Wednesday, January 30, 2013


If we follow the actions and thinking of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his supporters, then we must rectify the “errors’ of the past, even if it means violating established principles of the Constitution, laws and good governance.

According to them, bringing in more Muslims into Sabah in the 1990s and making them citizens was not a cynical move to help the ruling coalition win elections (although that was the immediate benefit), but to correct the mistakes of history. Simply put, the country needed to have more Muslims – even if they were foreigners from the Philippines, Pakistan or Indonesia – because Tunku Abdul Rahman “gave away” citizenship to the Chinese and Indians as part of the Merdeka agreement. Dr M somehow blames the Tunku for making citizenship “easier” for non-Malays, which he believes justifies his call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Tunku’s decision 60 years ago.

His ranting could be ignored if it weren’t for the fact that it’s dangerous. Dr M destroyed UMNO when it did his bidding and we must not allow him to destroy the country too. To advocate reviewing all past policies and disowning our former leaders’ great sacrifices is highly irresponsible. The country’s design and constitutional make-up is not like the latest Proton model for him to change at whim. Our heritage and history are ours, not his. He has lost all sense of proportion in trying to gain traction for his wayward political views to change the outcome of the General Election.

Dr M was a member of the Alliance, which agreed to adopt the principle of “jus soli” in granting citizenship to non-Malays. It was a social contract that the Malay Rulers agreed to, and which the rakyat also supported, as evidenced by the Alliance’s overwhelming victories in the 1955 and 1959 elections. Yet Dr M has no compunction ridiculing our pioneering leaders’ great effort to forge a nation. He is bent on making race a divisive issue in this General Election and he will destroy this country if his views are not accepted.
So let’s make this General Election a referendum on the man himself. If we reject him, as we must, then we can only do so by rejecting the Barisan Nasional. The eunuchs in the BN are all scared of him. I urge Malaysians to show their revulsion for this man and his ideas by rejecting the BN once and for all.   We cannot solve today’s problems by harping on the past. We have to live with the past, and not find excuses when we are unable to govern well now. We solve problems by working together, by adopting peaceful means and by having big-hearted leaders like the Tunku. The revisionists of our history have to be put in their proper places.


Anonymous said...

It was reported that the illegal ics were issued for purpose of profit. Can somebody cross check with the voting records to confirm that all these "illegal Malaysians" voted in the General Elections upon being issued with the ics/receipts? If it can be confirmed that they voted, then we can strongly deduced that such ics/receipts were issued with the purpose of cheating during the GE.

Azneer said...


A salute to you!

This election is certainly a referendum to reject BN that has been hijacked by Mamakutty's ideology.

BN need to be an opposition to reset its path to the one pioneered by Tunku, to b worthy to be back into office 5 years later.

Anonymous said...


PRU13 is a referedum to make Pakatan the new government.

Read this and make it possible:

Anonymous said...

The Umno warlords are gleefully making all kinds of vacuous proposals on the Sabah Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) findings, confident that Project M is a fait accompli and that nothing can change the new demography (and the drastic alterations in voting pattern which emerged from it).

It is clear that GE12 and those preceding it were won by massive fraud. The regime is not legitimate. But will we, ordinary patriotic Malaysians, let GE13 turn up the same demons?

Anonymous said...

According to PAS’ Harakah daily dated Jan 25 to 27, 2013, there are marked increase of dubious voters in these Pakatan Rakyat-held parliamentary seats:

1. Kuala Selangor 10,083 (PAS MP Dzulkefly Ahmad)

2. Selayang 16,189 (PKR MP William Leong)

3. Gombak 15,467 (PKR MP Azmin Ali)

4. Hulu Langat 23,334 (PAS MP Che Rosli Che Mat)

5. Serdang 23,748 (DAP MP Teo Nie Ching)

6. Puchong 19,772 (DAP MP Gobind Singh Deo)

7. Kelana Jaya 13,714 (PKR MP Loh Gwo Burne)

8. Subang 27,765 (PKR MP R Sivarasa)

9. Shah Alam 15,417 (PAS MP Khalid Samad)

10.Kapar 21,606 (PKR MP S Manikavasagam)

11.Klang 11,702 (DAP MP Charles Santiago)

12.Kota Raja 22,256 (PAS MP Siti Mariah Mahmud)

13.Kuala Langat 17,172 (PKR MP Abdullah Sani)

This underhand operation to negate the vote of genuine Malaysian citizens reveals the desperation of those who want to win at all costs so much so that they are willing to sell out the nation’s rights.

eddy chua said...

