Monday, April 23, 2012


Two open letters to all Malaysian papas and mamas, written by a concerned civil society citizen and also a loving mother, Angie Ng:

To mamas who worry about papas going to BERSIH 3.0 Duduk Bantah:

It was one fine day. Suddenly, your loving husband who always comes home in time for dinner, a good father who always cares for the kids told you that he will be joining Bersih 3.0. You were shocked! For goodness sake! You said. “Don’t you remember how they shoot people with tear gas, and the chemical laced water? And more than 1000 people were arrested during Bersih 2.0? What if something happens to you? What about me and the kids? The rally will still go on without you; they won’t know the difference... Just don’t go and stay away from trouble!”

We know you love your husband, and you hope he understands your concern, know your thoughts. However, have you try look into his thoughts to find out what is in his mind? Last year’s BERSIH 2.0, you saw him wept in front of his computer. Why? He was touched to see how Malaysians stood up, hand-in-hand, regardless of their status and skin colour. He saw how people stood up as Malaysians to brave the tear gas, water cannon and FRUs. He got goosebumps when he heard people singing “Negaraku” that day. He has been singing “Negaraku” since he first learnt the song. But he never realizes that the lyric is so meaningful and beautiful when we sing it out loud with love for your country. That moment, he wasn’t happy at all for staying at home comfortably in front of his computer. He was sad for not standing there, fighting with fellow Malaysians for a better future!

Those who sprayed by water cannon, they have wives, parents and families too. Some even left a will for their families. If anything happens to himself, his wife or his family shall take care of his business. They were afraid too! But still, they stood proudly in front of tear gas and water cannon. That moment, did you know that your husband was so ashamed for not able to be there?

He decided to join this coming BERSIH 3.0. He did it for you, for your kids, for the place he called HOME. With all the corruptions and the abuse of powers, we all longed for change in this country. However, we can’t do it through a dirty and bias election. Take a look at our beautiful country. We can’t afford her to be contaminated by radioactive waste, and we can’t raise our children in such a place! We have no choice. We can’t do it alone, but with each and every one of us, many grains of sands can sink the ship.

Instead of telling him not to join BERSIH 3.0, join him for the walk, hand-in-hand, for the sake of your children’s future. This is way more meaningful compared to an expensive candle light dinner. If you are not willing to go, I sincerely hope that you can support his determination. Make him a flask of herbal tea, or a bottle of water; prepare a small towel and a nice cap for him to bring to Dataran Merdeka. Give him a big hug at the door, tell him that he is your hero and your children will be proud of him. Ask him to be careful and stay safe for the sake of you and your children. And you’ll cook him a nice meal when he comes back.

Believe me, he will be the happiest man in the world, because of you -- the most understanding wife in the world!

To papas who worry about mamas going to Bersih 3.0 Duduk Bantah:

We all know why BERSIH 3.0 must happen. You read newspaper every day, watch the news on TV every night, you should know why. At home, your wife busy running around, taking care of everyone at home, make sure the kids are well fed, making sure the kids have enough clothing to keep them warm, battling to get rid of all the dusts in every corner of the house. She is doing everything she can to take care of her family, and give them all the love she has.

All of sudden, she began to be aware and concern about this country. All of sudden, she said she is joining the BERSIH 3.0 rally on 28th April. You probably do not understand why. Wasn’t she aware of how dangerous it could be? Wasn’t she afraid of being caught? She must be crazy! She must be brain washed by those friends she met on Facebook! She is just too naive and too impulsive!

Well, probably you ARE NOT aware of this: She IS aware of the risks; how things might turn ugly on that day. But she also knows that this country is on her way to be a failing state when election becomes dirty and highly dangerous industries make our country their radioactive waste dump site. Of course she is afraid of getting caught! But she also fears that, in the future, her children will be detained under draconian laws without any reason! She also fears her children will lose their freedom of speech and their freedom to gather peacefully! These reasons are more than enough for a mother to take to the street!

If you say she is brain-washed by her friends. You are definitely hurting her feelings. You love her, you married her, you know her and you admire her… Do you really think she is such an ignoranct woman, who can’t think independently, make decisions, and take a STAND for the future of her children and their children to come?

Trust her. Even if you don’t, please let her take a day off, so she can go out to do something she feels is correct. When she returns, you’ll know that she is not just an ordinary housewife. She is wise and she has vision. You should feel proud that she is not some “tai-tais” who only ask her husband to buy her expensive handbags.

Thank you for being an understanding husband.

[Original post in mandarin can be viewed here:!/notes/angie-ng/two-open-letters-to-all-papas-and-mamas-who-worry-about-going-to-bersih-30-duduk/10150661134036710]

This English text is a translation by SAN JIUN

Dear Mamas and Papas…..

you have global company!


cin2tan said...

JOM428 untuk 'bersih & adil' bagi GE13/PRU13 !!

Anonymous said...

Mama won't worry for Papa becos' Mama hope Papa will die in BERSIH so that she can have all his will & fortune.

For those poor papa, mama will just let these papa die in Bersih becos they are useless & cannot bring back food for family. Mama can go & look for new papa then.


Anonymous said...

Deceitful deeds of the educated.

Anonymous said...

My advice to papas and mamas is to start looking for a place to emigrate for the sake of your children. Malaysia is already a broken and failed state. There is no government, just a band of robbers whose leaders call themselves "ministers". They don't care if the army tanks are sent to crush people at Dataran Merdeka.

LEAVE MALAYSIA for the sake of your children!!!

