Friday, March 21, 2008



  1. Keith Theseira Says:

    From a pure consumers point of view, its simple really. Stay relevant or die.

    Poor, biased and inaccurate content make most of our local dailies irrelevant. We need the news to make important life and business decisions. We need it to keep us up-to-date with local and world affairs so that we can remain an informed and well educated society.

    If the dailies can not provide us with this then we should find alternatives.

    Being exposed to advertising has always been seen as a the price we pay for the news or entertainment. Advertising also serves to keep consumers informed about goods and services available to them. In many ways, the advertisement itself is content for dailies. We may see ourselves picking up the papers to check out the banking ads as we are making a decision to take-on a home loan. However, there are many ways that advertisers can communicate with its consumers.

    As readership for the dailies fall, surely the use of other mediums of communication will rise. Mediums such as Direct Mailers, various online mediums and sms alerts will fill in the gap.

    Ad agencies won’t loose out. We just have to look for more effective and efficient media vehicles. Even agencies that generate its main income from media commissionables may soon find new models for profits.

From "Beneath the Red Hood" Blog:

By Warren Tan | March 18, 2008

Found this really great article on ADOI’s blog. A must-read for those who spend thousands and millions on ads: You’re wasting your money on media that is becoming more and more irrelevant day by day.

I’ve been saying this to our clients for the longest time: Spend your money where your audience is. And if the recent elections are anything to go by, hardly anybody believes what they see or hear in our traditional media anymore.

Spending 95% of your budget on TV and newspaper ads that give you no measurable results?

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Anonymous said...

Who wants to buy Malaysian mainstream newspapers nowadays?

Everyday it is all about Yabadabadoo news! Singing praises and poems for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Najib, their cahoots and cronies.


Malay Women in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice that your overblown( and some intentionally short sighted cahoots ) crusade against the MSM is as flawed AS ARE THE MSM's unabashed allegiance to its political bosses viz umno/mca in its editorial or political news/views. For din you know that many read the papers for non-political news like who was raped who was robbed and what sex scandals there are in the States ?

to say that the MSM is irrelevant is tantamount to another intentionally distorted spin and shud be strongly discoraged bearing in mind your honorable namesake

truthful observer

Anonymous said...

truthful observer..why did you even bother.

This fat chinamen hates the REAL media. Goes around and claims he doesn't believe mainstream media...maybe NSTP rejected his application as a reporter last time la..that's why he so bitter now.

We can talk 'cock' here (since the blogs champion for vulgarism so i guess 'cock' is rather humble eh oldman)..but the fatty with the fake pipe is having the last laugh.

Pathetic joes and janes like us still bother coming to his site to read the crap he serves..just like his another long haired fatty fren and the whole circus. (i guess name calling is OK in blogs right)


zorro said...

wong tak chun wai: don't lump others as pathetic joes and definitely is hide behind a name that is not yours. You even attack a pipe....a RM300 fake?You know my name, but you still hide in that rat hole. Come out, name yourself and if you are up to it I will book the Chinese assembly Hall and debate you. How about that? No I will pay for the use of the hall? I give you 48 hours to take up this challenge. I will prove to you that I was a teacher for 19 years after which I gave 24 hours notice to go into corporate life. You have to prove to me that I applied to be a report with NST. OK....brave no-name-man....the clock is is 12:48pm the end of the 48 hours if you do not take up this challenge, I will feature you tugging your tail between your legs....Its 12:49pm and I wait.

Zach said...

zorro, debating with his level of mentality(according to hist post) is utmost futile. i have by far the most suitable solution for him;


Anonymous said...

Fatty's getting personal eh...YAWN!!!!