Sunday, May 31, 2009




however I will do whatever I can from my lanai
from feedback I will receive
from friends on the ground.

8:25 The Insider reported voter turnout as uninspiring......Penang people must have breakfast before anything.

9:03 Lina: Voters are still slowly streaming in. Traffic is unhurried. Don't know when pace will pick up. So far no untooward incident.

Kak Wan is at Yayasan Aman meeting well wishers and supporters of PKR.

9;30 Turnout will peak later and when that happens roadblocks will occur for phantom votes to get easy passage to the polling stations. I wonder if that will happen. It happened in PP, KT and the two Bukits.

Taking a break.....

linasoo: At Sg Lembu Hakka Village, a lot of absent Voters as they are all working outstation.

(This is a childish excuse....our people still do not understand the sanctity of the vote. If they are overseas I can understand, but if they are in Peninsular, there is no is a weekend.)*
*my comments in parenthesis.

EC secretary Ngah Senik revealed that after three hours of voting, 3,590 people have voted.

Pakatan leaders, including Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang were seen visiting polling centres.

linasoo: Sg Lembu voter out approx 60% as at 12:30 pm. It is now picking up
linasoo: Sg Lembu voter out approx 60% as at 12:30 pm. It is now picking up
linasoo: At Berapit only 190 turnout to vote

(60% of 509 is pretty good, despite earlier report that people are not coming back to vote.)

(Berapit turnout is worrisome....there are 1461 eligible voters there)

more chatting at Lina's than ground-zero updates!
VIVEG what is happening?

1:40 EC says now 4,593 voters or 29.86pct cast ballots by noon.

Polls observers say heavy police presence unnecessary, seen as intimidation & defying international norms. But we don't expect anything different, do we?


Reports of missing names in the electoral rolls. What does it tell you? UMNO's invisible hands
? Who says UMNO is not in this by-election?

State police chief Ayub Yaakub meanwhile warned supporters against organising a victory parade when the result was announced.


(rhymes well)



Polls watchdog Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections (Mafrel) today complained that PKR party workers were breaching election laws by carrying out tacit campaigning on the polling day.

Come off it, BK Ong.....I'd rather you watch for phantom voters
than monitor cars, banners, and counting centre, etc. Don't be petty and nit-pick on trivial matters. Go after the cheats like missing names in families that live and eat together under one roof. Ever heard of my chamber?


EC says voter turnout at 4pm is 44.36pct or 6824 voters. Another 30 minutes before polling closes.


Mansor 6268
(He has won 88-75% of vote cast)
5,732 majority
Nai 534
Minah 390
(less 620 votes lose deposit)
Kamarul 48

PKR's Dr Mansor Othman wins with 5732 majority, double Fairus' 2219. Won 32 out of 33 streams, lost only postal votes. 2 minutes ago


click to lina's link (above) to get the detailed breakdown


I am off to party with the Special Bunch
and to celebrate
Marina's Birthday.

Be Good and Be Well People.


Anonymous said...

Whooop em??

Hold your horses, will you? Please dont take us rakyat for granted!

I suggest you take a good look at your own arrogance as you are no different than BN.

Dont take it for granted that we, the rakyat are going to vote en-bloc PR so that you people can go around saying 'whooop em'.

wandererAUS said...

The outcome of the Penanti by-election is almost a forgone conclusion.
What is more important, it has given PKR a platform to bring out the facts of the recent events in the Perak political impasse a much clearer picture overall.
What a nice way to unmask the evil and dirty tactics of UMNO puteras. The 1Malaysian PM has to be fully shielded by BN mata mata, is’nt tha funny?
What a fantastic performance by UMNO circus!

zorro said...

Anon10:25....every heard of thinking positive. Assertive is way different from arrogance. Anyway, I always want to taste victory. Not forcing anyone like you to feel that way. you just continue your prayers for BN and rah rah them. I have no quarrel with that. The horses I back are different from the cattle you support.

Anyway whooppp was meant to stir you and I think it succeeded. Whoooppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wenger J Khairy said...

Whoop jangan tak whoop.

anema said...

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Anonymous said...

wallop 'em hard!!


HKP7M8 9mm said...

