Friday, August 19, 2011

NO! NO!.......UNLESS……

Psalm 109:8

"Let his days be few and brief; and let others step forward to replace him."

NOT UNLESS…… he has the scrotal strength to dismiss these:

The AG – for malingering and dereliction of duty HERE

The EC #1 and #2 – for cheating and cover-ups

The MACC – for driving TBH to suicide

The Armed Forces chief – for bringing SHAME (HERE) (HERE)to the Armed Forces for his slanted interpretation of loyalty.

OH YES…..he has to give way unless he retracts what he just said….”a system based 100 per cent on meritocracy would only breed ‘a nation of mediocrity’.



Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Did you notice political limelight always lopsided - always on what the men did.

But I noticed new breed ADUNs like Hannah Yeoh, Elizabeth Wong and Jenice Lee quietly making laws at state level. Instead of only be ADUNs, they should be elevated to be Member of Parliaments. What do you think?


Anonymous said...


Najib is doing a fine job, leave him alone, will ya! He still has a lot of important business to do for Malaysia.

He should stay to GE13. He's doing a fine job and should get re-elected.

zorro said...

He is doing a FINE job allowing these to stay free to violate the country.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Najib should be allowed to continue after GE 13 so that he can bankrupt the nation and bring the country somewhere near Zimbabwe economically.

That is what some voters want.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, you also need to make laws at the state level. That is the function of the state ADUNs anyway.
Laws are made not only at Federal but at the state level as well.

Do not think only MPs make laws, ADUNs do it for the state as well.

bruno said...

Zorro,it have been a widely excepted fact in this world, that eventually,a person will have to depend on one's capability and ability to survived.Prayers and hope is what a person believes in one's faith.

If the Prime Minister of Malaysia will have to rely on prayers and hope,than it can only mean one thing.The man is bankrupt of ideals.He doesn't even has a clue of how he wants to run the country,
economically or politically.In other words he is directionless.

So when a Prime Minister of a country feel's so helpless,useless,
hopeless and leaderless he resorts to hope and prayers.Hope and prayers in one's future is the calaminity of all downfalls.So when the Prime Minister has finally realised that hope and prayers are all he had left,then it is time he call it a day.

Anonymous said...

anything for that apa nama?

backStreetGluttons said...

Scorpene will reveal the deep Najibbed when it finally sinks

Anonymous said...

IF najip goes : moohedin & hishammoodin , malays 1st malaysians later, could be WORSE !

SO, bukan najip saja but BN goes !!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take a general to be a hero but it takes soldiers to be the hero.

wandererAUS said...

If we removed Najib as UMNO PM what will happen to the Fat more opportunity to show off as a self-claimed "Fart Lady"! No more sensational and glamrious news of this infamous couple with blooming blood in their hands. Altantuya, you shall not be forgotten......

bumi-non-malay said...

ha ha ha....been doing that for Tun Dr. Racist but he is still around ruining the country and plundering for his Dynasty....maybe we should do the opposite and wish them Well...

As for me I prefer ALL Malaysian come dressed in BLACK on Merdeka 2011 and gather at those parade and CLAP Loudly non act against EC, PDRM, MACC and UMNO + ruling elite......Maintain the Anger and Rage.......come on time to spread the word now!!

Anonymous said...

The day Najib says he is Malaysian first, Malay second, that's the day he will lose.
Have you heard him say that?
1Malaysia is for you Uncle Zorro. For you to be more Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Armed Forces cheap oopps... "chief" General Zulkifeli has got his priorities wrong. The soldiers are there to protect the country, not some political party.'es, there are other military personnel who would come forward, but I think they are afraid of what they may lose. I personally know a very senior officer who is aware of the electoral fraud, but if he reveals himself he will lose all that he has got. But given time and some soul searching, they will. Good, honest and brave men should not be made to look like liars - these are men of honour. However liars, cheats and disloyal Malaysians holding high office should be exposed - that is our national duty. This guy has brought shame to those of us who served this country by your denial, and you have brought shame by allowing this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Why are you asking us to pray for Najib? I certainly won't pray for him because I don't want to be accused of proselytising Najib. Its also not a good thing to quote the bible with Najib's name next to it. Very sensitive lah as you don't want the MCMC to shut down your blog for proselytising as what the government had done to the Old Klang Road tuition center.

Anonymous said...

Controversies like the JAIS raid on DUMC are engineered to deflect the people’s attention from the election system’s inconsistencies, while at the same time, rouse the hard-core right-wingers to seethe in anger and create a scene. Then PAS Youth can jump in and make a fool of themselves.

Pakatan Rakyat cannot beat the BN in the art of psychological warfare. The BN are professionals, while trying not to look like one. Pakatan are just amateurs at this game.

Anonymous said...

Najib cannot support meritocracy knowing the low quality of his cabinet.

100,000 foreigners were given citizenships by the NRD so as to qualify them as voters. As usual, not a single sound has come back from the EC or Najib despite insisting he was sincere to get to root of the votes fraud problem.

Strange that Najib is willing to set up a bi-partisan Parliamentary Select Committee but not ready to order an immediate probe, which should be simpler, to look into this seismic fraud allegation.

Willy Dilly said...

We have been living in a POLICE STATE for 54 years in Malaya and 48years in Sabah and Sarawak.

It is as if we have been living in suspended animation as people are just awakening to the fact that we have always been under the rigid control of the British installed UMNO gov’t in 1957 complete with the Special Brnach thought control department and ISA and emergency laws.

One of the reaons for denying the CPM a role in the independence of Malaya was that communism was equated to have a totalitarian regime – a “police state”.

In 1963 UMNO was again assisted by Britain to annex Sabah and Sarawak and incorporated them a 2 new colonies into a Police State called “Malaysia” with the same laws and system.

We do not link up these developments with the suppression of the North Kalimantan independent movement and struggle which began with the anti-Malaysia Brunei Uprising on Deecmber 8 1962 and the Sarawak guerrilla independence war till 1990.

What about our right to independence?

The irony is that we never had a choice because the British/UMNO conspired to deny us of real democratic rights and locked us into a pseudo theocratic-aparthteid system ruled by fascist laws. This is the now UMNO fully installed its own pseudo religious fascist apartheid system.

The UMNO regime has been staying in power for all these years through its British constructed repressive system based on a the false prmeise that its is a “democracy” with right to vote etc. Most of us have been living totally illusionary believe of this big lie!

The rise of the Bersih and Anak Bangsa movements only testify to the people’s awakening and demands for a more democratic system.

Yes we must rally for change!

Jong said...

Bersih is right, what's the use of PSC once Parliament is dissolved? This Flip-Flop Prime Minister is worst than Paklah, don't even want to believe a word he says; the guy's just spineless! What does he take us Rakyat Malaysia for, fools?

Jong said...

And we have this 'retard' General Zulkifeli helming the Malaysian Armed Forces in peaceful Malaysia, makan banyak, Bulat eh?

Loyalty to country and keep citizens safe, not your choice political masters, damnit!!

Anonymous said...

First it is colonists, then the western imperialists, then the Jewish conspiracy and the Chinese bogey. What else is new than to blame the whole big wide world when the malaise confronting this country is nothing more than a successive of moronic leadership who are corrupt, incompetent, indulging in grandeur and practises third world tribal mentality. For goodness sake, the world and the non Malays don’t own you fellows a living. The Malays’ misery is your own doing more so the political power after independence is for you to determine. The non Malays are never against Malay leadership. The non Malays just want good Malay leadership. But look at what you have done,