Wednesday, March 5, 2008


YES, YES, YES! The BN is in panic mode. The bimbos did not impress the rakyat, so they are calling out the big pop-guns to meet us at upmarket joints around Bangsar. Hello....Bangsar is no more the mecca of happenings......its is Sri Hatamas macha.

Anyway if you have nothing better to do you could go meet them, take photos (but make sure you are not standing beside cardboard cut-outs) and send to your great-grandparents....they would be doubly thrilled:

Datuk Nawawi (no mention of Tiara who probably have better things to do then touch flesh with us the less endowed) will sign autographs and give out cigars(? unless Hantu is up to no good) at Old Devi's Corner today 5th March at 5.30pm. this is a halal joint so MALTa might be available for those who prefer colored quenchers to mundane teh-tarik.

Yasmin Ahmad and Tony Fernendez are willing to meet the less distinguished amongst us. No mention is made what they are offering. Meet them at Bangsar Village 2 at 4pm 6 March. Being so popular they could be anywhere in the go smell them out. tsk tsk tsk Yasmin.....I need to have a word with you after 8 March.

On that same day 6 March, the Deputy Prime Minister (no mention of the wife, but you bet she HAS to be around) will sign autographs and probably give out some parcels (of land?) Remember the next corridor project on the Main Range?) Yasmin and Joe will have to vacate Bangsa Village 2 when the 2nd couple comes in at 9.15pm.

(at press time schedule firmed....but pressing business could see schedule-change)

Pak Lah? No show anywhere. Sleep time mah....working too hard.....PENANG is giving him nightmares during siesta.



Anonymous said...

dear zorro,

i received a facebook invite for the bangsar village event. i declined the invitation and posted a message on the event page wall. the messaage more or less mentioned that i have no intention on attending any event motivated by bn propaganda spewing machine. the person who created the event page deleted my remark.

the creator also runs a group that claims to unite the colours of malaysia at facebook. i am so out of that group now :(

i am disappointed that the event is being promoted as a celebrity/corporate figure meet and greet thingy. so obvious aint it that they dont have the balls to come out and promote it for what it really is.

i am so disappointed with yasmin ahmad also :(

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I have decided long time ago to vote for the opposition even if I'm given ten million, but there is ONE thing that I'm wondering at, looking at BN leaflets (newspapers), it seems they have decided to launch an scathing attack on Anwar. There seems to be a well choreoghraphed campaign to hit him hard. 75% of the contents are meant to attack Anwar. I though an irrelevant person should be forggen. How do you see that?

Anonymous said...

bloggers dont have followers. they talk to themselves for amusement. 80% of the bloggers are unemployed females. couldnt remember all the names calling?
hmm..latest RPK and Haris denied permission to speak in ceramahs in Penang. Reason? They are a threat to the nation! Can you believe that! Anak Bangsa Malaysia a threat to the nation? No, it should be a THREAT TO BN because the people is fed-up with racism under BN and is responding to their calls for BANGSA MALAYSIA.

zorro said...

Habib. This is to be expected especially when you have the Indian-mulah god helming UMNO's daily newsletter. Nowadays miracles happen every day....selling your soul is no more a platitude it used to be. Now it comes with a lot of hard wang. these two characters have lost all sherds of human dignity and self-esteem. who was it who said that he would rather have an enemy stab him in the front than to have a friend come from behind. It is an age-old practice amongst ingrates pawing for recognition. I am a dog-lover....notice how they either give you their paws or lick you to get recognition...or is attention these two are pawing/licking for. suddenly these two, left on the wayside, have turned prophetic: "anwar will destroy the country", we will eliminate you instead for being turn-coats.
Watch out for declarations from Zainur Zakaria and Ezam md Nor. NST might have them on the list for the next two days. But I doubt they will do the Benedict Arnold on Anwar. These two are more honorable. I would hope so....but you know....

zorro said...

Yep....bloggers dont have followers but Jeff can still get more than RM100K from blog-readers.

Yes, I spoke to Haris last night before they made their way back to KL.Like I said in my post....the BN is running scared and they will pull out all the demonic tricks they have in their arsenal. But we ain't scare are we. We will take the fight to them....but we will fight CLEAN for Barisan Rakyat.

zorro said...

facebook buddy:
I too got the invite...what did they say about a drowning man....clutching at a straw or something like that. go watch how some will paw and lick (like what animals?) to get near these media-annointed celebs.

muststopthis said...

Yasmin Ahmad, for all those patriotic messages that she help create, this is probably the most patriotic!Why? If she does not support, will Petronas even consider her for thier next media ad campaign????

Send these rotten scoundrels to thier oblivion vote BN OUT!

Haris and RPK may have been unfairly denied their right to speak to those who wanted to hear them.But they sure spoke in Prai!
People of Malaysia, wake up before its too late!

zorro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yasmin said...

facebook buddy, don't be silly! i would not be a part of it, if it meant i was to champion some political party. it's a book launch on world woman's day, and you won't find me urging anyone to vote for anyone. i myself won't be voting at all!

come, don't come. it doesn't matter. the aunty of a friend is launching her book about women finding their voice, and i think sharizat is coming too.

that's all.

yasmin said...

and my dear mr tony kew, the very idea that petronas hires me for their corporate festive campaign because i "support barisan" is not just preposterous, but downright libellous.

but don't worry, i'm not about to sue anyone.

truth beknown, i don't support any particular party, and often find myself in the bad books of some ministers. and you know what? i don't care!

i've been warned by special branch twice now, but that's not going to stop me. only god can.

now, i'm perfectly willing to hear any argument, for or against the government, but i urge you to please make your arguments informed. how can i take you seriously if your accusations of my own work are outright lies based on empty speculation?


zorro said...

I made a comment about Yasmin which on second thought I felt was inappropriate. I have deleted it and apologise to Yasmin if she read it or will be reported to her.

muststopthis said...


I was about to think what in the hell did they do to the 'original' Yasmin!

There is a chinese saying, 'Food, you may simply eat, if its bad for you, your stomach will simply reject it. Words once said cannot be retracted (in this case printed!)'

I am glad that you are there to launch a book (women's affairs are close to my heart, after what happened to my wife), my sincere apologies for even daring to think that you would have sold your soul!

p.s. unashamedly tears still flow whenever I view your work......

yasmin said...

thanks, zorro.

and tony, when they told me that sharizat was coming, i called them to make sure that it was not a political thing. they assured me that it wasn't. i hope they were telling the truth.

more importantly, after the book launch, at 5pm tony fernandes and i will be making speeches to youths. mine will be about the importance of serving humanity in everything that we do. because if we do good by humanity, we'd be doing good by god.

in most of my work - be it films or tv commercials - i try to encourage young people to be decent human beings, regardless of their skin colour or social status. i can't change the minds of the adults, and besides, the young will rule this country long after the stubborn old fogies are dead and gone.

wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

dear zorro,

here's a message taken from the An evening with Yasmin Ahmad and Tony Fernandes - A United Colours of Malaysia Special Invite! event page at Facebook. I better copy and paste the message here before the event page creator deletes it. Message was posted by a person who attended the event.

U-Chen Oh wrote
at 7:16pm
As a huge fan of Yasmin Ahmad and an enthusiast of Tony Fernandez, I dropped by out of curioisty. Had no idea the session was a BN initiative but enjoyed the speeches anyway ;)

Why would BN initiate an event like this during election time lah --- of course to campaign for vote --- what else could it be for ---- community service (hahahaha)???