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Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan, Royal Malaysian Navy, is a regular kopi-tiam kaki of mine. He graduated from the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth in 1965. His tour of duty saw him as Commanding Officer of KD Tombak, KD Gempita, KD Ganyang and Executive Officer on Training Frigate KD Hang Tuah.

Through self-study he qualified to read law at Lincoln’s Inn and was the first Malaysian Naval Officer to be called to the Malaysian Bar in 1985.

Commander Thaya was the prosecutor for the Navy in the case of the collision between K.D. RAJA JARUM and M.V. SHOUMARU, and acted as Defense Counsel in the case of the sinking off the petrol vessel K.D. SRI PERAK in the South China Sea, both making front-page news.

Since retiring from the Navy, his expertise were sought in Timor Leste supervising both Parliament and Presidential elections and as a UN Volunteer Sri Lanka. He is currently with Yayasan Salam, an NGO.

His articles often appear in the Mainstream Media. He sent me this article as a blog-post. It is a rebuttal to ANAS ZUBEDY:

1. Openly acknowledge that we were sired from a Malay polity

Without an iota of doubt, make it clear that you completely accept history that this country is sired from a Malay polity; with a history, religion and way of life that are from the Malay-Islamic tradition. Only when you make it very clear that you acknowledge this history, communication lines will begin to open.

1. Firstly, who do you mean by “we”? We as a nation? We as a culture? Who comprises this “we”? We are a diverse group of people seeking shelter in a country not our own. The only people who can legitatemely say they are “natives” are the Orang Asli and the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak. Perhaps it is you who should acknowledge that before the arrival of Islam, “you” were Hindus. Perhaps it is “you” who should acknowledge that your culture contains aspects from both Chinese and Indian Culture.

Perhaps this should be acknowledged in our history books and taught to our young. Perhaps when you acknowledge this like many other Malays, you would be able to empathize with the rest of us who acknowledge the polyglot nature of our culture. Just ask the Baba Chinese or the Chittys of Malacca. I assure you when you acknowledge this; you will find communication much easier.

2. Appreciate that the Malays shared the land

Generally, the Malays are a gracious people. They are more inclined towards giving than taking. They showed this when they agreed to share Tanah Melayu. They see it as a sacrifice. You must learn to understand why they feel that way.

2. I appreciate that the indigenous people shared their land…….Not that they had much choice in the matter.

I think grace is shared by most people in this country. I suggest you read up on how the Malay rulers negotiated this “giving” of Malay land. I suggest you educate yourself on who helped build the infrastructure of this Malay land. I hope some day you understand the sacrifice of the Non-Malays who contributed in a very significant way during and before the coming of the British to this land you seem to think the Malays shared with us.

They agreed that from 1957 onwards the communities who came here initially

to earn a living were automatically promoted from "immigrants" to co-owners

of the land. They welcomed millions as fellow citizens. By doing so, the

Malays agreed to become a community among communities. All they asked was to

be assured of two things - that their Malay Rulers and that their religion

Islam are respected.

Who has disrespected Malay rulers and denigrated Islam. Who has curtailed the powers of the Sultans? Who has made a mockery of the great religion which is Islam? Yes we are different communities living under the umbrella of certain principles , the most important of which you mentioned but the fact is, it is UMNO and UMNO alone who is responsible for the lessening of power of the Sultans and the injudicious way Islam is applied. Anyone who becomes a citizen is expected to follow the laws of the land. The non Malays have honored this. I suggest you look to UMNO who claim they represent the Malays who have usurped the powers of the Sultan and denigrated Islam.

A show of appreciation for this act of sharing will make a big difference to

the Malay community. If you and the DAP set the example to appreciate that

the Malays shared the land, the hearts of the Malay community will open to

you. Just a simple acknowledgement, a simple thank you, would have warmed

their hearts.

Why should the DAP thank the Malays? And by Malays I mean people like you. Perhaps it is people like you who should thank the non-Malays. Who pays more taxes? Money that goes into education institutions that benefit the majority of Malays. Money that goes into religious organizations that morally police the Malays. Money that goes into institutions that denigrate other races – BTN for instance. Perhaps it is people like you who should be thanking the Non Malays. We are a simple people and I am sure we would receive your appreciation with open arms.

