Friday, May 29, 2009


My regular visitor and BLOGGER, SHIOK GUY urgently needs whatever help we can provide. This is his plea:

SOS! Autism Centre Closing Down - 14 June 2009

Both my sons are suffering from acute form of autism, and they have been going to this centre for the past few months. This centre was funded by a businessman via charity donation. Hence it has been offered as free service to those parents who cannot afford the full commercial service. I am one of those parent who need Early Intervention Program and cannot afford it.

The centre was headed by a very experience teacher in autism management and intervention. He is a retiree and if he left this job I don't think he will be actively working for the good of autistic kids again. I want to secure his service and take over the operation of the centre. I have the business experience and also autism management experience to turn this around.

We are not going to provide a free for all kind of services, but will be very affordable. We will have a trust fund setup to help those who cannot afford to pay for the service. Time is running out, 14 June 2009 is the deadline for the centre to cease operation.

Why am I here asking for help? I have no other way to go and seeking the help from whoever I can get my hand on to. We need the following: -

1. Premise - prefer a corner lot house with some garden area where we can setup sand and water therapy area.

2. Musical - Since autistic kids are very artistic and musically inclined, I want to setup some musical class to explore their potential. Any good working Piano or Electronic piano are needed. Can Yamaha donate some? Anyone who know someone in Yamaha?

3. Art - Art supply for painting and others

4. Renovation - Can some good soul help to pay for the renovation and furnishing of the centre?

5. Telecommunication - Telephone, Fax and Internet access

6. Funding - We need at least one year of funding before we can be self funded. I will work out the requirement once we have more people come into play and willing to help

7. Teaching material - I have plenty in my house becasue both my sons are autistic and I have invested over the years.

Anyone can help me to published all the above? I have 2 weeks to put thing together before they closed it down. 20 kids will be affected if the centre is closed down without giving them an alternative to go.

Shiok Guy

YEK MING YONG, aka Shiok Guy can be contacted at





Anonymous said...

those who have pocketed from the PKFZ
scandal should HELP as atonement !!

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Zorro

A few friend online wanting to donate to help us in the center. Since we have not register the company for this purpose, using my account will be a BIG Conflict Of Interest.

I am writing to ask if Brother Bernard or Brother Patrick are willing to be a trustee and use your bank account instead of Mine?

Thank you

Shiok Guy

artchan said...

Any account number I can bank in the donation.

Anonymous said...

any sms system ?

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

I have a Little Angel, my 2-year nephew, who has been diagnosed with mild Autism late last year.

With recent reporting how autistic children being treated abusively at the NASUM Centre(tied to chairs as they could be hyperactive), it is HIGH time to save this centre as I want to send my Little Angel there.

Dear Uncle Zorro, theres one sure-fire business strategic we have here in Malaysia. Give bad service at gomen-supported centres (just like our schools), the service providers will become very enterprising, offering their service outside the business hours(read: tuition classes).

So, i know how it feels for Mr Shiok Guy to call for this SOS. We do not wish these gifted kids to succumb to unwarranted stupidity we thought they are and definitely being abused for their limitations.

There a lot of studies showing how genius they could be in IT, engineering and architectural discipline. Some even in sports (theres a report on Micheal Phelps having mild case of autism). They could make a difference in this world, if they were given chances.

It must be made known that autistic cases in malaysia are increasing each years. The medical and therapetic expertise are limited and most of the time, the specialists hang their coats to become a salesman, looking for donations to fund these centres.

I truly believe everyone has his special place in this world. Please lend your compassion to this SOS call.

Lao' Cha said...

I'll chip in a little when the account is ready. I'm okay with any account as long as the holder's heart is in the right place.

artchan said...

visited shiok the bank a/c.
already banked in small contribution. I hope his plans goes well.

temenggong said...

Yeah, just give us an account number. zorro can handle the account.

Anonymous said...

Why don't ask the richest Malaysian on Forbe's list to help?

Anonymous said...

Just imagine 0.02% of the funds wasted under PKFZ could help a long way.

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Fi-Sha

I agreed we need to have an EIP (Early Intervention Program) to address those from 2-7 before they goes to government school.

Both my sons are in special class in Seri Petaling 1. What happen after they finish std6? whats then?

it a long journey... I can start the ball rolling but I do need the support of others. Me alone will kill me within 2-3 years.. heart Attack!!

We need a place to call home first.. really... that the first step? Anyone who has unlease house willing to let go rent free for 1-2 years.. after that we should be self funded by charity and also fee..


I have put forward my personal account since we have no time yet to setup a company to do this.. check my blog, I have posted the account detail, account balance as per last night, and my expense budget too.

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy

Shiok Guy said...

To prevent abuse!

I hereby agree the account used for this purpose at maybank are open for audit and check by anyone who wish to audit it.

Can I suggest Zorro as a trusted third party to audit the account?

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy

Shiok Guy said...

Please see the latest update 4 June 2009 on the Autism center here

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy