Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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I watched, (which you should later) this youtube at 7am and at the end of it I was wondering if some organisations, like think-tanks, ever thought of gathering the uniform chiefs of our the Armed Forces and PDRM and over some good coffee give us their professionally honest undertaking on how they would handle or promote an unbiased and nonpartisan demand for a smooth transition should the incumbent government fail to retain governance of the country after GE13.   
This is not a frivolous request, as 10 out of 10 ex-military and PDRM people I threw this situation at were not convinced that these incumbent Uniformed Chiefs would act in the interest of the country they pledged to protect. This is an outright and damning condemnation and only our Uniformed Chiefs can allay this fear of  probable “crushed bodies” and mayhem already publicly bandied about.
This is no time for pundits and know-alls to expound their feel-good or doomsday wares. This is the TIME the rakyat wants assurance that whichever way they exercise their vote, the outcome is for a better Malaysia through a smooth transition into Putra Jaya! And this assurance can only come out from the mouths of the Generals and the Police Inspector General as per the OATH they took. Would they be up to it or would they abdicate this call to duty? As titled and decorated men of honor they cannot chose the latter. Should they reject this offer, maybe an appropriate replacement would be the august Armed Forces Council.
What is left is the next question. Which THINKERS will THINK out of their TANKS to bring to fruition this pressing need?  


bruno said...

Do not worry.Umno HAS BOOKED DOZENS OF PRIVATE JETS,ready at an hours request to take off to Zimbabwe on election night.Only Umno small fries and cronies like CSL and LTL will be left behind as sacrificial lambs.

KoSong Cafe said...

We have yet to get a response from PM that he would be gentlemanly if and when required to hand over power.

To expect assurances from army and police chiefs before the GE that they would not take sides is almost impossible. This is because to the insecure Umno, any such assurance is akin to opening the floodgates of those who want change but afraid that it would affect public security.

Anonymous said...

When Parliament is dissolved, there will be no PM, only the civil service and uniform services. The uniform services and all civil servants are loyal to the Constitution and the Agong. They will be loyal to whoever is sworn in as the new PM and Government and subsequently confirmed by Parliament.

The main task is therefore to prevent the loser in the election from coercing the Agong to swear him in during the dead of night or by some other trickery. On election day down to election night and until the clear winner is sworn in, the Agong must be protected by his guards, augmented by the people. And within the first 100 results, and especially if at least 10 to 15 UMNO's strongholds fall and about 15 to 20 Sabah and Sarawak seats fall to PR, the trend would be clear. By then the UMNO-putras will make a rush for the exits and the people should tighten the protection of the Agong. PR should be able to set up the algorithms for such a projection and the related course of action.

najib manaukau said...

The uniformed chiefs in Malaysia are lackeys of Umno, period. They are not here to protect the country, they are here to protect Umno, after all the country does not belong to them it belongs to the Orang Asli. Who and why were they called Orang Asli (original people) ? May be these pirates do not know the meaning of these words or shall i say do not have the courage to face and accept the truth. What a bloody shamble !
The Indonesians and the Umno made Malays are mainly refugees from Indonesia or people for economic reasons are giving up their heritage to call themselves Malays.
These immigrants took over the control of the country because of their political dominance. Not because they were real sons of the soil, just like the whites in Europe or the Europeans in U.S.. They are immigrants and not sons of the soil, but at least they don't call themselves as sons of the soil.
They now called themselves as Australians and Americans but at least they don't called themselves as sons of the soil just like the way these descendants of Indonesians and Umno made Malays do.
They keep calling themselves so often that it to a point it is no longer an illusion but a false reality. Also they are so used to believe or think that they are the sons of the soil when they real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli. They are able to do anything or call themselves anybody because of their political dominance, simple as that. Many so called Malays leaders have in recent times have the decency to admit openly they too are third or four generation of immigrants. But that does not make them the sons of the soil but only confirms they are descendants of immigrants regardless of what generation they are. My children are fifth generation of Chinese immigrants and don't call themselves as sons of the soil and above all they don't pretend they are sons of the soil and still remember proudly they are Chinese and will never ever forget their ancestors came from China. Unlike some who are giving up remembering who and where their ancestors are from.
That is also why they need to pass a legislation in Umno to legitimate their claim that they are Malays. How come all the countries in the world do not have to legalize their people with any legislation ? Why do you need to have a legislation to made you a Malay, if you are born a Malay you will always be a Malay.

sampalee said...

Is there really a THINKER of thoughts or thoughts just arises by itself.In biology we termed this involuntary actions,just like our hearts beats our digestion,breathings,maintaining our body temperature,etc.
Why not conduct a reality check?? If we claimed to be the maker of our thoughts,then we should be able to decide when to or when not to think.In this case Just stop thinking for ONE minute.Is it possible?It will be like asking your heart not to beat. When we REALised we are not the thinker,then by extension we were never the DECIDER.
This bring us face to face with the Absolute TRUTH of the scripture,'Thy will be done' Inshaallah,Period.

Anonymous said...

carpet seller is exposing s'thing BIG
& No.2 must be very happy !

Anonymous said...

Puteri Umno need the 1malaysia program to reduce their weight! They are too fat! Big risk of cholesterol!