Saturday, February 9, 2013


Fear has its use but cowardice has none.
Mahatma Gandhi

Heckling and boasting are acts of cowardice. If you want to speak, get up in front of the microphone and speak in public; don't sit in the dark hiding. It's easy to hide and shout and waste people's time.


patrick said...

Typical of these UMNO morons, "cakap besar",just like that old prick of a doc who suggested amending the constitution just to revoke Ambiga's citizenship! Just try it Doc if you can still find that shrivelled pair of yours and see what happens!

Anonymous said...

Can Laja Not Cheat please tell us if he is the FT minister or minister of Lembah Pantai only?
This so call minister is spending all the taxpayers money only in Lembah Pantai to support his greed for power.
Look at all the poor maintence of the public facilities by DBKL especially the roads with all the potholes in almost everyone streets in KL. Flash flood in KL after half an hour of rain, due to poor drainage that cause people get trapped in traffic jammed for hours.
Under him DBKL takes cares of Lembah Pantai and the tourists area in Bukit Bintang only, what about other places, don't we KLites pay taxes and deserved good servicesii?
Looks like BeEND is going lose all other seats in FT again during the GE 13!
This backdoor minister was a below average student from RMC in the 69/70 year!
Does he deserve your vote to take care of FT again? For me, no thank you.

Kerala Chooni said...

This idiot Dr Kutty is talking cock about reverting Ambiga's citizenship.
He thinks this country belongs to his father. Pondeh pariah!! Real bastard!

Roti Sunshine said...

this raja non-chik has some surreptitious tricks up his sleeves. wake up people of lembah pantai, this is the year of the snake and snakes love to devour chickens! snakes are also useful to keep the frogs in check! post ge13 frogs will be in abundant.

wandererAUS said...

Aiyah, this chickenhead Raja Nong Chik, when they did the minor surgery for his circumcision, they accidentally, removed his two balls!...making him a natural eunuch politician. He is more talented to be UMNO pimp...wiping assholes! How to debate a charming and intelligent lady like Yb Narul...even, his fcuking looks will put off the audience if a debate is held.
UMNO politicians have no guts, just useless dead pricks!

passion1 said...

There is already a Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, just like in NY and other cities.
A Federal Territory minister post is redundant.
One more MP is OK, provided its necessary and he is worth his salary. This fella is a waste.

wandererAUS said...


"Zhu ni xin nian kaule, Gong xi fa cai!" May you enjoy continued good health and happiness. May the the Year of the Snake ignites the flame of determination and burn these UMNO bastards to hell! ooops! no cursing on New Year Day.

KoSong Cafe said...

I still believe Nurul is one person who has what it takes to beat all odds against her. It could be because of what she had been through since her father got into trouble; because she herself has proven her ability as an MP; or just being an icon of Reformasi.

As a first-timer, she won against incumbent Shahrizat, despite the latter's big-time corporate figure supporters (like Tony Fernandez) who showed up. So RNC's high profile a la BN is likely to be no match against current popular sentiments which favour CHANGE. All the old tricks which did not work in 2008 are less likely to work this time.

Taikohtai said...

It first surfaced in Gerakan. In Koh Tsu Koon to be precise. He went backdoor. He went Bo Hood.
Then it surfaced in the unelected PM. He dared not pick up the gauntlet thrown by DSAI months ago but started wearing skirts to head UMNO Wanita instead.
Now it has surfaced again in Nong Chickadee Chik. Looks like in the major of KL, you guys got a closet cross dresser too. But there is one exception amongst all BN goons: One simply have to give it to CSL, in all naked glory and shine but rather lacking in his legacy, his poofy son.
Cryptorchidism is my word of the day.

Anonymous said...

RNC is just an unrecognised minister who was appointed and allocated funds to buy back the voters of Lembah Pantai. Lets all Lembah Pantai residents show him the exit when GE-13 comes. We dont need these "pondan" ministers in our realm.

