Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Malay Mail’s consistent support for Ulu Klang Recreation Club (UKRC) predicted that this morning's meeting of the Selangor Executive Councillors could at last find a solution for this decades-long tussle between the club and the local authorities.


It was learnt that the Menteri Besar will make a decision in the coming weeks!


How come the Exco members could not convince their chief?

Shouldn’t the whole exco go see for themselves where the club is and how and by whom it is run.

Dang! Don’t treat UKRC as though they are stealing sand!

I sense that the members of UKRC and the residents of Ulu Kelang will not take this SITTING DOWN!


Eric Lim said...

Hope the MB will deliver what he said in the state Assembley, where UKRC has a case/right to its land.
The Hearing was only for fact finding, MB. The decision is yours!You mean UKRC was not given the recreational land for its Club house and field?

Anonymous said...

Lancheow lah PR is clean. PR is just another bunch of crooks.

bruno said...

Zorro,if you ask me why the state government of Selangor,that is Khalid and his exco,totalling a dozen or so cannot do anything for the people.They are a herd of useless lembus good with their big talk but no action.All of them is to blame.They deserved every bit if Umno steals Selangor under their noses.

What to expect of Khalid and all his dunggus in the exco.If people in power cannot function in peacetime,what can be expected of them in wartime.They will hightailed for the hills.My personal opinion.They deserved to be unemployed after GE13th.

Zakaria, UK said...

Zorro, I think MB want to teach Azmin Ali a lesson,as Ulu Klang is under the Parliament of Gombak. I he wants the voters not to vote for Azmin by not giving the land to UKRC.

Kamaruddin, Shah Alam said...

Tell Anwar, he can forget Ulu Klang and Gombak, if UKRC dont get its field and Clubhouse. Use your thoughts MB. 54 years old club. I am sure you have got all the fact yah.

Razali, Ukay Perdana said...

Another wrong advise by the BN dungus to MB.

Anonymous said...

If Azmin Ali think he entrenched and unmovable in Ampang....he's gonna have a major blow in next GE13...Might effect Zuraidah as well

BN can't solve PR can't solve it...I wonder if Zahid Ibrahim whom ive herd is contesting here in Ampang can do that...?

Orangeman said...

Cannot trust Malay Mail.

Even its 'award-winning' sportswriter Haresh is so politically correct, dare not criticise FAM.