3. Get to know the Malays

You (Guan Eng) and the DAP need to get to know the Malays and get to know Islam. Embrace both the good and bad within the Malay community. Learn to accept

their idiosyncrasies, just like there are idiosyncrasies in any other culture.

3. I think Mr. Guan Eng knows the Malays pretty well. After all he was detained under the ISA for defending a Malay girl while the Malay Menteri Besar who assaulted her got away scott free. So, really it is you who need to know Mr. Guan and the rest of the DAP better.

It is you who need to understand that Mr. Guan Eng and the DAP already know the Malays. Mr. Guan Eng for instance probably got to know more about Malay culture when he was detained under the ISA with Mat Sabu his PAS comrade. I have no idea what you mean by getting to know the Malay community. As a people we understand each others community. The DAP is merely a political party and not some sort of stand in for the Chinese community.

If the DAP really wants to represent all Malaysians, regardless of race and religion, you need to understand all Malaysians. And the Malays need to know that you understand them. Fifty-four years after agreeing to become a community among communities, they are naturally concerned that those in authority are people who will not understand their needs.

Of course the DAP wants to represent all Malaysian. This is why their political principles are based on certain basic commonalities that all communities can subscribe to. Of course the Malays understand the DAP especially now that the DAP is forging closer ties with PAS. They understand better now because the blindfold is slowly but surely being lifted of their eyes.

They see that both DAP and PAS are working together for the benefit of all people and that all people of this country are equal and should be treated as such. The Malays realize that people in authority have used race for years to divide this country while enriching themselves and exploiting their gracious nature.

As a basic start, it would be good to learn and practise Malay peribahasa. Peribahasa has been a part of Malay culture for many generations and it reveals many insights into the values of the Malays. If you use it in your daily conversation, it will give you a medium to gently communicate with the

hearts of the Malays. Another simple thing to cultivate is the habit of wearing traditional Malay wear, especially during official functions. Perhaps you can also organise programmes for your leaders to stay in a Malay kamping. It will be a good eye-opener for them to understand how to relateto the Malays.

I have no idea what you mean by Malay adat and peribahasa. Exactly what has this got do to with understanding Malay culture? Does Mr. Guan Eng speak Malay? Yes he does. Is the manner in which he speaks it rude? No it isn’t. Does Mr. Guan respect the Malay community? Has he allocated funds and resources to help the community? Yes he has. In short, has he run the state he leads competently?

What is wearing Malay traditional dress really mean? What is staying in a Malay kampong achieve? If people are in need regardless of race, an effective leader carries out programmes that benefit them. Your mundane suggestions make it seem as though Mr. Guan Eng is an alien, who has no clue of Malay culture when he has lived here all his life. Perhaps it is people like you who should wear the traditional dress of Non-Malays then maybe you would not feel as though non Malays don’t understand you.

If the DAP practises simple gestures like this, it is an opportunity to show

that you respect and value Malay culture. It will demonstrate the DAP's inclusiveness. A good example of inclusive culture is shown in the Peranakan community who draw from both Malay and Chinese traditions. By being inclusive, they do not lose out anything but become a richer people for it.

Practicing simple gestures like you describe is nothing but symbolic gestures meant to distract from the real problem of the community. I would rather Mr. Guan Eng concentrate on the numerous social problem that affects the Malay community and by helping remedy such problems, Malays (like you) will realize that substance is far more productive than form.

4. Say sorry

Some of the DAP's actions in the past, rightly or wrongly, may have hurt the Malay community. For the Malays to stop seeing the DAP as an antagonist, the DAP has to acknowledge the hurt they have caused the Malays and say sorry. If you look at the practice of asking for forgiveness every Aidilfitri, you will realise how important this act is to the culture. The Malays will say sorry even if they did not do wrong. They will ask for forgiveness simply as a good gesture out of respect. They say sorry all the time. That is embedded

in the Malay culture. The Chinese may see saying sorry as "losing face" but for the Malays, saying sorry it is to give the other party "face" - an act of high culture.

