Saturday, October 27, 2012


 One of my visitors told me point-blank, “Uncle B, I noticed you hardly hantam the MCA of late.” “True,” was my reply, “ when a person is DOWN, you either kick him/her out of your way or walk over him/her. The humane thing would be to walk away from these near-dead!”
Of late the father/son tag team have amassed a plethora of guffaws with their infantile utterings; Donald  lame Lim was given the honor by UMNO to announce another RM500 vote buying offering come 2013 whilst Health Minister was diagnosed as a pathological liar. We are reliably informed that no cure, but treatment like major therapy is recommended and possibly lifetime medications.
For a brief moment we thought the recent the Nine Emperor Festival (Oct15-23) when devotees turn vegetarian for 9 days to achieve ritual cleansing and pray for blessings and to get rid of misfortunes and bad luck was bearing fruit, in struts on stage this MCA strumpet the Honorable Heng Sei Kie, Deputy Minister to our alpha male Minister of Women Affairs and whatever, to remind the Chinese that Tok Guru Nik Aziz once said that any women who did not dress like Muslim women were ripe for rape.
 YB Heng, I just hope recently sacked PAS Hasan Ali don’t see this pic below. No matter how I tried to Picnik Edit this I am sure he can recognize the young man.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Z,
Be your own self. Why ask for permission to fcuk the Chinese? Dont try to be pally with your readers. Of late you seem to have run out of ideas to write. Take a longer rest, bro.

zorro said...

Basha, must I define sarcasm? One more posting coming up to you.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro is sooooo scared to fcuk the Chinese. His target is only Malay leaders. Can't you see it? Blind or what?

Anonymous said...

why the pic? who are these people?


bruno said...

Mca,made up of running dogs,lapdogs,puppies and pussies are on auto pilot to self destruction.Run by a president who is beeming with pride showing his dicky to the likes of cheerleaders namely on heat Sei Kie,what more can be said of the party of doggies.

Anonymous said...

Who are the people in the photo?

Anonymous said...

It can't be father and son team.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, you have no rights to #@$%&+ the chinese bcos that exclusiveness belong solely to Perkosa, Jadi, Penbela and of course, the most holy one Tee.Chinese bashing is by default to these great warriors of the nation and that devil we all know party$.

Anonymous said...


vpb said...

Looks like hassan ali...anak dia kot...surrounded by cun chicks

Anonymous said...

Every one of the Ministries under MCA had been mired in controversies and alleged corruptions!

1) Health Ministry - alleged middle men in the purchase of medication for hospitals. The Tung Shin Hospital fiasco, where MCA denied police shot tear gas into the hospital compounds during Bersih 2.0, despite video evidence certainly does not bode well for MCA! CSL, was also heard supporting Liow in his version of wind blowing smokes into the hospital compounds! A lie is exposed!

2) Transport Ministry -- PKFZ, ( two of their most senior leaders on trial) and NOW AES! It is not going to make the Rakyat love them, Now, AES for two firms? Luckily, Selangor, Penang, Kelantan and Kedah are under PR or their folks will suffer very much with the introduction of AES! 300 per summons!

3) Tourism Ministry - 381 million advertising contract. 1.8 million for 6 fb accounts?

4) Hudud and Sex! It had been proven that their campaign of HUDUD & SEX is to scare the Chinese community from voting PR! It is NOT true, please refer to Tun.

5) The sale of PPC. Penangnites will show their displeasure at the ballot boxes!

6) The lie to incriminate YAB Lim Guan Eng in a SEX scandal which never existed. MCA had lied far too often in the eyes of the Chinese Community, that is why the current feelings of disappointments and hate against not only MCA but BN as well!

Anonymous said...

Dear zorro,
The shameless MCA leaders including the ladies who are only too eager to suck up to UMNO are in the same denial boat as their masters.

These zombies don't even realize that they are the walking dead of the MCA. The educated and knowledgeable Chinese have already buried them during the devastating tsunami of 2008. The 13th GE will burn these zombies for good which would make doubly sure they do not resurrect in other forms.

The MCA curs are just begging the Chinese to put them to sleep for good, just like the GERAKAN lap dogs.

CSL and his son have no choice. They have grabbed the tail of the UMNO tiger for selfish reasons. They cannot let go in which case they are finished. If they hold on for sheer life, they too will become food for UMNO to do what it wants.

As you said the humane thing to do is to walk away from these zombies.
Let them do their last fling with all the pomp and splendour before they are given a proper burial at the 13th GE.

UMNO is bankrupt of ideas dishing out the same stale race, religion and 513 recipes. Being bedfellows of the UMNO, these zombies are also infected with the same std.

They cannot bring out any dynamic, innovative and useful ideas even if they have them. UMNO warlords would not allow them. These near dead are on a tight leash.

The less we highlight their plight, the better for everyone.At least the future generation of Chinese need not mourn for them. They asked for it and got it with good measure.

Jong said...

Penang CM & DAP Sec-Gen Lim Guan Eng made a clarion call that BN must drop leaders(GE) with lavish lifestyles. I find that hilarious because if that's so, BN will find itself without any candidate!

