Sunday, November 18, 2007


It sure was explosive, what was revealed by Wee Choo Keong, the expelled-MP of Bukit Bintang, that is. His pre -Press Conference sms to us was that the Lingam tape is child's play compared to what he had to reveal this morning at 11.20am. The small conference room of the MDP had filled up by 10.45am with TV crews, members of the press and 7 socio-political bloggers.

In welcoming the press, Mr Wee made reference to the assurance by Nazri's assertion during the Al Jazera's recent 101 East program that "there is press freedom in Malaysia and the press is free to publish what they like." He said that this sentiment was endorsed by the SIL during the said program. Wee's press statement called on "Editors, from now on fear not, just publish all matters of public interests and the government will protect you."


It is common knowledge that as far back as 1988, the Judiciary was beginnning its slide into a messy state. This messiness was kick-started with the controversial dismissal of then Lord President, Tun Salleh Abas. Despite this, Wee, began to probe the malpractices of Tan Sri Loy Hean Heong's corporate empire. When Wee finally lodged a police report in 1993, the corporate crook obtained an ex-parte injunction that "restrained Wee from printing, publishing, distributing and circulating any allegation against MBf Finance Bhd and Mbf Holdings Bhd or any ot their respective subsidiaries or affiliates (167 in total) or any of their officers." It became a common practice in the Judiciary, from thence on to impose Gag Orders to protect the "special rights" of selected "specials",


It looked like a free-for-all when it came to judicial decisions. Messier judgements was the order of the day. Wee was charged for contempt of court, fined Rm7000 but yet won the 1995 Bukit Bintang seat. The BN candidate who lost filed an Election Petition based on the fine and the then Dato Ahmad Fairuz Shaik Abdul Halim, who conveniently "sat" as Election Judge summarily disqualified Wee and did the messier by appointing the BN candidate as the duly elected MP.
For the next 14 years Wee was in limbo. No campaign was launched against Ahmad Fairuz controversial decision which was a bare-faced affront to basic democratic principle that an MP must be elected and NOT APPOINTED. However, on 12 April 2007, the Court of Appeal allowed Wee's appeal and set aside the said ex-parte injunction, on the grounds that the injunction was very oppressive. But by now the Judiciary was swirling unimpeded into a whirlwind of corruption.
The Lingam Tape was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The Lawyers March and People's Parliament 5000 signed petition to save the judiciary were initiatives that warned that something had to be done. But the Bench's intransigence knew no bounds. Not anymore however.

Wee's press conference would definitely bring down the Titanic Judiciary! Wee produced to all present a police report by none other than THIRUNAMA KARASU a/l KANDAR VELLUPILLAI, the brother of VK Lingam. It was so potent that Karasu feared for his life and has gone into hiding. He sought out Wee and handed him a copy of his police report made in Kelana Jaya on 19.3.07. It is my take that since the report the police did not act, Karasu himself had to act. My surmise, again, is that he chose Wee because Wee's name was mentioned in the infamous tape. WILL THE AUTHORITIES ACT? THE AG DEPARTMENT? THE BAR COUNCIL? THE EXECUTIVE? THE POLICE? I pray they will! I also hope all our borders will be closed to ensure that those named will not creep away in some moonless night.

Whilst money changed hands, even lady's leather handbags and cell phones were also the prefered items of some members of the Bench. HOW LOW HAVE THEY DESCENDED FROM THAT LOFTY BENCH? The contents of the police report made intriguing reading and the luminaries mentioned can just about blind any decent citizens. I just like to mention two names that appeared: Mokhtar Sidin and Low Hop Bin, both Court of Appeal Judges. These are the two that my readers have urged me to investigate. I am thrilled that these two got special mention in Karasu's police report. That is a relief. Let justice run its course.