4. What does the DAP need to apologize for?

Please list out the wrongdoings that the DAP has perpetuated against the Malay community. Why is the Malay community feelings hurt? What exactly has the DAP done? Please be specific, because simply asking for an unwarranted apology is the height of hubris and exactly the sense of entitlement that the policies of UMNO have created.

But seeing how Malays like you, like to say sorry, perhaps you could apologize for Ibrahim Ali, for waving the Keris around, for the systemic discrimination that the Non Malays have to put up with, the constant reminders that we are foreigners even though as I have stated above it is our taxes that are being used for the majority.

Sometimes, to achieve bigger purposes we know that we have to humble ourselves and take the wiser path. In this spirit, I suggest that you apologise for the chauvinistic actions the DAP has taken in the past. For

example, the DAP's attempt to forge a "Malaysian Malaysia" in the way of making the Malay culture and all cultures of Malaysia equal. That is wrong to our history. They are inconsistent with the DAP's objectives as an inclusive Malaysian party.

Right, now we get to the crux of the matter. You do not think that non Malay culture is equal to Malay culture. Behind your benign rhetoric is really a supremacist, wanting his due. Yes, we are all equal. In other words, you probably are a firm believer in Ketuanan Melayu. I trust you realize that PAS has abandoned that perspective. Thankfully most Malays are not like you. When you finally ever read Malaysian history you will be disappointed to discover that what you think of as Malay has got a lot to with non Malay cultures. I hope the DAP never bows down to the supremacy you subscibe. I hope no party ever bows down to your racist and bigoted views.

Once you say sorry, it will not be difficult for the Malays to forgive and to forget. It is part of the Islamic principles that are ingrained in the Malay worldview. Prophet Muhammad also showed the example of a forgiving spirit. The Quran in 8:61 commands: "But if they incline to peace, you also incline to it, and (put your) trust in God."

It amazes me that you advocate Malay supremacy and yet quote the Quran, which is one of the more egalitarian religious books around. I suppose you are Malay first then a Muslim, which is funny because most of the Muslim I know would say that all men are equal before God regardless of race or culture. I repeat unless you have some specific list of wrongs doings done by the DAP; there is nothing really to talk about.

5. Lim Kit Siang must retire

If the DAP is serious about being a multiracial party, it needs to re-brand public perception towards it. There must be fresh leadership so that the DAP is no longer judged based on past actions. The old must make way for the young.

5. Lim Kit Siang must not retire. Again, you are the few who wish to perpetuate this old canard that the DAP is a chauvinistic party. It is not. What the DAP is has a lot to with Mr. Kit Siang. His principles and integrity are vital if the DAP is to navigate this new terrain we find ourselves in.

As long as Lim Kit Siang remains in power directly or indirectly, I feel that the DAP will continue to be perceived as a Chinese-exclusive party. Detractors will use his past actions as a scapegoat to disrupt the DAP's multiracial aims. This is why I believe that it is good time for Lim Kit Siang to pass the baton to new leaders.

What has Mr. Kit Siang’s leaving got to do with rebranding? The party is rebranding itself with it’s commitment to PAS and the Pakatan Rakyat. They need experienced leaders to offer guidance in these troubled times. I have no idea why you would signal out Mr. Kit Siang and offer no reason for why he should leave except for vague accusations of chauvinism.

You do not have to worry. The only reason why the DAP is perceived to be a Chinese based party is because Utusan Meklayu continues in it’s scurrilous campaign to convince it’s declining readership that the DAP is to be feared, much like how the BN propaganda organs attempted to do so with PAS. Mr. Kit Siang has got nothing to do with it.

6. Be willing to lose out a considerable portion of the Chinese voter base

I am glad that in terms of theory and constitution, the DAP welcomes all as equal members regardless of race and religion. But to really have this in practice, the DAP has to be prepared to lose out the portion of the Chinese voter base who wishes to remain exclusive.

The DAP can be a positive alternative to race-based political parties. To do this you need to let it be known that the DAP is serious about being inclusive to all. Make it clear to the rakyat that you are willing to give up ties with the chauvinistic Chinese, and all Malaysians will feel assured that you will fairly represent all.