Geronimo said...

Instead of having a banner that read "We can deliver" during the recent general meeting, they should have a slogan that reads, "Dared to Fail" [with prior permission from motivator Billi Lim of course].

wandererAUS said...

Is Yb Heng talking from experience? many times have you been raped Yb?...since you did not dress like Muslim women.

Anonymous said...


Don't bother about this MCA bashing stuff. MCA is already history.

Write about what Malaysians truly are concern about ... safety, corruption.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat akan melancarkan Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat di Senawang, Seremban 3 November ini, disusuli program jelajah ke seluruh negara.

Majlis yang bermula 4 petang hingga 12 malam itu bersempena program jelajah yang akan bergerak ke setiap negeri termasuk Kedah, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor serta Perak dan diikuti negeri-negeri lain.

Anonymous said...

Ceramah politik Pakatan Rakyat Pasir Gudang di Bandar Seri Alam telah diganggu oleh UMNO BN dengan memainkan rakaman suara dalam volum tinggi, UMNO BN sudah takut PR!

Yu Xuan Lok said...



Nicole Tan said...

The term ‘Bread and Circuses’; (Latin: Panem et circenses) is a figure of speech for a fake sense of satisfaction or the ‘feel good’ factor. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the garnering of public approval through manipulation and/or the instant/quick satisfaction of the shallow requirements of the citizens.

In other words, as ‘panadols’ for quick fixes. Juvenal (a Roman poet) defined it as “a simplistic motivation of common people”. The phrase is taken to describe a populace that no longer values civic virtues and the public life.

To politicians, it connotes the winning formula for the survival of the Roman Republic for centuries. Both the Roman Republic and China’s Han dynasty lasted for 500 years. The former used “bread and circuses” whilst the latter was an absolute monarchy.

Instead of winning the citizens’ approval through excellent public service and policies, the Roman Republic gave cheap food and entertainment. The Roman Republic provided the bread and circuses in order to order to keep the Roman citizens from becoming too discontent with their lives.

The Roman government provided the citizens with enough food (bread) so they wouldn’t starve and enough entertainment (circuses) so they would be amused. Hence, the Romans elected them again and again.

BN’s breads are the 1Malaysia goodies and handouts (BR1M Part 1 & 2, free tyres for taxi drivers, smart phone allowances for young adults, Felda’s RM15,000, pay rise for civil servants, etc).

BN’s latest ‘bread’ was the announcement by Najib of RM2.98 billion for Sabah next year. Its circus shows are the alphabet soup management (ETP, GTP, NKRA, etc); not forgetting tarring of roads before any general election. Another great circus show was Najib’s ‘groundbreaking’ announcement in his Malaysia Day’s speech.

He said the government shall repeal the three Emergency Declarations and draconian statutes like ISA, Printing Presses and Publications Act and Banishment Act. They were BN’s powerful weapons to curb opposition and rakyat who do not accept the government’s policies.

Why should BN take away these powerful weapons? It is actually for BN’s political survival. Like the lizard’s survival skill. The lizard will shed its tail in order to escape for its predator/death.

Food (or bread) for thought: Is BN using the age old formula of ‘Bread and Circuses’ to survive another general election? Are we gullible enough to allow that to happen again?

Anonymous said...

Nik Aziz said in Kelantanese dialek " padae lah kena rogol " which means that is why/one of the reason you got rape" AND not padanlah muka kena rogol " which means serves you right you got raped. From there we can see the actual meaning of the word "PADAE" ie WHY,WHY,WHY AND NOT SERVE YOU RIGHT. In future understand the actual meanings of certain dialects before quoting any statements from bloogers especially those from the opposing parties irrespective of PKR,PAS ,DAP or BARISAN.

Anonymous said...

In GE12, MCA's Chew Mei13 Fun took on the task of shitting the Chinese with fear by reminding the Chinese that to avoid a possible repeat, the Chinese needed to ensure a win for MCA, hence guaranteeing protection from Malays. That was a fatal mistake for her & MCA - she did not realise the Chinese were way past fearing such a threat veiled or otherwise. MCA was almost completely wiped out in Selangor, taking only 1 state & 1 parliamentary seat. Now, UMNO thinks they can crap on Malays by using the same trick in reverse - scare the living daylights out of gullible Malays so that Malays will vote UMNO, hence ensuring protection from the Chinese. Again, just as 4 years ago for MCA, Umno does not realise the Malays today are way past fearing such a manufactured force-fed threat. If Umno uses it, they will see a parallel effect to that suffered by MCA - they will be wiped out in a PR state with the more educated, aware, liberated Malays. Penang is a possibility.So is Selangor.Perak maybe.

Anonymous said...

of late AES has become the brunt of the people who prefers to break laws...buses on right lane, kancil at 140km, merc at 180km, super flying rempits, oh...yellow light means beat the red light...all these people must b frm bersih n pakatan...

Anonymous said...

The AES system is ok. It's the way the contract was inflated and the implementation.