Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has already started to lure Nizar into his trap by saying that Pakatan should appeal to the Federal Court. He was quoted by The Star saying: “I understand they will likely appeal to the Federal Court. It is their right to do that and we will ACCEPT the decision by the Federal Court which is the highest court.” (Emphasis of the word accept is mine). He repeated this particular statement since last Friday.




SameSame said...

I bet Najib loves to rub slat on a tender wound.

Rightfully Nizar can do that but it would be a waste of money and time. Nizar should concentrate on getting his act together and do ground works for the next election.

Najib's days are numbered ain't it. Bet you also Mahathma -myass- Zambry's days are also.

Sorry Zorro, just couldnt help taking a swipe at him. As I commented on ur blog b4, this sorry case of an MB (Zambry) is already spending the coffers!!!!


Anonymous said...

kangaroo court? don't insult the marsupial, they got more dignity...

niamah court, more likely

amoker said...

I think he should appeal. Any judgement would again streghten the disgust of the people.

Anonymous said...

federalcourt : Nizar, arn't u coming
!? ....cepat lah ...hehehehehe !!


nice to meet you in this blog world
well i'm just a non-partisan blogger.My blog consist of links from pro and cons so I decided to become a 'free zone'. Well i'm impressed with your opinion.Keep it up uncle zorro =)


Anonymous said...

Yes, its Nizar's right. But we all know what's comming...!

One must be careful when one is nice...!

I say......!

Old Fart said...

Go all the way to the Federal Court.

Either the judiciary has its one last chance to redeem for itself its honour and respect or it condemns forever its right to claim for itself any respect.

Its not only about Perak that Nizar's appeal should address. It should also take aim at the maligned judiciary which is limping along to see if it has any independence left or if it has any moral authority to ask for respect and honour.

Mind you BN and Najib have everything to gain from the Federal Court finding in Nizar's favour. In one sweep Najib will be praised for giving independence to the judiciary, we will all be screaming ourselves shouting praises to the judiciary, and UMNO will find itself rid of holding on to a hot potato. And who knows, with all that praise, a dissolution of the Assembly and a snap election might, in their reckoning, even favour BN. Adn so what if they lost? Overall Najib in particular and UMNO generally comes off looking a lot less bruised from all of this.

wandererAUS said...

Why go to the 'kangaroo court' when you know the judgement is obvious!
Force these unpricipled sons of the gun to the peoples' court...start with civil disobedience, boycott anything and events linked to UMNO. Stick the middle finger at C4...that Mongolia Lover!
Show them, eventually the peoples' power will prevail and rule supreme.
There is always a price for Democracy...no more lips service.

Mr.Right said...


Enuff is enuff. Stop wasting everybody time. Accept 'defeat' and be a good opposition in Perak. Prepare for next general election.

Anonymous said...

Too late for anything for PR now. Somemore against Augustine P in Federal Court. Habis already.

It's only another 3.5 years to next election. I will not be surprised if BN lose big time in Perak in next election.

profit said...

What happen to your so called candle light vigil for the ISA detainees?As i said earlier you ppl are all the same,hangat2 tahi ayam jer.Dap got their rat out of the cage,so is Hindraf.RPK lost to nowhere.What do you get?Kacang putih

Anonymous said...

Naif Ton Rasa going arounbd town arresting everyone, latest involving event management company workers in Ipoh. Thiefs, robbers, rapists get away while the police arrest innocent, tax-paying citizens. This is the kind of 1Malaysia from Naif...

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

Should pursue the appeal right-up to the Federal Courts level.

Let the Federal Court judges come out with their written verdict when ruling on the rightful Perak MB.

The people would be able to study the verdict, and they're smart enough to know whether the judiciary is independent of the executive!

I'm perplexed at how people/organisations perpetually shoot their own foot! They never learn, but come the next GE, the rakyat would show them who are the real masters!

David chong said...

I agree with profit.
I am really discouraged by vigilers halting their show of support towards to abolishment of ISA. Was it just to free PRK , hindraf and T.Kok?
How about the rest still in detention? Are PR not going to show support for them after RPK's release? Why so?

Anonymous said...

Do not be depair, he who laughs last laughs the longest. PM may think and rejoice temporary for being a crook to create huge trouble not just for himself but so detrimental for the whole country. His dogs like judges, pdrm, ministers walking his path too..........but the people knows the truth. Arrest more and it works against the ruling party. Look at the sick police sitting in the canopy, they have nothing better to do to arrest thieves and bad hats!

salam muhibbah said...

You speak against racism but you link us to a blog that says this;

"As Malays, we are the superior race but only in Malaysia, and this is perhaps what UMNO is all about. So as a non-Malay, people have to accept that. As much as certain leaders have seemed to defy this, a non-Malay cannot become a Malay and thus be a member of the superior race. But there is hope for the non-Malay if he or she feels oppressed by this, if he can somehow become an American, because Americans are willing to accept some of the rejects of the world, then he or she can become a Tuan of the whole world. So thats my point of view."

What gives??

Anonymous said...

I see the actions of Pakatan Rakyat as very 'unethical' & 'rude'. Knowing very well both the Court & the Royal Highness had stated their decision but Pakatan Rakyat is doing nothing but to create further unecessary trouble in Perak.

backStreetGluttons said...

With a murder case hanging over his head, its only a matter of time for dear old pretender PM .

Nizar must exhaust all legal avenues no matter if he still loses, its all a necessary part of the Gameplan

frank serpico said...

It is definitely a big NO!! Nizar SHOULD NOT appeal his case to the Federal Court. It is a waste of time and effort. The 'FINDINGS' of the Appeal Court speaks for itself. Nizar should push his case to THE PEOPLE for their verdict. NOT the Federal Court which everyone knows what the outcome would be.

ahoo said...

Whatever avenue left for appeal, must be done ! The end result is just academic as the BN public relation is at full speed to swing around people's mood.

The important think is for the judgement to be written and that is in black & white. For good or bad, the people of the world will be able to know its contents.

There is two side to a coin and there are some people who will always look at only the side they favour. Things that are corrupt and evil, must be severely deal with in order for our nation to progress. There is no two ways about it and be it from BN or PKR.

A wrong is clearly a wrong and two rights cannot change that wrong. Thus, my opinion is for the appeal to take it course and let the judgement be in black and white. At least should the days of reckoning be near all such judgement may be open for review and the judges who preside over such callous cases may have their days of being judged.

Anonymous said...

siva and others got arrested for 'hunger strike '!!

Anonymous said...

It depends if the glass is half full or half empty. But I am convinced that he should appeal. Appeal to members of PR not to frog around in future. Ramalx

Anonymous said...

: " Nizar, pls come to collect your final judgment, oredi siap, lawyers ? no need lagi lah ... "