6. Again, with the fallacious reasoning. The fortunes of the DAP have risen and fallen because of their association with PAS. One of the reasons they didn’t do well before 2008 was because of their association with PAS. It was PAS who decided to be more inclusive in terms of its principles which is why both the DAP and PAS have benefited.

Exactly who are these chauvinistic Chinese you keep referring to? And what ties have the DAP, got to cut? It is you who are going on about the superiorty of the Malay race and although I do not speak for the DAP; they have no need for your vote. What they do need is the Malay voter who understands that we are all equal and that change is needed for the stewardship of this country. And thanks to the efforts of PAS many more Malays are beginning to realize that the DAP is not a chauvinistic party.

7. Merge the DAP and PKR

The fastest way for the DAP to be a formidable alternative to race-based politics is to merge with PKR. Once you do that, automatically you become a multiracial body - a truly Malaysian party.

Let us be honest with ourselves. The loose coalition of the DAP, PKR and PAS seems similar to the BN formula of Umno, the MCA and MIC. Before long, the rakyat will begin to see you as a copy of BN.

The real issue that needs to be solved here is trust among leaders. When it comes to the membership, the majority will follow the leaders. If you and the DAP leadership make a clear stand to merge with PKR, the majority will follow suit.

7. Why should the DAP merge with PKR. What don’t they merge with Pas? The BN is a coalition of single race based parties. The Pakatan is a coalition of two multiracial parties and one religious one, who have shown that they can attract votes from across the board. The only one who seems to think otherwise is people like you.

I think your idea of merging the parties is pure nonsense. What Pakatan has got going for it is a diversity of views. You can keep screaming about how you think that DAP is not multiracial when what you obviously mean by multiracial is that it needs to be dominated by Malays. That’s not multiracial that’s your supremacist attitude peeking out. As it is, there are Malays who would vote for DAP and their number is growing everyday as they are Chinese who would vote for Pas.

Your idea of a merger while it seems like a nod to multiculturalism is rather about your race insecurities.

Lastly, I felt compelled to respond to your Open letter because it caused great concern amongst the retired Malay Armed Forces personnel I mix with. Has it come to this? They wondered.


Anonymous said...

The pirates are getting real desperate as their motives are now being exposed. Of course they will not hesitate to hijack even their holy book to serve their cause, just like the Al-Qaida. BERSIH marches on alright, no worries.
And Malaysians want to be in that number, when BERSIH marches on!


Anonymous said...

1 word for Anas Zubedy.


Shanghai Fish said...

Anas Zubidy....or A-Z !
hahahaha......this guy is anything from an Asshole to a Zealot ! Your other commentors can continue with the other alphabets zorro !

I rest my case.

najib manaukau said...

No question about LKS he must retire immediately and make way for the young Malaysians. He always condemns the people in BN on the way they lifestyle live their live. His is no better in one of blogs he boasted about the limousine he took and the five star hotel he stayed in.
Everyone knows the price one has to pay for a ride in a limousine and stay a five star hotel. You have to have quite a bit of money to do that but he did that not with his own money for sure. Is he saying that his supporters must not do what he did but he preaches ?
He barks at everything even his own shadow, what a mad dog he must be. He has never learnt from Dr.Tan Sri Tan Chee Koon and had never strayed away from his own ward as a politician till he died. He was even awarded the title of a Tan Sri.
Whereas this mad dog has gone from Malacca to Perak in the election. What is he worry of ?
Also he would support lusty Anwar for, including his clarion calls for the non Malays to return to the land of their ancestors when he was in Umno and as DPM. Anwar has never shown any remorse for these and is always trying to delay his days in court to defend himself in court.
Also for whatever he stands for just so his son would be the CM of Penang. I can go on writing about him but to write a long story short as long as he and AI are around as the opposition leaders sadly Malaysia will always remain in the control with the corrupted Umno/BN. That is the main reason why the present corrupted and deceitful regime is still in control.
Time for these two opposition leaders to retire and new blood be found. It is better late than never !

Anonymous said...