Unfortunately his untimely retirement from politics will be gravely missed.A person who dares to speak up against injustices and against anybody who deemed to be unfair to the rakyat.
A person that can be considered a novice in politics but certainly not a ball licker or a lap dog.In fact he is considered by many for being too vocal.A person with such a determination to correct the wrongs ended up stepping into many of his peer's toes.Not a good team player but certainly a charismatic and principled politician.
Salute Datuk,all the best.

Anonymous said...

Tak masuk akal langsung. Kenapa pendatang haram dari Filipina, India, Pakistan dan lain lain mahu bayar RM250 untuk mendapat resit untuk mengundi? Tak masuk akal langsung kalau bekas Pengarah JPN hanya mahu RM250 untuk memberi kerakyatan kepada pendatang haram. Bukankah RM250 terlalu rendah?

Concern Citizen said...

Bro Z,Most of us who are right-minded and thinking of the well-being of our country are committed to voting out UMNO/BN Govt.
If the coming political situation on GE13 is played on a level field, I think the people will have a change in Govt.
Now the problem lies with the Opposition. What strategy or preventive measures the Opposition parties had put-up in place to counter the 'phantom voters'? This is very important. If not the Opposition can draw big massive crowds to their cheramah but at the end of the day our people are being cheated at polling station on Polling Day.
Although, we do not want to know or wish the Opposition to disclose their strategy in this point in time for obvious reason, it is imperative that the measures are ready, in place and would be effective when GE13 comes. I have heard Ambiga advocating a movement of people to be involved as 'watch-dog' during polling. My fear is whether this measure is enough to deter the BN from playing 'dirty'. My 2 cents worth of suggestion is,why not get the Bar Council of Lawyer's Malaysia to do "National Service" in deployment to suspect states/constituency in teams of 2/3 persons to monitor the situation on Polling Day.We have thousands of lawyers and it's a matter of getting things organised by the Bar Council. This move will also give confidence to the Ambiga's people on the ground. We should give a thought to this, especially in Selangor, Perak and Federal Territory.

wongty robert said...

Dr. M has only two wishes left before expiry date. First, is his revenge against our Tunku for kicking him out of UMNO. Second, is to make certain that the mountain of wealth and accumulated millions remain in his family, safe and sound, come what may. UMNO is just a political tool not exclusively meant to fulfill the aspirations of Malaysian Malays but to fulfill his wishes, at any cost!

Anonymous said...

This is the most clear-headed statement that I have read in a long, long time... Politicians will never change. The rakyat has to take charge. NOW, or never !

Anonymous said...

Blah! Blah! Blah! Zaid has not said anything new that he was not saying before. Looking at his political journey, he has no credibility.

Zorro, he's your friend and it's your blog. Your friend will always be your friend regardless of their political credibility and leanings.

Your blog has a consistent theme of doing the right thing, getting rid of the unjust and all things that the ordinary rakyat crave for. You've probably got yourself quite some fans because of the credibility you have built up.

Sometimes it is better to keep your friends away from what you do / believe in, particularly those whose chequered past will undermine what people see you as standing for.

Just some friendly hot air from me.

Napoleon said...

Ya..Uncle Z, Do stay far...far...far..away from that self-claimed blue blood bastard of traitor RPK. He is very...very contagious worst than the Asian n UK flu put together. Watch it n take care.

wandererAUS said...