Uncle Zorro,
Nothing to worry for Penanti. I smell the aroma of VICTORY for PR. The prople of Penanti will nanti-nanti mereka akan pergi mengundi. Even out of 6000 votes cast, PR can secure 5000 votes is good enough for me. PR ought to keep their eyes 'peeled' in case of bus-loads of phantom voters coming into the scene. Names missing in very small numbers is no problem. Countiong of votes at the centre must also jaga-jaga; we don't know what dirty tricks BN/UMNO has got up their sleeves.

Anonymous said...

Whooop is to stir me???

Well, take a good look around , who is still the Federal government?

Anti-Kutty said...


See.. fools like you just go naked by yourself without the need of others undressing you.

First in your earlier post you use the word "rakyat".. sounding so blardy convincing you are soo neutral in between.. then in the next post you asked who's the Federal Governent! That's when real ARROGANCE has taken over you!

Well let me tell you. I have taken a good look around, and the Federal Government is BN. Yes. Actually the Federal Government is Najib. It certainly is not you, whoever you are.

You are just a silly slave to a corrupted and selfish regime. You are no rakyat in the tru spirit. You are the betrayer of the rakyat. You are the betrayer of your own children, unless of course they grow up and found themselves in a powerful position in the BN regime.

Let me tell you one thing.

Malaysia as a whole.. will WHOOOPPP BN's stinking asses in years to come.

So if you are just the dog to this current wicked regime of the Federal Government, i suggest you consider migrating your ass from being a BN supporter to a PR supporter.

By doing that, your ass and your mind wont get whoop the next time.

Well, all these said, unless you've already made your millions in the PKFZ saga..

zorro said...

Anti-kutty....dont lah invite this guy into PR.

matt said...

anon 651 wait this is only the beggining you better collect as much as u can as the gravy train is going to come to a stop.Sorry master mayge can explain to this moron the meaning of the gravy train tq.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

to hell with all the clowns in blue!

hey pr, what about a ticker tape parade & also make sure tons of ribbons & confetti are pour out from komtar...

Anonymous said...

"PKR's Mansor Othman has won 6,052 of the 7,100 votes cast in the Penanti by-election. He is trailed by Independents Nai Khan Ari (494), Aminah Abdullah (392) and Kamarul Ramizu Idris (56). Mansor looks all set to become the next Deputy Chief Minister 1."

The Whooop became a POWWW!!!

Anonymous said...


First of all when did I say I am for BN. I just stated a mere fact that the Fed government is BN. Cant help if you are a dimwit and you have problems with reading. Cant help you there, mate.

My first note to Zorro is to remind him not to take the rakyat for granted. Sadly your ignorance coupled with your arrogance blinded you. The votes have yet to be casted and you lot are gonna about with this whoooping BN thingy ... I call this arrogance.

Whether PR is gonna whoop BN ass in year to come remains to be seen. I believe you nor Zorro have a crystal ball. However, one thing is for sure ... it took PR 50 years to take Perak ... and BN to take it back like in less than 15 months.

And lastly thank you for your suggestion for me to migrate. Well, you are no different than that UMNO chap in Pg. Thank you ... at least now we know what is PR.

halim said...

Anon651 jawap, jangan tak jawab. BN's tenancy in the fed govt is up for review in 2013 so lets see what happens then ya?

TK said...

It's a pity though that only 46% came to vote. Penanti folks could have done better.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Najib to come back from Korea for Manek Urai.

Too bad we couldn't get an immediate response from him over Aminah's convincing THIRD (3rd) place in the elections. Maybe Penanti will be the next "cannot mention" word.

I live in the place where no one shall mention.

Anonymous said...

Dear Halim,

Sure lets wait for 2013 and let the rakyat decide.

Tiger said...

Wait a minute, Aminah got less votes than that Nai chap?
Next time, if want to expose wrongdoings with CD/VCD, just go ahead!
Don't just "threaten" and wait for "reward".
So, on to the next party in Kelantan!

Anonymous said...


Before you run your mouth off about me taking handouts from BN, you may want to check your facts so that you dont come out looking like a mong.

I said dont take the rakyat for granted. By saying that dont mean I am on some BN gravy train.

I can see the arrogance and to some extend the stupidity of some PR people. No wonder Perak was lost to BN.

Anonymous said...

"it took PR 50 years to take Perak ... and BN to take it back like in less than 15 months..."

Ya it might take PR 50 years to do the convincing but...

one thing for sure that najis tong rosak screwed the perakians while hiding underneath some royal kain pelikat.

Jinn said...