A person who can write such an article.. you can only sense he's trying to be on the fence while being biased. These people are dangerous, cause whenever the opportunity arises, they'll jump to the winning side and vice versa for personal gain, fame and wealth.

Luckily you cant do that to health.

Judging from what he wrote, it's clear he's another one of those who think he knows enough to judge others.

This guy is out for publicity. What else would it be for a person who spends thousands and thousands of ringgit each year to advertise his company in the Star by using the words suchas Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Buddha, Gandhi etc?

I suppose he's trying to be one of those personalities he's been putting up in the Star. Too bad deep inside, he's another selfish zealot, knows not enuff but thinks he does.

Who am I? Well I personally know him as a matter of fact. Nice guy in the exterior.. as for the inside, read Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan's take on him.

Hey Nas, nuff lah! Stop being a hypocrite. You're from Penang too. Dont tell me Penang is any worse than when Koh was in charge.. dont tell me that!


Anonymous said...

Anas Zubedy is often pronounced as Anus Soeasy.

color said...

public stunt man! not worth mentioning his name nor his writings, zorro!

recolour may 13 my ass when he himself is still a racist pig!

Patrick said...

LGE stood up for a underage Malay girl! Come on! And he went to jail for that!

Zubedy will only take advantage of an underage girl i presume! And if she was pretty, probably he will advertise her in the Star too for his own publicity!

Zubedy is just another Rocky wannabe. Judging at what he wrote on your poat Zorro, it seems to me he's just trying to recolour DAP, LKS & LGE.

Isnt that so Rocky? And mind you, Zubedy is already jumping into the BN bandwagon!

Malay supporter of DAP said...

najib manakau,

please also note that, in the opposition, they are currently not so many leaders with calibre. PR is different from BN. With BN, anyone can be a minister or sec-gen. Look at the dentist, look at the taxi driver, look at the physiotherapist, look at the cameraman, look at the kampung school teacher, look at the drunkard, look at the laundry-operator, look at the security guard! Well, the past does not matter, now that they're all multi-millionaires. Is that it? That's BN. Furthermore BN leaders wont need to spend their whole lifetime as leaders, know why? Because after only 2 to 3 years, they're already bilionaire. Their concern is not the country or rakyat, but what car they drive and what lifestyle they live.

And if a taxi driver can be a cabinet minister, you can only guess how well rakyat will be represented in the cabinet.

And he was a Malaysia taxi driver mind you! If Bali taxi driver okelah.. ada integrity.. follow meter..

So, LKS's leadership is still much needed!

Old Fart said...

Anas - Anus ....hmmm...maybe he was speaking through his anus!! got himself mixed up thinking he was anus! Maybe recently he has not been getting many government contracts so he got to do some PR!!

Malaysiaboleh said...

"Anas, if you can turn the votes in BN punya favour, semua government traning was kasi u.."

"Bole, bole, semua bole. What should i do?"

"Lu cakap kasi teruk teruk itu LKS dan dia punya anak LGE"

"Bole, bole, semua bole. You mean recolour them?"

"Ya, recolour mereka sama sama macam lu recolour May 13"

"Bole, bole, semua bole. Ermm.. mari kita sign contrat dulu untuk ini trainign kasi lu punya semua staff."

"Bole, bole, tapi make sure you mark-up 20% untuk saya ah.."

"Bole, bole, semua bole!"

(Another billionaire in the making, whereelse but in Malaysia, SEMUA BOLEH!)


Anonymous said...

of course ,in your blog and in your bias eyes ,the chinese and dap can't do wrong.and to your army friend ,you just a mandore to the chinese.

Society has changed said...

Get over it, people!

The end justifies the mean!

How many people can speak the truth like Jesus anymore?

It's all "whatsinnitforme yo?"!!

Imagine having a few million ringgit in your account by just tutup one eye, and say something that even you yourself know is not true.

At the end of the day, the society only look at what house u stay in, what car u drive, what watch you wear, where u go for holidays, how big is your company, etc etc.. who the hell in the world today will look at how much integrity u have, how much you stand up for truth, and for right and wrong, how much you help others, how much you discpline your inner-self, how much you anti-corruption, how much you desire for justice, how much you fight for transparency, how much you despise corruption, how much you stay truthful to God's teachings.