This Baruah Celup Melayu must be charged with treason, if found guilty and be hung by his balls!! A motherfcuker, low life Mamakutty and his siblings must never be allowed to enter our political arena again. Perhaps, classifying all mamaks as Malays was a big mistake and the same legislation be revoked! Let use this General Election a referendum to end Malaysia nightmare created by this evil man from Kerala. Let us pray we have a new administration after GE 13th...let us build a new nation of One People calling ourselves Malaysians and calling Malaysia home.

Wake-up Call said...

One way of beating the phantom votes is calling all our relatives, neighbours n friends to come out to votes on the polling day. We should fight with massive votes to overwhelm
the dirty electoral roll for a better Malaysia. All should raise to the occasion for this coming 13GE being touted as the mother of all elections.

Ellese A said...

I don't understand why people use social contract argument ikut suka hati dia. When you don't like it, you condemned social contract argument. When it suits you, you support the social contract argument.

I think Malaysians have become dumber by the day. Just like the budget deficit. If you don't like the person, his deficit budget will bankcrupt our nation. If you support the person, a similar deficit budget proposal by such person is a good budget.

Delilah said...

Ellese, Of course when we don't like it we condemn. And there MUST be a reason why we don't like something. If something is good we will of course tend to like. Don't you think that is just human nature as what we are all? By our natural behaviour as all humans are, what makes you say "Malaysians are dumber by the day"?
Maybe you are but not Malaysians. Perhaps I guess you are kui lo or a good mixture of everything other than Malaysian and want to behave a bit of 'atas sedikit' ego. So don't generalise and condemn Malaysians at large. You may not agree with some comments but I defend their rights to comment whether right or wrong. Learn to agree to disagree in blogging.

zorro said...

Thanks Delilah, you answered for most of us Malaysians.

patrick said...


Anonymous said...

Ellese A... learn to pee straight first before teaching others how to pee! What make you think, an UMNO tainted egoistic asshole like you have all the answers for Malaysia? Take your craps and stuff them up your blowhole...there are no easy meats here for you to bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Zaid's clever piece above is probably written by the same T Razaleigh/Tengku Nazrin whatever ghost writer. Sounds so pure & righteous, but of course , another bad fraud.

Pity tho that you Zorro, of all people fell for it, yet again, line, hook n sinker

sampalee said...

I will reject person like DrM and this include AI who executes his plan.

Jong said...

Ellese A - Next time think before you type. You can't be all correct and many others wrong. Yes, you are downright dumb - that's why you can't understand, this we all agree!

sam said...

hi Dear Zorro,

this guy Ellese A writes all nasty stuff about many good people who dared to identify thmselves clearly with name and even pictures of themselves.

But can we say the same about this Ellese A?. he say all nasty things about other peoples but when you visit his so called blog no infor mation about him or his pic?

maybe about time he comes clean on your pic like other bloggers that you have said nasty stuff likes Dr raffick, harris , Zorro etc etc etc.

if you fail to do that please stop saying the nasty things or even better stop critizing others.

you're a men enough even with womens name i'm sure you have balls?

cheers sam

Ellese A said...

You guys are funny. First there are many out there who are pro pr bloggers who are not identified. Here we also see many who use anonymous. No issue kan. What a load of crap argument.

Secondly I've written for years already but set up the blog of late because I've been censored unfairly. Thus I record down those hypocrites who proclaim to the world that they believe in freedom of expression and free media. If I can write elsewhere like here I don't have to record it in my blog.

Thirdly, an action cannot be right or wrong ikut suka hati Mak Datuk. You can't say I believe in freedom of expression if you have the same view as mine but against freedom of expression when you are against my view. Similarly with social contract. If you support it it means you must agree with the positive discrimination for the Malays and Muslims as a compromise for being Malaysians. These are all facts. If want I can elaborate coz many dont even know what's the value in our constitution that we agree to uphold.

And further comment on pissing just reflects the retarded mentality of the commentators.

Ellese A said...

Dear Jong,

Can you explain why ones deficit budget will bancrupt our nation while another similar deficit budget don't. Pr budget has also taken account all the alleged corrupt practice but still increase our debts due to billion dollar hand out.

These are dumb political spins. But many Malaysians are just too dumb to think.