Well how is BN's power takeover in Perak not "taking the rakyat for granted"?

Leo said...

postal votes went to minah dvd right? i \'ll bet my last dollar

Anonymous said...


I never did say that BN never took the rakyat for granted.

PR should be more humble than going about with this 'whooop BN thingy'. Its arrogance ... just like BN.

Anonymous said...

Jinn Said ,

Well how is BN's power takeover in Perak not "taking the rakyat for granted"?

The Court of Appeal had reversed the earlier High Cort's decision ,so the BN's takeover of Perak is legally validated.

How could BN took the Rakyat for granted ?

Anonymous said...

the highcourt hakim should be sacked
for giving wrong judgment then !!

Anti-Kutty said...

Dear whoever the asshole anonymous is,

I said migrate from BN to PR, not from Malaysia to another country! Dont be sensitive here.. i aint no Datuk Ahmad Ismail.

Hey.. i shall waste no time on you.

DUMDUM.. gimme a GUMGUM!!

I'm just so happy Manohara got back safely to Indonesia. I'm in a mood to be thankful, not to the BN nor the Malaysian police though. Thankful that at least our neighbour's police force are police in their rightest sense.

A prince, a royal, abuses his a 17 years old wife? Cuts her chest with razor? Confines her in a room and daily routinely sexual abuses her? Inject her with drugs??

Maybe that says it all for Malaysia's ROYAL POLICE FORCE huh!???

PKFZ, former MB raping underage girl, Minister smuggling millions in and out of country, raping of Penan girls, durder of Indian actress, Lingam Gate, Altantuya.. these..mind you, are not smalltime snatch theft or mat rempit disorder.. these are BIG CASES!! So if you still think BN is the way to go.. then FUCK YOU!

And by the way Mr Anonymous, if you are so fucking proud of BN.. go shoot yourself in the head, for believing so much that they've made the country good.

As for me, i'll opt to see a change for a non-BN-rule government. Too bad there's only PR for me to choose.. so PR it is i support.

You had your 50 years.. i deserve mine too, dont i? So.. go put a bullet in your head first, and i'll do mine if PR put me in shame in 50 years' time.

Fair deal?

And now you say "you never did say that BN never took the rakyat for granted.

PR should be more humble than going about with this 'whooop BN thingy'. Its arrogance ... just like BN"

See? You are just doing what the BN is so used to do.. shifting the goalpost.. so if arrogance is the point u wanna drive across.. say it and just it!


There's no need for..

1. Dont take it for granted that we, the rakyat are going to vote en-bloc PR so that you people can go around saying 'whooop em'.

Answer: Cause it is out of the point! You mean the rakyat whould rather vote for a government that goes around killing and murdering people, fixing judges and court cases, laundering millions and billions of rakyat's money, raping and abusing of the weaker sex than a government that "celebrates" for winning with such a huge margin/majority!??

2. Well, take a good look around , who is still the Federal government?

Answer: Again, what's the relation here??

I can see the arrogance and to some extend the stupidity of some PR people. No wonder Perak was lost to BN.

Answer: This, to you, is the reason why Perak fall to BN? Let me digest it for you. PR lost Perak to BN because they bought over 3 froggies. BN rules Perak not because the rakyat choose to. It's because they bought of 3 froggies. Similarity here. Manohara didnt love her husband. She was confined and kept and not allowed to leave! There's a difference. Can you see it.. ahh.. sorry Zorro for the waste of bytes. I shall just stop here.. gotta go pee..

Mr Anon, i can go on and on and on.. but dont call people arrogant for wanting to celebrate.. you have the same mindset of those who ignited the May 13 flame.. there's nothing wrong with celebration.. nothing at all.. maybe you should wear a Man United jersey and stand in front of a 80,000 strong Barcelona supporters and tell them.. "DONT BE ARROGANT!"

Hehehehe... you're such a dumdum..

Anonymous said...

: " ...aiyah....nowadays
written judgment NO need lah ...we have so much work , pls faham lah, ok ? ....if u insist ...give us sikit masa , say 12 bulans from now, ok !? tq ....BUT u go ahead to the federal & leave us alone !! "

Anonymous said...

Dear Anti-Kutty,

Have a good look at what you wrote and all those petty insults you are dishing out.

I have no problems with that actually as it merely reflect on yourself.

Act your age dude, not your shoe size.