Look! It's the brand new Bently Sports! I LOVEEEEE IT! Look! Franck Muller! WOW! BERKIN BAGGG!! Look! That's the MD of the ABC company, very BIG one!!

Sigh, but that's the society now.

SSrahman said...

Awww He is another Mamak turned Bumi.He talks cock and tries to impress BN for contracts lah whatelse

telur dua said...

He should have stuck with those feel good ads.

Writing this letter means he as gone beyond his talent and therefore exposing his tail.

Moral of the story : Don't try to be what you are not. A fox will always be a fox.

panca said...

Anas, you are such a shame. By your rationale, if LKS is to resign/retire in order for DAP to become multiracial(as if their action are already not, oh just because the father/son are of a different ethnicity and not Malay does not bode well for you or less MALAYsian?) then Madhater must kick the bucket in order for the Malay to realise their agenda under PAS and PKR, another day on earth will make not make the Malay realise the Malay unity and continue to elude the Malaysian future. Well the LKS/LGE father and son would have TGNA's trust and respect anytime more or equivalent to Madhater and his cronies' deserving of the Rakyat's scorn! Did Madhater not scream he is more Malay at the Non to 'impress' the real Malay and what have happened to them after half century? Now you are screaming to the father/son in the same if not in the similar blood vein?

Anas, go find your unsettled state of affairs with just anyone from those who have ruled for 50 years, guarantee you wont be disappointed with your troubles directed at these political masters!

Anonymous said...

" caused great concerns among the retired Malay Armed Forces personnel I mix with. Has it come to this? ..."

Well, Commander Thayaparan. Yes, it has ... and much more.

You and the retired Armed Forces personnel (be they Malay, Indian or Chinese) have dedicated your lifetime and for most of your adult lives, risked your lives for the Malaysia you love.

Malaysia is in an extremely sorry state. It is rocketing down the slippery slope of being a "failed state" in no time.

Can you and your comrades stand up now and do your national duty for one more time! Can you and your comrades affirm your stand for the Malaysia that you want your children, grandchildren and your descendants to inherit?

You and your comrades may think these "old bones" cannot take the heat anymore but I beg to differ.

Malaysia needs men and women of any age, any race, any religious beliefs to stand up now and be counted.

The esteemed retired armed forces personnel can make a BIG difference to the Malaysia we all loved.

Can you and your comrades do this?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have put it better myself. Thank you Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan, for saying what we all want to or wish we could say.

shanu said...

I really expected better from Anas....but it was too much to expect

Kim said...

I thought Raja Nazrin was good, he screwed up. I thought Zaid Ibrahim was good, he screwed up.I thought Anas Zubedy was good, he screwed up. Big Time.

anaz said...

hey brader brader semua. gua cuma cari makan saje lah. bisnes korang baik, lembab sikit. lagi pun harga barang-barang semua naik.

Charlie Oscar said...

Don't you agree that DAP is a Race-based Party???
DAP contest ONLY in CHINESE Majority constituencies!!!
These have been PROVEN by DAP, including LKS & KS in EVERY GE over the Years!!!
This is the TRADEMARK of DAP!!!

bruno said...

najib manakau, june 26, 2011.6.09 pm

I remember reading about the article in LKS's blog a few months back.At first I was confused how LKS could put such nonsense in his blog.I took the trouble to read the article again and I realised that LKS was talking about a lady who told her story.What the lady was saying that the personnel in the (I guessed 4-5 star hotel) hotel was honest and very efficient,.......and how she got her computer back at the airport. I think that you have to read the article again.Then I think that you owe LKS an appology.

Ecommerce Templates said...

One word too. Good Job!

wandererAus said...

This "ANUS" was thinking with his tainted peabrain and oozing out rubbish from his blowhole! ..another asshole for the human waste collection.

Anonymous said...

UMNO-BN is holding the Agung and this country hostage.

Bersih 2.0 will resue the Agung and this country.

Anonymous said...

