Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The Voter Agent Training recently conducted at the PJ Civic Centre brought to the fore some very critical issues which every Voter ought to know.

These are :
1. As soon as you enter the polling station, you will be ushered to Kerani 1, who will check your personal identity against your NRIC. He/she will then read out your name, NRIC number and the Siri/Bilangan number in accordance to the List provided by the Election Commission (SPR).
2. Once all that is verified, Kerani 1 will pass your NRIC to the next officer, Kerani 2.
3. Here, Kerani 2 will hand you a ‘Kertas Undi,’ which is identified by its Serial Number. As a Voter, please know your rights. You have the constitutional right under our Election Laws to NOT accept the ‘Kertas Undi’ that the officer assigns to you. You CAN and should ask for a different ‘Kertas Undi’ from a different book. To do that, just say to the officer, “Encik (or Cik), saya minta Kertas Undi dari buku lain atau dari bawah.” Translated, that is, “Sir (or Madam), I like to request a different ballot paper from a different book or from below.” This must be done so that the Voter CANNOT be identified via the SPR’s Master List. It will take just ONE voter to upset the whole sequence, which will eventually affect the SPR’s Master List for that voting centre. The aim of doing this is to SAFEGUARD every Voter’s identity. No one has the right to know how you want to vote.
4. Once your ‘Kertas Undi’ is issued to you, just stand there and do NOT leave immediately.Instead please CHECK BOTH SIDES of the ballot paper in order to ensure that there are NO pencil markings or any other form of suspicious markings on it. If there are, REJECT the ballot paper issued to you and instead request for these markings to be either erased to your satisfaction or for you to be issued with a new ‘Kertas Undi.’ Also do NOT accept any loose-lying ‘Kertas Undi,’ which may have been strewn about because it was rejected by someone else earlier. ALWAYS ask for a fresh ballot paper from the book. An alternative, as suggested by certain other people via email, is to bring along your own eraser so that when you see any pencil marks, you can rub them off completely yourself.
5. Kerani 2 will then hand the ‘Kertas Undi’ to the next officer, Kerani 3. Kerani 3 carries a seal, which will be used to stamp your ‘Kertas Undi.’ PLEASE watch carefully that the officer stamps your ballot paper FULLY and CLEARLY. After that, see that it is folded into two before the ballot paper is handed over to you. Incomplete stamp mark can and will render your ballot paper as spoiled vote.
6. You can now proceed to the voting booth.
7. At the booth, please ensure that the ballot paper has only your ONE marking of a single X. If for whatever reason, suspicious or otherwise, you overlooked some pencil marks of numbers or markings on the front or back of the ballot paper (ie other than your own mark), please ERASE those markings completely. REMEMBER, these markings can and will render your ballot spoiled – so be Extra Cautious. The most careful approach is to check your ‘Kertas Undi’ thoroughly before you accept it from the officer.
REMEMBER to check it in front of the relevant officer so that if you have to reject it, he is right in front of you.
8. Do not be afraid or cower in fear when you have to express your objections because there are representatives from the various participating political parties who will be there to observe the whole voting process and they are there to assist you as and when you need.
As mentioned earlier, It is this kind of information that GUILTY PARTY does not want others to know. They thrive on public ignorance so that they can do whatever they feel like brazenly.
One way to stop them is to send this information to as many of your friends as possible so that everyone, on voting day, knows exactly what to do, and  is fully AWARE of his/her constitutional voting rights.  
Print this out and keep it safely. When Voting Day finally arrives, it will be handy for you to access and read again.

PLEASE bring along your own pencil ERASER.
It is VITAL that we get this information across to as many people as possible.

AFTER THIS GO TO IMAGE DOA on my right sidebar to check if you are still a registered voter and your polling station has not been changed.


patrick said...

