Monday, February 20, 2012


ASSURANCES that the scheme is a proposal in its infancy has not stopped a concerted Tak Nak 1Care campaign which is being played out in cyberspace and public forums.

Vigorous campaign on all fronts against scheme

THE most vocal opponents of 1Care are doctors who are concerned that the initiative will prevent them from giving quality care to patients.

More red tape over treatment

PROPONENTS of the 1Care healthcare system said the scheme will address the issue of equitable healthcare for all Malaysians regardless of economic standing.

What the government has to say



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Anonymous said...

Who is the idiot who brain-child this scheme? Must catch hold of and send him(or her) to the firing squad.

Starmandala said...

No thanks to Najis (and his advisors in APCO)... the number 1 has become an unlucky symbol! I hear Najis has a superstitious fondness for the number 11... let's hope it brings him and his insufferable handler... I mean, spouse... doubly rotten luck.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Not all doctors are against the 1Care concept. Those that are spearheading the campaign against 1Care are mostly the specialists doctors who fear that their lucrative imcomes from sales of medicines will be cut off. Hence these group of specialist are determined to stop the 1Care proposals to protect their big rice bowl rather than protecting the public. In their effort to do this they have no qualms to highlight false assumption and has tried to portray themselves as champion of the people. Among their chief "distorted claim" is that the people have to fork out 10% of their income for the 1Crae and these had been denied and yet they persist with this claim. If they are so concerned about this then pressure the government of the day to come out with an 1Care where the poor do not have to pay anything (meaning the govt will foot the bill for the poor). As for the financially capable then propose that they have the option not to join the 1Care and these group of people can then foot their own medical bills on their own. More importantly we have to make sure that the 1 Crae is implemented openly and all tenderings for the 1Crae projects are open and transparent.

Anonymous said...

A hidden cause of concern is the exploding medical bill of the civil servants.

All medical bills of the civil servants & their family r paid for by the govt.

Considering the fact that there r 1.4M of them (& growing) + majority of them r in poor health due to extravagant lifestyle & almost zilch exercise (except golfing).

With the 1care scam, we r asked to further subsidize their lifestyle as majority of the expensive healthcare services r been used by this group of people.

Check IJN, University hospitals, & GHs' intensive care units. This statistic is glaring. Not many poors r been speedtracked to these services, as the connecteds r always be able to jump queue, even though these poors r still need to pay!