I think PKR should be registered as Parti Satu Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Zorro has never been so good.

Well done!

Tiger said...

Ask Anus to answer how the 10% Bumi discount for a 2 million dollar bungalow in Ara Damansara will benefit the people in the kampungs.

baki said...


Anonymous said...

Excellently argued. I salute you, sir.

-- Kee Thuan Chye

Anonymous said...

Anas is way out of his league. He speaks of matters he himself has little understanding of.
He is now on BN's RoundTable.
Does he really think he so called 'Centrist' stand would fool everyone so much we could be subjects of his mass-soft sell-opposition disintegration -deception?

This man needs to be exposed for what he REALLY stands for

Anonymous said...

You are one big bastard zorro, we don’t need to thanks the Chinese for the infrastructure, we don’t need your tax money, all that the Chinese had done is milk the cow till dry, slaughter it, and eat every single piece of meat.
we will be better without the infra and without all the shits you put along the way..
you need to learn history again.
you are one freaking asshole. no doubt there are few chinese and some indians that I know respect and live in harmony with the malays, but you are not one of them.
you got your hidden agenda, and its definitely not for the unity of all races..
for all those malays who are blind, check whos this bastard so claim as zorro. check his his history and background...

lastly, I have to repeat this... you are one big bastard!!

zorro said... dare you call me a bastard when my dad and mum held hands in the hospital and both said "I do." That legalised their status as husband and wife and I am legally theirs and with a name unlike you with no name. But I will not call you a bastard or illegitimate because you were the result of a union of love.....even if you do not think so.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic resonse to that Racist Anus. This is more direct and pull no punches. Art also responded immculately but I doubt Anus understood a single word Art said. Too deep for this racist who is just form and no substance.

Sang Kancil

mauriyaII said...

If anybody needs to apologise, it is the anus character and his blinkered brothers and sisters. They should apologise to all non-Malays for forgetting the contribution that these folks rendered to develop this beautiful country whild the likes of Anus was languishing in their ulu kampungs without a care for the nation. They should apologise for calling them pendatang, prostitutes and kaki botol when these rent seekers and leaches were living off the blood and sweat of the non-Malays.

Their myopic view of the non-Malays is the brainwashing that they have gone through BTN, Utusan Malaysia and the inborn malaise which they don't seem to be able to get rid of.

At least the DAP is multi-racial unlike UMNO, MCA and MIC. Instead of asking LKS and LGE to step down, Anus would be doing this country and his kind a great favour if he has the balls to ask the corrupted leaders in UMNO to get lost for the good of the country.

Anonymous said...

Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan, RMN: Well said and one of the greatest rebuttal.

As for Zubedy, your comments are not well thought out and are without substance, not unlike your corporate stickman logo....

Pak Mertua said...


This is what Malaysian education system has taught you? Caling people bastard?

This is what your mom and pa teach you? Calling people bastard?

Anonymous said...

Anas wanting LGE to apologise for wanting to be equal is like this story. "Ah kow and Ahmad, both were given $100 by their boss. Ahmad said to Ah Kow, you cannot be equal to me. You must give me $30, but Ah Kow refused, because he earned it and both of them do equal work. Ahmad forcefully take it. Now Ahmad has $130 and Ah Kow has $70. Ah Kow cried foul and wanted back his $30 to make it up to $100. He said he doesn't want $130 but just $100 which is his due. Ahmad scolded him for wanting to have equal pay with him. He told Ah Kow to apologize. So, poor Ah Kow has $30 less and still have to say sorry to Ahmad. He has his rights taken but still have to be grateful and say sorry".

One day Ahmad sells his handphone to Ah Kow for $200. So Ah Kow paid him $200 and got the handphone. But Ahmad said he should be grateful to him for sharing his handphone with him. Ah Kow said, since I bought it, it belongs to me. How come, you said you share it with me.

Ahmad said I am very generous and share this land with you. Ah Kow said, I bought this piece of land with my money and built a house on it with my money. You did not give it to me free of charge. I bought it. It belongs to me now.

