Monday, May 25, 2009


I have had this on my sidebar for already a fortnight. This was to remind me to reject any racist comments from my comment box. However, I want to take this a step further. I will publish as and when it happens, racist comments that come into my postings. Most of them will be those "brave" anonymous, but I will archive their IPs.

This evening, being a follower of Wenger J Khairy, a self-proclaimed UMNO ronin, I read his posting and have decided that you too must read his offerings.












Patriot said...

Zorro, what happened to your comrade Haris? Last post 2 weeks ago: May 12, 2009?

Given up?

Wenger J Khairy said...

Herr Zorr,
Thanks for the word up. The point of my post was to praise the greatness of the American people and to contrast it with degenerates we have over here. I would say respect yourself, respect America and before people post comments, they should think, as this blog was created for by a vastly more superior people, am I as a degenerate, worthy to air my degenerate views?

Anonymous said...


zorro said...

Herr General, your posting inspired my last posting. But we need to "educate" our bloggers....a lot of racism and expletives to express a simple thought. But we cannot give up.

zorro said...

Patriot - he has his own law firm and thus catching up on his work? Are you worried for him. If yes, thanks.

wandererAUS said...

I am anti-racist but, having to put up with UMNO dickheads, one just cannot resist the temptation to give them flashy the shameless back door Mb of Perak...the Black Zambie mamak!

Anonymous said...

Really good write-up and absolutely inspiring. RACE. It's a very dirty word in Malaysia. The next is BUMIPUTERA. It's equally dirty. But the present Government cannot survive without these 2 trademark words. They are the essence of their survival. Just ask UMNO. They know best. But now we all know better than them. Malaysians have been hoodwinked for the past 50 years. That's why we are where we are today - which is actually nowhere by comparison.

Anonymous said...

There is only one race, the HUMAN race.


Melvin said...

Hi Zorro,

What WJK wrote is all hogwash - read his later comment where he said that the Malays are the Superior race in this country and if the non-Malays cannot accept that, then they can go to USA. Can you get more racist then that?

casper c said...

Hats off Zorro, even at this late hour, the post warrants a few choice words from your truly.

I have no doubt Pekan has been getting good counsel. I say this because he has been known to 'try' say the right things.

Take for example, Pekan called for doing away with 'special rights' in his recent visit to S'pore. Those mere words make no appeal to most M'sians and will spark protest from within the shit hole.

His reputation precedes I guess in this lose/lose situation. Not that we are hard to please but there is no forgiving the misadventures of both husband and wife.

Looking ahead, I see two possibilities for the man to hold on to power. The clock is ticking, and before we know it, it is time once again for the mandate to be tested. He might orchestrate civil unrest(along racial lines) OR up the ante altogether to forsake the Constitution and implement Syariah(not a noble aim but one to draw on support, a split down the middle).

Developments within the Judiciary already point towards chaos in the making and when push test the limits, gawd knows what Pekan is capable of to hold on to power!

Regards as always.

anna brella said...

ABM = Anak Bangsa Malaysia/Manusia = a Malaysian/Human = a member of universal Humanity.

Racism makes bad sense, common or business or national, as it is stupid, and also repugnant, human behaviour. It is also a clear moral wrong in the spiritual teachings of all true great religions, and I bet, whether blasphemously or not, it is also abhorrent in the eyes of Almighty God.

One's gender or racial/ethnic roots or culture or religion or nationality should not in any way make one feel, think or act superior or inferior to another member of humanity but should merely put one on an equal footing with those others at that very basic human root level.

It is only in one's natural and/or developed mental and physical human aptitudes and skills that one is clearly unequal to others and this naturally occuring inequality in the human race should be addressed fairly by human society by providing everyone with open access to equal opportunities so that one can choose freely how one wishes to differentiate oneself from others based on one's natural/developed God-given talents/aptitudes.

This is why human beings are all the same and yet all different at the same time.

This is also why human beings need a meritocratic environment to live and grow and thrive in because it is the only one that recognises and nurtures this fundamental unity/equality and duality/inequality in all of us.

"Imagine Power To The People" John Lennon.

Anonymous said...

BUT many2 are human-clothing-beasts
& u know who lah = eg. .....& ...&....&......& & ..........etc. !

Anonymous said...

A good cause to reinforce into our country.. thanks

mauriyaII said...

It is really utopian to be free of the word 'RACE'. You don't have to make racist remarks but you can be as racist as the UMNO and UMNOputras to undermine all other races in the country by using their administrative machinery and Little Napoleons.

