Friday, October 5, 2007


Yesterday the Star reported that a student blogger revealed in her blog that her classmates were copying during exam. Teachers were aware of this cheating but did nothing. The school authorities hauled up the student blogger after parents of the cheats complained about their little spoilt darlings' being named. REALLY, DO WE HAVE THESE BREED OF PARENTS TODAY. In my time I would have had a hiding of my life from my mum and my dad.....yes siree, both.....and that is after the HM had rotan-ed me. If there exists such shameless parents, they should be sent for another round of adult-education. They are an insult to parenthood. The student blogger was ordered to bring down her postings. The government is having a field day......instilling the fear factor against independent thinking and freedom of expression. No wonder crime is exploding around us. I hope this student-blogger's parents will stand by her . Whoever you are, your child is now championing honesty. Stand firm BY HER.

As we get more details, we will reveal the name of the school. Stay around.Tony Yew's Can You See It has a post on this too.

A female King Scout blogger blogged about the scout movement. Evidently the scouting authorities did not like what she wrote. If she was revealing the truth, they could not stomach it. We will be receiving more details about this. However, it was reported that although she qualified and was picked for an international jamboree, she was told that she ain't going. AND WE GET SUCH BEHAVIOR FROM THE SCOUT MOVEMENT? Baden Powell would be turning somersault in his grave. However again, if she blogged untruths, she deserved what she got. Blogging is a very responsible function. Do not blog if you are going to use blogs to defame, spread false rumours or falsely run down somebody or something. We have not received certain details about this case, but as more information filters in, we will publish it. Stay close.

Although this has nothing to do with blogging, but as an ex-pedagogue, this bit of news deserve a comment: It seems that the Ministry of Education will not offer Bible Knowledge as an exam subject unless parents can get some 3000 candidates for this subject. AM I HEARING RIGHT? IS THIS ANOTHER VERSION OF KERIS WIELDING?

Following is an appeal published in the internet to get students to offer this subject or it will be abolished:

Just came back from a course organised by the education ministry (exam section). we were told to target at least 3,000 students to sit for SPM Bible Knowlege paper from next year onwards if we fail to do so, this subject will be abolished. Many years back, the education ministry threaten to close down chinese literature and tamil language. the ministry gave them targets too. the MCA & MIC stepped in. MCA helped by encouraging and challenging all chinese students to enroll for the said subject. the MIC bought books and distributed to the indians. both subjects are saved.

Things are supposed to be improving, so swore our Minister of Education. I just hope they will and there will be no discrimination in choices of subjects except subjects like the putting together of a C4 or the intricacies of urban guerrilla tactics or the ABCs of heroin manufacturing.



Boh Tong said...

If what the child blogger revealed was the truth then the authorities should commend her and the cheats be punished.

J.T. said...

Act One: Maybe the parents are ashamed that their cheating children have been exposed publicly. But I think those cheaters deserve it. There is a price to pay for cheating.

Act Two: In the first instance, seems to me that they are punishing the female King Scout for her thoughts. Then again, we should wait for details to see if she was blogging responsibly.

Act Three: I hope this is not another version of keris wielding. I believe the faster solution is for churches to get together and work towards saving this subject.

zewt said...

this is the place where the villian (spelling correct?) walks free and those who speaks the truth will have the family kidnaped and students who practise the moral value 'kejujuran' will be crucified...

this is why i need to be outta here.

Snapshots said...

I was requested to be a invigilator in a prestigious private collage some time back (Was working there as a lecturer) as such during the exam there was around 15 chinese students, who kept asking borrowing a few dictionary, after this happen a few times, when passing over the dictionary chinese - english, i flip a few pages, and found notes written all over, when i check all the dictionary, 4 of the 6 in the class there were notes, as such i call for the principle, well guess what happen? Nothing, that right, then came preasure for me to resign.

zorro said...

Snapshot: I get this gnawing suspicion that some colleges condone this to get passes in exams. Passes means the college gets good results and this translates into a good advertisement to get higher enrollment. There needs to be more regulations governing colleges. I hope you got out of that college without much persuasion. No gain being associated with such bangsat colleges. Cheers son.

Snapshots said...

Zorro, i got out fast very fast, i do not want to be associated, nor lend my name to such a pristigious college that will condone cheating, to me the value of their certs and diploma is zero.

After that while working as a Manager, when Job applicants come in from that college, I try to be objective as being bias to this applicants, would not be fair.

I do not look at their diploma, certs etc, I evaluate the students on the interview question only, and frankly and unfortunately most did not do well.

They simply do not have a good grounding, or the simple understanding in the Basic requirements and needs of the industry, I feel they wasted their Parents Hard Earn Money and their time.

But well, what can i do about it? Simply nothing. What i can do is simply take care of my self.

Cheers Man.

Snapshots said...

Zorro, Oh yes I forgot to mention, That College, they are doing well very well.

Shanghai Fish said...

to snapshots,
I think YOU are to be blamed for this rot too !
You said you got out fast really fast....but what about your conscience ,man ? haven't you got any ? Can you actually sleep soundly at night ?I'd love to kick you on the arse and demand you to spill the beans on these mofos, the college, and all parties involved ! and you call yourself a lecturer ?
I'm surprised that you compromised....shame on you ! and NOW are you doing anything about this instead of complaining ? Shame on you !

Anonymous said...

Why is this student blogger not offer the witness protection programe?

si bodoh this nazi.