Malaysia do not love you, so why bother!

backStreetGluttons said...

touching, inspiring. We will be there, of course. Just like Bersih1 & 2

zorro said... must be the one that kampong put up an alert that they lost their kampong idiot. They also pleaded that the kampong idiot not come back to the kampong. So what shall we do with you? We want to help you, but Mama Ros says you are better in an incinerator. Sorry. ABU

Anonymous said...

Lancheow la. If really want to Bersih, you people should go clean up Klang river.

najib manaukau said...

Now you know what Najib is when he says he will do away with ISA, he is replacing it will another more repressive one than the ISA that he repealed.
This time round Bersih 3 is also banned and is unable to find a stadium to hold their rally. The only way to stop all these monkeys businesses from carrying on any further is to come out and cast your vote for these deceitful and corrupted Umno scumbags and parasites to get kicked out of Putrajaya in the coming GE once and for all times.

zorro said...

Anon656....cannot lah, that job was given to a crony, didn't you know?

kenny said...

若国阵BN在第13届大选继续赢得政权,那么必定会实行3件事情,那就是商品服务税(GST)、稀土厂及核电厂(Lynas)、以及贪污腐败(Corruption)将会持续进行. Jom Bersih!

Ergbert said...

When Abdul Aziz said that the Election Commission is the cleanest in the world, he knows in actual fact, it is the dirtiest of them all. With several irregularities exposed by BERSIH over the last few years , it goes to show how dishonest or EC have been functioning, much to the chagrin of the fair-minded people. These lies, Aziz mentioned have been going on for too long already. I still maintain that had GE 12 been conducted equitably, BN is now history. Unfortunately, as long as EC, MACC and RCI are under the government influence, justice may not see the day when it should prevail.

nkkhoo said...

Hisham said the Bersih 3.0 sit-in is it not a security threat. A day later, the police issued another story by saying Bersih 3.0 sit-in is not allowed due to security reason.

Who is lying? Who is in-charge of internal security matter?

Anonymous said...

zorro said...
Anon656....cannot lah, that job was given to a crony, didn't you know?

April 24, 2012 9:01 AM

Not exactly right! That job is currently undergoing a super-major corporate exercise involving all the no. 1 cronies. It will make 'cowgate' look like child's play. Just to give you a peep:

They will build a gigantic pipeline to take up all the waterflow from Klang river and whatever that is thrown into the river as well. There will be no river after the project is completed, just a gigantic pipe.

The dried riverbed will be converted into commercial / residential use for cronies to build super high-rises.

They will channel the water from the gigantic pipe to households in Klang valley for drinking and washing etc. There will no longer be water supply from reservoirs, just water from this gigantic pipe.

They will release all the water from the nearby dams and reservoirs in Klang Valley. The dried up dam areas will first be logged clean (again), leftover timbers harvested will be used to build low-cost houses but sold at premier timber prices to Malaysian government.

The dried up and cleaned up dam area will be converted to residential / commercial use and given to cronies to build super high rises.

There you go ...

shithappens said...

uncle, cud u advise me on how to get my hands on some 'yellow v3.0' tshirts?? i need 4 to be precise and am finding it hard to get them


Anonymous said...

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主讲人: 曹观友, 杜乾焕博士, 章瑛, 刘镇东, 黄泉安.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone enlighten me???

Previously in Bersih 2.0, Bersih wanted Stadium Merdeka as their venue but was rejected. Now, the authorities are offered Stadium Merdeka but Bersih now rejected it??? Why is this so??? What's the difference between having the event in Stadium Merdeka & Dataran Merdeka??? *Puzzled*

I think Stadium Merdeka can easily cater to any number of Bersih supporters who could attend, while, Dataran Merdeka is too open of a space & might be hard for the authorities to control the crowd should rowdiness & troubles erupt, right??? Moreover, having it in dataran merdeka could be an eyesore to tourists of which will only give our country a bad name, correct???

I don't know much about politics but from what a layman like me could see is that Bersih is behaving kinda 'evil' & 'selfish' insisting things go their way. Does this world still believe in "compromise" & "negotiation" instead of "either MY WAY or NO WAY"???

zorro said...

Shithappens, call this # 0162928131

Anonymous said...

I just received this info. as there are news going round saying all LRT services leading to town will be shut down on Saturday. This include all RapidKL & all bus services too. Road blockages will be held in most part of areas leading into town.

Is this true??? If yes means "shit". I gotta close business on Saturday. How to cari makan like that??? Apalah Berish???

Pat Chan said...

Eeeyakkk!!! Wny again Bersih?

Do you know during the last Bersih, it took me 5 hours to travel from Town Center back home somewhere in Bangsar? 5 hours can have me reaching up in Hatyai from KL!!! Regardless of this trouble, what CHANGE did Bersih 2.0 brought to me??? "NOTHING"!!!

Besides traffic inconveniences, waste of time & resources...nothing great came up from it.

Anonymous said...

I'm SoOoOoOoOoOo excited & I can't wait for Bersih 3.0 to take place. It's just another 4 days away (YES!!!).

I have bought a new set of sofa, my favorite coffee beans & a carton of my favorite beer & would be inviting some friends over to watch the TV as how we witness our great Police force & FRU gives idiotic Yellow Monkeys a free bashing & a free shower.


KS Chew said...

Staduim Bukit Jalil is now offered. This venue is much bigger & can hold more people compared to Stadium Merdeka. Please take up the offer, Bersih!!!

I want to attend but I prefer attending in a venue whereby permit is being issued. I don't wanna land into unnecessary trouble. Please take up the offer, ya? Stadium Bukit Jalil is good & big enough to show our cause!!!

shithappens said...

thanks uncle...c u at dataran