Anonymous said...

This is one minister that doesn't act like one.His words are merely being pick up from monsoon drains in Lembah Pantai.His arrogance,his stupidity is far beyond our imagination.In his mind being a Minister of the Federal Territory,is just to revolve around Lembah Pantai.His presence as a Minister of FT is not to serve the people but to work his way up as a BN candidate of Lembah Pantai.

Anonymous said...

Umno people can talk shit and their media will amplify it. Nong is no exception although his chinese wife could have advised him better.

Anonymous said...

Let make a fried chicken out this gay, oops guy!
He does not desreve a chance to be voted in as MP. He will be put in the freezer if Nah Cheat cannot gets a 2/3 majority as MooMooEdin will take over. WHY Waste Your VOTE, people of Lembah Pantai? VOTE WISELY!

wandererAUS said...

Fifty five years wasted after Merdeka, UMNO has not changed, they still have this type of UMNO Melayu baruah who harbors the old politics...where they believe and practice, "Might is right" What do the electorate of today really want? continue screwed by UMNO goons or to be lead by new faces with new ideas from alternate political parties...a new vision for a new Malaysia. Time for change!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...









Stone Cold said...

Dear A Jib Kor

Paying the Chinese drum will not lead u to the Chinese heart. Chinese had long time ago rejected BN/umno due to its racist policies, corruption, unfair business practices, resentment pendatang labeling & suppressing of the minority races.

GE13 will send BN/umno to extinction alright!

Anonymous said...


As what Ambiga urge, all Malaysian should come out to vote and overshadow the phantom voters. VOTE FOR PAKATAN RAKYAT. After voting go back home and stay at home even Pakatan Win dont come out as BN is all out to create chaos and declare emergency. Let them create and cool down. Ultimately Putrajaya will be ours.


Eori said...


Please SHARE and spread this very IMPORTANT video around so that more people could see the truth from lies before GE13!

We will support Nurul even more after watching this video for her father's sake.

Anonymous said...

hey zorro enough of talking cock.

Come GE13 Raja Nong will take Lembah Pantai ... and the likes of you will scream cheating and all like a bunch of 7 yr olds.

Anonymous said...



Gerakan K said...



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
February 12, 2013 at 12:13 AM

I bet you got Raja Noon Chick DNA!
I can understand why you are so defensive of him. Remember to tell your dad, win the contest with honor!

Anonymous said...

NO x3 for Najib despite Psy vote buying stunt!
We must learn from Penangites.
Just take the goodies but reject BN in its face.

Anonymous said...

Year of Snake.
This year Snake will shed its skin signifying a new begining inMalaysian politics.
Out goes BN, in comes Pakatan.
This is predicted by most Feng Shui masters.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
Any first hand account on the Najib's embarrassing NO NO NO incident in Penng?

Anonymous said...

nkkhoo still think MCA can get 60% Chinese votes in Johor. What do you think, zorro?

Anonymous said...

Why don't this chicken UMNO senator RNC jump off from the twin towers and do a free fall. No one miss him, blooming UMNO coward.

Michael Ng said...

The president of MCA has been beating his war drums and also sounding like an old record for months.

His dislike for the DAP is well known and nobody can blame him really as both parties are desperately vying for the Chinese votes.

However, I find his constant "reminder" to the people especially the Chinese voters that DAP had to give up the Perak menteri besar post to PAS despite the party winning 18 state seats in Perak in the last general election very nauseating.

I think everyone including non-Perakians knows the real reason why the menteri besar post was given to PAS, which is part of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

How come the president of MCA is so adamant to insist that DAP is subservient to PAS? Is that so? I am sorry to say that many Malaysians do not think so.

Then he goes round trying to frighten the people about PAS' intention of turning Malaysia into a Taliban state.

I agree that there are some extremist elements within PAS but there also the same kind of characters in Perkasa, too, who are supported by members from a major partner in the ruling coalition which MCA is part of, even though that party had distanced itself from these goons.