Let me go deeper. How can a debt GDP ratio below a prudent Maastricht level set out by EU be deemed bankcrupt. Only in Malaysia many think like this. All because of blind partisanship. Believe me if pr goes into power they will increase our debt and say its still prudent. And you guys suddenly forgot about requiring surplus budget and agree with it. Just like we see now.

Now why is this not dumb.

najib manaukau said...

This grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir had 22 years and also the his exclusive right to call for a RCI on TAB's decision to grant citizenships to the pendatang. He did not, why then is he calling for one now ? On top of that he is now saying that the back side lover was directly involved. Does that make him less guilty because of that ? Between now and the GE he will for sure spew out more toxicity and reveal more of the atrocities he committed.
The people have along known how he has managed to remain as P.M. for 22 years and above all what kind of a real racist he is and affirms what he truly is, a consummate liar on top of all the nasty things he carried out.
No matter what he will come up with about the opposition, just remember half a loaf is always better than none !

backStreetGluttons said...


Commenting on Blogs is akin to
coffeeshop gossip or a casual chit chat about something (topic of the day.

There is no need to take such blah blah seriously at all (or try to be too clever), unless you are a paid UMNO Cybertrooper (think Rocky & Tony Yew etc etc) for hire, the remuneration of which is probably based on the length and % of anti PR/supporter sentiments spilled/spin continue being paid, or qualifying for future bonuses in case BN returns to power.

For us we try to be objective and matter of fact - we never spin nor get worked-up or emotional.

Thats us

Zakaria said...

Now, the GE is drawing near and some body is running scared. He is panicky!He fears the worst that will befall him! If a person has not done any wrong, what is there to be worried and scared? Malaysia is a free country! As long as you don't steal, rob, kill, you need not be worried. You can walk freely! It is a wonderful nation. You can have your teh tarik, roti canai, tosai, mee rebus , fried mee, cendol at the mamak stall! Wonderful, isn't it? But if you have done something wrong, the ghost will haunt you and you have no peace of mind. Right? You are even afraid of your own shadow!

Justice league said...

Mamakutty is worried that his karma will hunt him. Dun worry, PR is not UMNO. They wont arrest politician like what you did with ops lalang. They wont put you in ISA, even when the whole world knows that you have sold my country to terrorist just to votes in sabah and other parts of malaysia. The wont give gag order to the media like what you did when you were in power. Hope all the double standards, marginalisation, police brutality that you and the damn umno brought in to this country will be buried deep down under.

Anonymous said...

Tum M said he won't run away should Pakatan wins election.

Better enlarge Kamunting prison to accommodate more corrupted people soon...

Anonymous said...


Ellese A said...

Dear bsg,

If only the actions reflect your words. Look at the postings at this blog. For example calling Mahathir committing treasons. Or most of the reply to my write even referencing to pissing or calling me paid cybertroopers. This is definitely people who are emotional, not pbjective and unable to accept contrarian views.

As far as I am concern almost all pr supporters are emotional and not objective. Let me put a case in point. I am a proponent of objective media. I want media to be fair balance and truthful. We follow the US SPJ standards. I have called this for many years and you know what I can count with my fingers pro pr supporters wanting this. To them they want media pro pr notwithstanding the truth. It's always spin spin spin. To me they are just similar to those pro bn. People condemn utusan but practice utusan method.

So I see your statement as unsupportable. If you are sincere lets have a similar basis. Lets start with Malaysia having an objective media. Are you agreeable with it? Show me you mean what you say. There's a posting on journalism. Lets prise the objectivity issue.

Ps. The argument categorizing me as a paid cybertrooper is a cheap argument. Don't do that again. In any event I am not a paid bn cybertrooper. No one in bn knows me. I don't expect a single sen from bn. I write because its a view I believe in.

Anonymous said...

Tengku has turned in his grave & has afford a smile to his unakinned protege Anwar Ibrahim. He has nodded his head approvingly to the rakyat to lend support to the alternative leadership of the latter for the sake of Malaysia.