Friday, May 29, 2009


TAIKO Tee Keat look bullishly stern when he asked PKFZ taiko Hwa Beng to make everything public. Sheepishly stern HB announced that the PAC and MACC (some deformed animal?) would follow up on this.

In pre-President Truman's days, it was called passing the buck, until the sign on his desk said "the buck stops here". In the mid 70s, it was called "delegation" until the mid 90s
and resulting from the Quality Movement, the word EMPOWERMENT was the flavor heralding the new millennium. But management gurus have persistently warned that empowerment will not work unless your managers are HONEST and possess inherent how now taiko?

(Aside: but thank the Almighty, our two taikos have made sure that the Police Inspector General is not in this loop, as he is busy lobbying for extension of service to the nation. Patriotism 101?)


(maybe water beds a la Peter Abdullah Ang. Remember?)

But knowing how the BN protect their own, I am pessimistic despite all this avowed openness. Bear in mind the plethora of STARS involved in this mega-epic. Meantime I will nurse my Macallan and muse over this murky question:

lancheow! lancheow! lancheow!


jltc said...

you can be sure it will be another
NATO.(no action talk only) show.

Anonymous said...

OMG !! 12 Bs... Mega money !!

Think of all the great things we could have done with that kind of money !!

And those involved and the powers that be have plundered the coffers without any conscience !! Its utter shameful !!

The rakyat must save our beloved country from the corrupts before Malaysia burns to the ground !!

Anonymous said...

' think of all the great things could have been done with these money

sigh ! if the $$$$$$$$ NOT wasted & masuked someone pockets here (!) COULD the government be SO kind to think of the poor & miserable folks ?
they will also be buanged into disney projects lah, white elephants farm lah & ........!!
SIGH ! this bolehland is doomed !!!!!

Hamba said...

RM1 for Malaysian and RM12 Billions for UMNO and geng. That is the core of 1Malaysia... The rakyat cannot handle big bucks so RM1 is the limit for rakyat. But remember even that RM1 will be shared with UMNO through tolls, TNB, Syabas and EPF. At the end of the day the rakyat will be lucky to end up with 1 sen.

telur dua said...

The PKFZ is one big con 'family' business. The victims are, of course, the Rakyat.

chong said...

they will investigate for a few years and... then...

malaysians sudah lupa.

frank serpico said...

Uncle Zorro,
We have heard and seen all that before, la..No big deal! Still singing the same old song. The MACC lame duck will NFA the whole issue. The Ong(Hylam) is taking us for a ride and think we are all FOOLS. With 12 billion, how many hospitals, schools and nursing homes can be build for the people. What a waste!! Robbed and cheated the people FOR their own pockets.How they are going to DIE, I don't know. So many big-guns are involved- Tuns, Tan Sris, Datuks/Dato's and Datins-Datins. What a SHAME!!

Anonymous said...

" ....i'm very proud being sued for 100juta & be very insulted for only satu ringgit ! "

People said...

Kepada Pengundi dan Penyokong setia BN,

Taniah kepada anda semua!
Duit kerajaan semua disapu bersih oleh kroni-kroni BN!

Anonymous said...

rm3 psf sold to gomen at rm25 psf for few juta acres = ???? % profit &
the seller , an mp, sits on the board somemore , r the ministry concerned dead & ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ too !

Anonymous said...

Bro zorro
Lucky that Ong Tala Kua didnt say that his suit case with the report stolen by someone when he stop for a tea break at "Najibs Corner"and put the blame on indians.Oh my in TV outa 3. he said its happen during his time and outa kat rakyat that he will do all the best to bring the culprit to justice.But Ong Telah Kecut know who wag the billions.The guy :Apa Nama" the one bawa lari 40 Mp to Taiwan for ak kari masak study tour has most of it.Thats the $ he use to sponser MP ak kari masak course.

Present Value said...


If past performance and track record of the BN and its past & current leaders can be used as a benchmark, the outcome of this "public disclosure of the independent audit report" is predictable...

No one in power will end up in the cell/jail. No one.

However, if any staff of private company committed minor fraud(well assume that total damage less than RM100k)or
"negligence in discharging duties in good faith" = CBT, and spend years in the prison.

Come to the total many Billions?

I just came across some school children walking in the street in Klang Valley seeking for donation for their school's facility expansion...

So, if the BN leaders and the Federal Govt has so much of heart for the people...mind you...the children...can't they not ensure that school facilities are all funded by the Govt/tax payers!!!

Looks like many more school children will have to go to the streets asking for $$$ to support the schools activities.

Anonymous said...

b4 they finish the money , do someting pls ..... @#$%^&* !!