Yessiree!Go in armed with an eraser and an attitude!Remember,this is make or break folks 'cos the alternative is too painful to even consider!Imagine having to contend with the likes of Mahathir,Muhyiddin,Zahid Hamidi,Hishammudin and all their kuncu-kuncu again....this country needs a break,do the right thing vote these lanuns out for good!

lee lh said...

Uncle Zorro,
I always enjoyed reading your blog n this is my 1st time posting this to you.
We will definitely spread this infor but how that elderly voters. Do they have the right to get the assistance from the representative to help out?
Happy New Year to you Uncle Zorro!!

zorro said...

Lee L H, I messaged the expert PY Wong to give you his best response to your query. We await his response.

Roti Sunshine said...

Dear Zorro,

Power comes not from the barrel of a gun but from a sharp pencil lead!You get the point?

Yep, Malaysians sharpen your pencil and turf out those overstayers from BN!

Anonymous said...


you gave the game away.

dun be surprised they ban erasers and anything 'rubbery' from all voting centres.

pretty soon, they will even ban people from voting centres, only parasitic beings (they are collectively called "Barisan Nasional and their cronies")will be allowed in.

wandererAUS said...

The immoral and corrupted administration of the land, does not want others to know of their ill intent in deceiving. They thrive on "public ignorance and dirty tricks", a distasteful reputation of these deranged low beings in UMNO/BN regime well earned.
Fortunately, I thrive on their assumption that I am a BN supporter!

Janice said...

Watch this Teoh Beng Hock doucumentary, now in full on Youtube


Vote for change!

Cossette Wong said...

Go watch the musical "Les Miserables" now in cinemas. The movie is preaching economic revolution, the downtrodden rising up against the wealthy few and a police force hellbent on defending the status quo.

Something similar to the situaion in Malaysia where the BN cronies are the corrupted wealthy and Ubah is the revolution and PDRM is hellbent to protect the interest of BN regime.

flyer168 said...


Yes indeed, a very timely advise.


Anonymous said...

Wrong address, Uncle Zorro.
You preach this to your racist party DAP.
Computer glitch (sic) to fix Zairil as the winning CEC member number 20. Convenient yah to blame the computer.
Umno or EC have never made such blunders which made DAP the laughing stock of the world.
Who is DAP bluffing? The Malays? Of course not Malays. They know Zairil is a Chinese and not a drop of Malay blood.
A step son of Khir Johari does not a Malay make.
Stupid, stupid DAP. Cannot count and want to rule Malaysia. Sorry lah over our dead bodies.
Why not DAP be be proud as the Chinese party instead of saying it's multi-racial. Crap.

Musa Ng said...

Hi Zorro,

Thanks for the tips on voting. All duly noted and tips being circulated via my family mailing list - approx 45 names.

I have never voted so pls excuse the silly questions :

- I would only need to make one and only one mark, right? Tick or Cross?
- Can I use a pen to make my mark instead of a pencil?

Anonymous said...

Cuba tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu bagi mengelakkan kekeliruan.

Anonymous said...


I want change. BUT I want real change for good. Can you tell those DAP people to walk their talk on BERSIH?? How to be a legitimate govt when own party elections cannot be BERSIH?

.... and PR leaders like Nga & Ngeh, can we be clear here on doing business and being in politics?

zorro said...

I asked but have not got any response from PYWong. I called another PACA trainer-friend and here are the responses for Leelh and Musa Ng:

LEE L.H.....For senior citizens and voters with any disabilities that will hinder them from marking the ballot paper who goes into the polling stations unaccompanied by a relative/friend can seek assistance from the Ketua Tempat Mengundi (KTM). If accompanied by a relative/friend this companion must be a Malaysian citizen of 21 years and above. KTM will advise companion to sign a form (SPR Borang 10) to allow him/her to assist the voter.

- Mark X in the blank box next to the candidate’s political party logo.
- There will be pencils provided in the booth you may use a pen if you choose to so.
Maybe I should inform you when I am doing PACA training in Selangor, take care.