But before I sign off I'd like to feature a juicy morsel found in the report, Upon a warning that the ACA was on his tail, the action-oriented VK Lingam well-oiled machinery went to work: Money was transfered out. I quote verbatime from the roport:

"Before the ACA can come to my brother office Dato V Knalingam told me, Chinmayadevi (my sister) and Francis Chee Khoon to withdraw large sums of money from Oriental Bank, Jalan Sultan Ismail under the account of Dato V Kanagalingam. Dato V Kanagalingam also told me to take 5 nos bank draft each amounting to 60,000.00 pounds. I also was told by my brother Dato V Kanalingam to open a account under my name in Public Bank and bank in Rm275,000.00 which I did. Mr Francis Kok Chee Khoon also withdraw a large sum of money which he put in a black bag and later bank into his account. My sister Chinmayadevi also withdraw a large sum and followed Mr Francis Kok Chee Khoon. I did not know what my sister Chinmayadevi did with the money.
Later the five bank bank drafts of 60,000.00 pounds each was bank in to the account of the following person in London. This people followed Dato V Kanalingam to London before going to USA Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
1) Mr K Suppiah 60,000.00 pounds was bank into his account in London.
2) Datin Ghanajothi 60,000.00 pounds were bank into her account in London.
3) Mr Rajendra Vellupillai 60,000.00 pound was bank into his account in London
4) Thirunama Karasu Vellupillai 60,000.00 pounds was put into my account in London.
5) Dato V Kanalingam 60,000.00 was put into his account in London.
6) V Kanakalasimi Rm 100,000.00 given cash at No: 28 Section 21/1 Sea Park PJ at her house.

There are of course much more interesting revelations which will become public fare.

I end this post with this appropriate quote from Tun Suffian when asked about the state of the judiciary:

Former Lord President Tun Suffian said: “When I am asked what I thought, my usual reply is that I wouldn’t like to be tried by today’s judges, if I am innocent.

Goodnight good people.....tonight I will dream and in that dream a script to make a movie of this will materialise. Actors? That will be another story......and Kata Tak more hard on I hope and Shah 101.....go and be de-constipated.


Pak Zawi said...

Oh God,
Such is the situation in my country. Please Help us.

Unknown said...

What hard on? When I read the thing at Rocky's my elation turned to ejaculation.

Anonymous said...


Now that the shuttle has been served to your side of the court, what are you going to do. Ok you have written this piece and I must confess, I enjoyed reading your piece.

May I suggest that you better start to smoke out these corrupted judges like Low Hop Bing. So can I take it that you will smnoke these corrupted ... with your pipe?

Rockybru said...

good of WCK to remind Nazri and KJ of what they said in front of millions of viewers during the Al-Jazeera 101 East program, that "the Press is free to report anything".

i have full confidence that the Press will report on WCK's media conference tomorrow.

they will do so because many of the allegations by brother against brother happened in the late 90s when Dr M was still PM.

it is therefore safe to report anything on this.

but then again, i'll believe it when i see the reports in tomorrow's papers.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with Rockybru that they publish it because it was under Tun M time. But it si still going on in the judiciary now. Low Hop Bing and Mokhtar Sidin are still judges at the Court of Appeal. Badawi is still the PM.

in the light of what the brother has revealed, Low Hop Bing and Mokhtar Sidin should be suspended withhalf pay like any other govt organisation. Since they have betrayed their oath of office, they should be treated like the ohters.

Lets see what Bodowi will say tomnorrow. Most probably, he will say that I don't know and I will ask KJ to resolve it.

Trading In Black said...

Can you please publish the police report so everyone can view it since it has now become public?

Thank you.

Old Fart said...

Zorro, you are a dreamer. You want to pray, pray for pigs to might just see a miracle! But to pray for the police to investigate or to take action? I don't blame thepolice. I blame the people for having such expectations. you are not supposed to have such expectations.

zorro said...

Hoi, old fart....I never and neither can you control it when you want to fart....I cant control my dream ok? So just have a right to fart just as I have a right to dream.....both natural phenomena.

zorro said...

todmag...please google Malaysia Unplugged for the verbatim report.Cheers...your first time here I gather....hit me again if you cant get thru to Malaysia Unplugged.

Anonymous said...

If you say the powers that be don't know about all this better think again. They are actually part of it. It's a close an eye syndrome because no one dared to cross swords with them. Why??..because you never know who or how powerful the person(s) involved. Get it????

Anonymous said...

Illusion with confusions?
Lingnam case is not the only big or biggest!
But anyone acts?
Even many have the Rights,
Have anyone flash their lights
instead of instigating others mights?