I am an Anak Bangsa Malaysia and have like minded friends from the other races but that does not stop us from calling a spade a spade. When a recalcitrant distances himself from his father's roots and claims to be a Malay, we call this half breed for what he is, an ingrate mamak. Is that being racial? How about the Dewan Bahasa refusing to delete the word 'keling' from its dictionary when that word is used derogatorily to identify the local Indian Muslims?

Racism is promoted overtly and covertly by the UMNO/BN government to stay on in power.

The Malaysian voters are wiser now. Divide and rule days are gone forever after the last tsunami but the UMNO/BN do not realize it. It just can't change its mindset.

UMNO thinks by allowing the ROS to register more and more Indian (Tamil)based political parties it would be able to split the Indians.

They may be able to lure Thanenthiran, Muthukaruppan and their ilk to sabotaj the makkal sakthi movement but Indians are more focussed now that they won't be easily led astray by these vermins.

I do not champion the Tamil cause or any racial cause but would like to see the fair treatment of all marginalized Anak Bangsa Malaysia from Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

zorro said...

Melvin, reading a piece is one thing but understanding and being aware of the nuance the piece is attempting to espouse needs a critical and analytic mind. Masticate your food (what you read and how you read)don't swallow your food. I did not come across Wenger's comments but I ask you to take the trouble to read what is on the Statue of Liberty and just focus on that. If it is hogwash, than I know where you come from. Mindsets and programmed misconceptions can stunt growth, mentally and emotionally that is.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Uncle, my apology but i pinched the logo from here and put it up without your permission. it was done even before you posted this entry. thanks and my apology again.

zorro said...

Danny, whatever is mine is always yours too. You know that. I now know how I can needle you.....write more often......can you hear me laughing outside your window? Cheers son.

SamYap said...

Thanks Bernard, for the link to WK's article. And I am sorry I couldn't have a yak with you today at the kopitiam, had a busy day.

Yeah, Wenger is making all the right noises, just as SAK aka AK47 does sometimes. BUT (don't you love this wonderful word?) I can't shake off the feeling that Wenger is an UMNO man - ronin or not - and that itself would cause me to be suspicious of whatever these people write.

There is a well known catch phrase, "put your money where your mouth is" and I am waiting for that to happen with Wnger and Sak. How is it they are not garnering a whole lot of support from other UMNO members?

Aside from that, my question to Wenger Khairy would be, what is UMNO's future if they do not continue to play the race card? The very existence of UMNO depends on promoting the Malay race. Thats the very raison de tre of UMNO. If not ketuanan Melayu, then ketuanan (what?) for UMNO?

Its the same for MCA, MIC and even Hindraf. Lately we have seen some dissenters in comments elsewhere that Hindraf should become inclusive, that being poor is not exclusive to the Indian race.

Sadly, we have been so programmed by BN to think within the narrow confines of race, now its helluva tough to shed that attitude. I will never ever forgive BN for what they have done to my country.

Melvin said...

Well, Benard you did not get to read WJK's later comments before he erased the whole article and all comments of that posting together with a later posting. If you had, your reply to me would have been different. Cheers.

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

Uncle Bernard,

I'd been bit too late to catch the posting of your link to [WengerKhairy]..

The article had been erased! as at 0008hrs May 27, 2009.

It will be most appreciated if you able to expose ones in your blog here.


zorro said...

Melvin, dont just jump to conclusion that I did not catch the comments before he erased it. Where did you learn to assume. Dont make an ass of you and me....thats ASSUME. My reply stands! and did you get the drift of why he pulled it out. Melvin, if you are the Melvin who hangs around us, I am surprised. If you are not than it is and entirely different matter. The people we hang out with are more mature and not know-alls. We express and not try to impress.

zorro said...

3rd party....I am sorry. It is my habit to point towards a posting instead of a cut and paste of the whole posting. That way I will help increase the readership and pageviews of the originator of the post. WJK took down his post and he explains it in his next reinforce the intention of the post that he took down. I respect him for that.

Melivn said...

Benard, you , yourself said, I quote, "I did not come across Wenger's comments but ..........". I did not ASSUME but relied on what you wrote in your reply! Well, I refuse to let myself be drawn into writing rude words in return. Cheers.

zorro said...

Melvin, but immediately I checked out his comment box! What was the rude word?

Melvin. said...

WJK didn't, he was very civil in his reply and I appreciated that, but please check out your own replies. Over and Out! Cheers.

zorro said...

You said: What WJK wrote is all hogwash....isn't that one brush-stroke you painted his posting as pig-waste. When was I rude....quaote please....out but not over yet. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

the mongolians are ALL ready for him to fly to china on 28/5 , AWAS !