One thing I want to ask the president of MCA is that where was the party's voice when our former PM Dr MahathirMohamad unilaterally declared Malaysia to be an Islamic state way back in 2001?

We are a secular nation with Islam as the official religion. That was what I learnt while in school.

Is there an Act of Parliament that states Malaysia is an Islamic country?

If there is, please enlighten me.

And if indeed Malaysia is an Islamic country then what is the casino doing up on the mountain range in Pahang and how come we still have our regular weekly four digit draws?

Also alcoholic beverages are easily available in all supermarkets, restaurants and coffee shops.

To put it succinctly, the people don't really care about race and religion. We are all Malaysians. It is the politicians who continue to harp on these two sensitive issues in order to stay relevant.

What the people really want is a clean and efficient government where there will be no room for rent-seekers and cronies.

Is that too much to ask?

Sabri Chik said...

Raja Nong Chik dare not debate because the crony company (Syarikat Istijuara Sdn Bhd) of his daughter Raja Farhana (26 years old) are given RM30 million worth of contract on 24 August 2010 without bidding with no tranparency from Kementerian Belia dan Sukan.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the chinese in Muar will continue to support MCA because they are given oranges during chinese new year, so claimed nkkhoo the pro-MCA blogger.

Wisdom of Psy said...

Chinese already accepted PAS but rejected Make Chinese Angry Party !!!

are you ready for PR? Yes
are you ready for PKR? Yes
are you ready for MCA? NO !!
are you ready.for Gerakan ? NO !!
are you ready for MIC? NO !!!
are ypu ready for PR? YES !!!

Shenaaz said...

Having been a resident of Bangsar Baru for 38 years now, I have never quite witnessed such unashamed Umno unlawfulness as I have in the last two years.

Public property has been plastered with pimping portraits of bribe-brocaded BN bumpkins. And patches of grass outside private homes have been plunged with BN billboards, erected on the directive of the Federal Territories Ministry!

Many Bangsar folk have been subjected to this menacing modus of a moustached mooching marauder called Raja Nong Chik, a perfidious politician who offensively plies the peasants of Pantai Valley with his patrician pity! And with hideous regularity, he is seen bouncing about and brunching with the Bob’s and Betty’s of Bangsar, venturing to vulture votes.

His blog boasts a sudden stellar track record of service to the people of Lembah Pantai and could lead one to believe that Nong can do no wrong! His catalogue of kindness includes stalking, soliciting and spamming the simple people of Lembah Pantai!

Nong Chiks ballot begging has produced bile in many bellies. And Bangsar bellies are further upchucked by Chiks bastionhood of banner bullying. Yes, banner bullying! Tis a riveting game of brashly binning banners of one’s foe and then brandishing beastly banners bearing BN blockheads! The cheek of him!

Now the Nong-Nurul imbroglio has courted much contempt from both campaigning camps! Nurul Izzah invited the resident rounding Raja to a public powwow on policies and performances. She proposed a date and a bipartisan mediator. But the foul fowl frowned upon the offer as he has a debilitating disdain for democracy and diplomacy! This was abundantly justified of course, as a debate debacle could easily prove Nong to be one humongous nought!

To those who have beheld the idiocy of indignation, it was delightfully obvious that Nuruls’ debate demand dilemma-ed dear Nong and frightened the faeces out of the FT fronter, who favours flibberti-gibberti falsehoods to irrefutable facts!

A King among cowards, he instead opts to spinelessly spew spiteful slander from platforms made of plastercine and pipes and trumpet his trivial triumphs to troupers, trustees and Tamagotchis. Mindful that any public debate would expose Nurul’s natty nature against his nonsensical natter, the mischievous minister maligns my MP’s movement with madcap monologue.

