow me to meet you in person to shake your hands and thank you personally. Until we can reach a world where gratitude can be adequately expressed, Thank you will have to do for now.


zorro said...

THIS VICTORY is the PEOPLE'S. People like you who encourage us bloggers to persevere in our quest without fear or favor.
Without your support we will have no BITE. You encouraged us when BN unleased their big dogs on us and began calling us liars, unemployed, monkeys, gobloks. when these top dogs could not bite, they sent in their cyber troppers to spam our blogs and to impersonate some of us. We could smell these rats everytime they came in to comment. where Azlina recruited these is already a mystery...these ct could not string one sentence well and they dare visit our blogs. Of course they have been disbanded but a few still float around. But they are insinificant. Ant bites are more significant.
Do continue to INSPIRE & ENCOURAGE AND MOST OF ALL WALK WITH US. The people's work is just beginning.It is good that I hear there will be no big celebration. THERE IS NO NEED FOR CELEBRATION.

CruelAngel said...


100% accurate