Ah Kow said to Ahmad, if you have the money, you can buy up all the lands and nobody will said anything, because it belongs to you now legally because you bought it with your money.
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Anonymous said...

anas suggestions reminds me of foreign students orientation week agenda. Bro Anas, the different races have co-existed in the Malayan Archipelago for 100's of years. If I remember my history class correstly, during the 70's., different ethnic groups have be co-existing during Parameswara era. And they have co-existed harmoiuously till as recent as the 1960's and even the 70's. So...can someone tell me what have transpired since the 70's that have created a situation that require one group of people to re-understand another group, beg for forgiveness without knowing what wrong they have done, live with each other to further understand each other etc etc which was suggested by Anas, so to foster unity?

We learned in college that to solve any issue's, we must first identify the problem/issue. And then study the possible causes of the problem before suggesting alternative solutions to overcome the problem. The question noe is to figure out what is the root cause's of our problems we are facing today which I believe started during the early 80's?

My 2 cents worth solution is three simple words...Fair, Just, and Free. If we all can practice those three basic principles of humanity, there will be salvation for our beloved country.

patrick said...

Anus nobody is a typical example of an UMNO ketuanan melayu type.They can only hope to survive on lies and deceit!But not for too much longer.

Anonymous said...

Anon631pm - This message is for you.

You are the biggest bastard amongst all bastards in the universe for calling uncle Zorro a bastard. you fucking son of a bitch. how dare you call an elderly man a bastard? would you want me to call your mother a prostitute or perhaps your fucking father bloody pimp.

get a real job you toss. muppet. anything further you say, it shows you are deem a fucking moot down your bill.

Anonymous said...


Let's go one on one! I'll represent Uncle Zorro, what say you? Name the date, time and place.

You need to be taught a lesson.

zorro said...


Go easy on this CHILD!

aizatzubedy said...

Anas responds to Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan

Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan,

Thank you for your letter. It is nice to see that you started your letter with a salam, although in, they took out the earlier parts of your letter.

I would like to make a few comments.

1. Like you, I am not for race-based political parties. I have, on many occasions, in my blog, full page ads, and talks, proposed that BN and PR slowly but surely work to make themselves one big party each which is non-race or religion based.

2. Like you, I too believe strongly that all socioeconomic policies must be based on needs, not race or religion.

3. I also agree that truth has been manipulated by people in power and some have used race wrongly to divide our country for the purpose of clinging onto power. I see this in both in BN and in the opposition.

4. I’m glad that we are on the same page on the new found cordiality between DAP and PAS.

Read more on this responds

Anonymous said...

so,you have shown your true colour but i knew since the kampung buah pala issue,you are just sinocentric clown!

najib manaukau said...

Anon 631 pm,

You can't have anyone income tax and not even money generated by the black gold. They are for this country which is not owned by you or the Malays. The country is owned by the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters, it was the early Malays who gave them the Malay words 'Orang Asli' and not the Chinese or the Indians. Just in case you don't or pretend not to know the meaning of the words "Orang Asli' they mean 'Original People". Why were they given the name 'Orang Asli' ? It is a recognition that they were the original people of this land and not the Malays. The Malays are only the descendants of the Indonesian Pirates who came to Malaya to seek refuge and later on robbed these Orang Asli of their land and call yourself Bumiputra.
You try to justify the atrocities done to them by calling them pseudo Malay and they even protested that. In other words they don't want to have anything to do with the word or anything similar to the word Malays.
To be a Malay one has to be a muslim, among many other requirements, and one thing for sure they are not muslims. They hunt wild games for food and do't wear much totally different lifestyle from you. Most of all they can survive without any hand outs from anybody. Can you real bastard ? Without hand outs you the Malays would have vanished from this earth for sure.
Even some of your more literate leaders are admitting that you are either third or fourth generations of immigrants ! So pretending that you are the sons of the soil and call everyone else pendatang when you are also pendatang. The only difference is the Chinese plus all the non Malays are proud to be pendatang that contributed to the development of this country called Malaysia and did not rob the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters of this right. Go and study the real history of Malaysia and not the version came up by Umno, the half breeds !

STEADYAKU47 said...

Bro MUST post this on my blog too! regards.