Bar Council had been loud
but why DB is still hiding behind their crowd?
The 3-man panel should have read aloud
Why only PM be allowed.

GE is around
so need to arouse
interest of all around.
But anyone see the ground
that any mess can be drowned
by anyone in their own round?

GE should not come
if independent EC cannot be found.
Can a poll be done
to see how many around
in each respective ground?

GE with the Right EC
should be the only one to see
or it is a long long way
before any system can be free
to act what should be
or corruption remains like tree
with roots from a manipulatable EC!

Work hard on the GE
if anyone want to see the Lingnam case real!

Anonymous said...

well what do you expect when one put a wimp in charge... farts & sh*ts flying everywhere

zorro said...

Anon we fear them and we let them dictate to us, allow them to scare us? You can live with that? I can't? I have had numerous calls reminding me that there is a place called Kamunting. I have given the caller my address. They have not called for months now. They will continue to phone me, they will. So do I relocate...because they have powerful people behind them. I have no stamina to move house, but I still have the stamina to stand and fight. Everyone has their own way of confronting their ghosts. No method is wrong. Whatever way one feels comfortable. Me, i just write from the heart, without fear or favor. Cheers brother.

Anonymous said...

but, today Lingam said his brother is not of sound mind. Gila?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you can win a soccer match by "pasang kaki" or "curi ayam". But the BN has been winning the GE by doing this all this while......until such time when the BN goes or if at least the Rulers make a firm stand....then this country will have Low Hop Bings, Mokhtar Sidins and believe me ....a whole lot of judges on the take.......I believe only the Rulers can save this country.....I don’t think the opposition can...

Anonymous said...

Unsound mind! What a big joke! He has been accused of mendling with judiciary, Tun Eusoff Chin, Low Hop Bing, Mokhtar Siddin, Ahmad Fairuz for a very long time. But Malaysians being Malaysians got hte tidak apa attitude until they faced like Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar Ibrahim supported the sacking of Tun Salleh Abas. When he was sent to prison by the same court, he started to cry foul! What rubbish! Anwar IObrahim has no right to condemn the judiciary because he supported it in 1988. Wee Choo Keong has the right to talk about and condemn it becasue he was a victim. Lim Kit Siang also has no right to talk about this because he sacked Wee Choo Keong when he should be campaigning agaisnt Ahmad Fairuz's disqualifiaction of Wee Choo Keong as MP of Bukit Bintang.

Lim Kit Siang, for heaven sake, you are looking after your son, Lim Guan Eng. I am sure that Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua will be sacked as a matter of course. So Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua please do not be too happy. Just carry Lim Kit Siang's ball then you will be ok.

DAP is a racist party for hte real Chinaman, who protecting his son and daugther at the expense of the public.

Anonymous said...

"Unsound mind". What a big joke. Mr Karasu will be at ACA Hq Putrajaya at 11 am this morning. Please come and see for your self whether he is of unsopund mind.

Well done, you have done a brilliant job. You have good and reliable sources. You are part of nation building so is "I am a Malaysian".

wee Choo Keong

Anonymous said...

Zorro, Whuy yoou have not Zorroed Datuk Low Hop Bing and Mokhtar Sidin (Cock of Appeal Judges). They have no shame to sit there when they are implicated in hte polcie report. Take leave first until they are clear of the allegationsof corrutpion.

Zoror, why you are so kind to these un principled judges, who are not fit to hold office to dispense jsutice.

Zorro, please Zorro them now.

Anonymous said...

zorro..hehe i think old fart used to work in the 'Mexican Gas Chamber' sudah bersara la...kerana kentut tak de effect lagi wakakakakaka...cheers zorro

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you sudah tualah! Datuk Low Hop Bing's name myou pun tak berani tulis. How can you call yourself Zorro. Zorro got ball not balless.

Lingam brother already said in his police report that Lingam asked him to bring a bag full of ... to Datuk Low Hop Bing, Court of Appeal Judge.

Zorro you better ask the CJ to suspend Low Hop Bing from dispensing justice to the highest bidder!!!

Low Hop Bing is the super star of all judges for taking ... Coming on Zorro you know what I mean isn't it... m?