Anonymous said...

hello dont talk cock again, whats the point of doing this pencil eraser thing when PR is also not clean?

pywong said...

Bernard, Sorry, just got back from Sg and saw your sms.

1st I am no expert. Just an ordinary person concerned with the blatant cheating during elections and trying to do something about it through Tindak Malaysia.

Some common questions can be answered in our FAQ section of tindakmalaysia.com http://bit.ly/KAYlt5.

Specifically on Lee LH's question regarding elderly voters: If blind or incapacitated, he can ask a trusted Malaysian friend above 21 to accompany and vote on his behalf. Have to fill Borang 10. Or Presiding Officer (KTM) can help in the presence and hearing of the Polling Agent (PA).

If elderly but don't know how to vote, KTM can explain how to vote but cannot help him to mark his paper. Again the PA will be nearby to ensure the KTM gives unbiased advice. If OKU, no physical help can be rendered under current regulations.

Tindak Malaysia has proposed in the MERP (Malaysia Electoral Reform Programme) that such voters be classified as "assisted voters" entitling them to be given help like the blind. You can read about the MERP here http://bit.ly/RsevdY. This document defines what is meant by Free and Fair Elections. If you like what you read and support our cause, please go to FB and click "Like" http://on.fb.me/VTSJxc.

Hope the above helps.



pywong said...

BTW, Bernard, regarding your article, there is talk going round that the moment a voter asks for randomization (ballot paper to be issued randomly), the KTM will immediately evict him from the polling station as he will be known to be partial to a particular party. We don't want that. So it is prudent for the voter not to ask and let the clerk offer.

We suggested to the Candidate or Election Agent to negotiate with the Returning Officer (RO) for this randomization procedure to be applied when they meet on Nomination Day or shortly thereafter. If the RO agrees, as he should, because this is what the spirit of the law requires (implied by Section 5 Maintenance of Secrecy at Elections, Election Offences Act - EOA), you know he's professional and fair. If not, you know lah. :)

For the Presiding Officer (KTM) to consider depriving a voter of his vote by evicting him and not giving him a ballot paper, it shows how desperate some parties are. It violates Section 4d of the EOA and carries a sentence of up to 2 years or fine of RM 5K or both.

But the KTM can evict a voter if he creates a ruckus. So don't give him that excuse.

BTW your article originated from a participant of our PACABA Training course. Unfortunately, he did not fully understand our teachings and came up with something not fully correct.

To protect his interest, a voter should inspect the ballot paper issued to him in front of the clerk. Look for small markings like dots which signify a vote for a candidate already. Insist on it being changed. A voter can ask to change the ballot paper once if it is damaged accidentally.

Make sure Clerk 2 and 3 don't have any writing instruments. Clerk 3 does not record his voter reference no. on the ballot paper counterfoil. Clerk 1 does not record the ballot paper serial no. on his electoral roll.

Please note: Clerk 2 is going to apply indelible ink on the left index finger which will stain it. If wet, it can smudge the ballot paper. Exercise extreme care to avoid this as the ballot paper could be rejected during counting.

Anonymous said...

Wah, Zorro! All of the sudden, your one particular posting attracts so many UMNO trolls with no balls to put their names.

This is clear evidence that UMNO and BN is scared shit about what you wrote here ... which in actual fact is "Voting 101" in any democratic country.

Clearly, these parasites do not want the rakyat to know their rights during the voting process.

This also suggests that you are right on the ball! Keep this up! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Can you get and show us a sample of Kertas Undi that has a serial number? I would like to see it.

Anonymous said...

PY wong is a BN cybertrooper just like pisau, papagomo and bigdog.

zorro said...

Anon957am....allow me to disagree with you on PY.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro. The ballot paper is serially numbered. The kerani 2 writes on the counterfoil before tearing the voting slip to give to you. So the eraser does not help! I have worked as a polling kerani 2 before. Mike