Raja Nong Chik best remember that on March 8, 2008, the people of Lembah Pantai handed divorce papers to the malfeasant Madam Shahrizat and retained custody of our pride. We value our vale far too much to ever let anymore thieving, smirking BN overlords leech on to our land. So, so long Nong! And may the rest of the nation bid adieu to the BN blisters and their rotting residue!

Anonymous said...




加重人民的负担,对不起,下届大选我要say bye bye to BN=Barang Naik!

mk9m said...

Bukan senang nak jadi Menteri ni kan?

Dah lah tanggungjawabnya maha berat, tapi yang paling tak tahan sekali ialah fitnah yang diterima, bukan sahaja terhadap diri sendiri, tapi turut melibatkan ahli keluarga!

Menteri yang terkini kena fitnah ialah Dato’ Raja Nong Chik, Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan dan Kesejahteraan Bandar.

Apa fitnahnya? Kononnya Dato’ Raja Nong Chik salahguna kuasa untuk beri kontrak Kementerian Belia dan Sukan kepada syarikat anaknya, Istijuara Sdn Bhd. 

Sebenarnya aku bila dengar fitnah ni pun dah jadi hairan. Dato' Raja Nong Chik ialah Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan dan Kesejahteraan Bandar. Dia bukannya pegang Kementerian Belia dan Sukan, jadi macam mana dia boleh bagi kontrak kat anak dia?

Takpalah, mari kita kaji kronologi isu ni untuk buktikan bahawa ianya langsung tidak berasas.

Apa penjelasan kepada fitnah ni?
Istijuara Sdn Bhd dapat Surat Niat (letter of Intent) untuk membekal, memasang dan menyelenggara peralatan untuk Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara (IKBN) Bandar Penawar, Johor dari KBS pada tahun 2006.  Pada masa itu, Dato' Raja Nong Chik takda sebarang pegangan saham dalam Istijuara Sdn Bhd. Ini bermakna Istijuara Sdn Bhd dapat kontrak tu atas daya usaha mereka sendiri. 
Dato’ Raja Nong Chik beli Istijuara Sdn Bhd pada tahun 2007 dan letakkan bawah nama anaknya. Pada masa itu, Dato’ Raja Nong Chik belum jadi Menteri lagi. Sebagai ahli perniagaan, takda salahnya dia nak beli saham mana-mana syarikat.

Dato’ Raja Nong Chik jadi Menteri pada tahun 2009.

Pada tahun 2010, kompleks IKBN Bandar Penawar siap. Bila dah siap, baru Surat Tawaran (Letter of Award) dikeluarkan kepada Istijuara Sdn Bhd. Mengapa kena tunggu siap baru keluar Surat Tawaran? Sebabnya Kerajaan nak pastikan spesifikasi peralatan adalah up to date. Kalau dia bagi Surat Tawaran (Letter of Award) pada tahun 2006 bersekali dengan Surat Niat (Letter of Intent) maka spesifikasinya tentulah spesifikasi tahun 2006 sedangkan kompleks hanya akan siap pada tahun 2010! Bayangkanlah, kompleks serba canggih guna peralatan kuno dan out of date! 


Istijuara Sdn Bhd dapat kontrak takda kena-mengena dengan Dato’ Raja Nong Chik sebab dia bukan pemegang saham pada masa itu.
Dato’ Raja Nong Chik beli Istijuara Sdn Bhd dan letakkan bawah nama anaknya sebelum dia jadi Menteri, dan selepas Istijuara dapat kontrak IKBN.
Tempoh di antara Surat Niat (Letter of Intent) dan Surat Tawaran (Letter of Award) adalah kerana menunggu kompleks siap bagi memastikan spesifikasi peralatan up to date. Ini adalah Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) perolehan Kerajaan.

Jadi, apa yang pembangkang nak kecoh-kecoh kononnya ada salahguna kuasa? Nampak jelas semua proses mengikut prosedur dan lunas undang-undang.

Sengaja je diorang seronok tabur fitnah!!!