Saturday, May 30, 2009



The autumn weather in Brisbane must be doing RPK heaps of good. He is churning out invigorating stuff like UMNO lawyer Shafee caught with his pants down. Much, much better than the 24 series.


To Pete and Marina I dedicate this song from the Joan Crawford film of the same name. (Letting out a little secret….I had my first date with ML at Taiping’s Lido Cinema to watch Autumn Leaves. Of course nothing happened. You don’t want to get a girl pregnant by holding her hands, would you?)

Last night, TV Smith took time off to knock down a few beers with me and ex-Star sub-editor Vanitha at the Wharf. He had been on this rescue mission for the past three week. I featured this rescue operations earlier HERE,

What TV related to me is featured in today’s Star. HERE.


The NutGraph reported this recently:

Eighteen families who have lived for nearly 100 years on the land inside the Saint Francis Xavier church grounds in Penang face a bleak future after they were told to vacate the premises. Their plight was highlighted in Makkal Osai on 30 April in a front-page story titled Where will we go? Eighteen families in distress.

"We have lived here for more than four generations. The church sent us a notice via its lawyers ordering us to vacate the premises by 30 May," said Anthony Muthu, the spokesperson for the families, who number around 100 people.

The people are not angry with the church for sending them eviction notices. They are just saddened that despite repeated requests for a meeting with Catholic Bishop Anthony Selvanayagam to discuss this problem, the bishop has refused. "This is why we had to go public by inviting the press to highlight our problem," said Anthony Muthu.

The families expressed hope that the church would let them live in their houses permanently.

Over the years I have heard numerous incidents involving this recalcitrant man of the cloth. I happened to be in Penang when he transferred a very popular priest because the priest did not agree with him.

Demolishing temples is bad enough! Isn’t eviction just as bad?

And before some bishop-loving Catholics accuse me of lack of respect for a man of God let me put it simply and bluntly: More so a man of God should EARN respect. Clerical stature means nothing if one puts oneself before one’s disadvantaged flock.

Is this the case of the Shepherd (a bishop’s crosier symbolizes that he is a shepherd of his flock) determined to arbitrary evict some of his elderly sheep?

Before I HANTAM him, I need him to meet those involved.

You are nowhere near God, so I am not asking you to have mercy on those elderly.

Be humble Monsignor!


Anonymous said...

The film "Demons and Angels", sort of tells all.

Jude said...

Owing to the fact that due justice be carried out in such cases, I don't think we should jump to conclusions without hearing both sides of the story. What I see being "presented" in most blogs that have highlighted this is heavily skewed toward one party - the residents. Has no one thought of getting the bishops' point of view? By doing this, arent' we succumbing to the very things that the so-called online and alternative media accuse the MSM of? Btw:, I am a blogger too and a Catholic in Penang.

zorro said...

I hear you Jude. Will you do all of us a favor? Get his side of the story. I can't as I am not in Penang.

profit said...

I was hoping to see you at Amcorp Mall holding candle light vigil for the rest of the ISA detainees.

Patricia said...

What could his side of the story be, that I'd want to hear it? Especially if he has refused to meet with the families or their reps. Why ever not?

As with most things, a bishop's position is about politics. And here we see it in action;

How does the catholic church justify the evictions? I'd be very interested to hear that side of the story. And I hope I read it before I've had my lunch.

Do I sound like I've made up my mind already? Ya' think?!

zorro said...

Profit, will you join me and my wife two Sundays from tomorrow. Cops wont trouble us because we are less than 4. Let me know.

HKP7M8 9mm said...

Uncle Zorro,
To solve this ISA candle vigil, very is if we want to champion demolition of ISA-GET THE MEMBERS OF BAR COUNCIL involved. Since President Ragu talk so much of seeing JUSTICE being done for THE PEOPLE. No 'barking' from them!! You know why? Because it is NOT of their own interest. See what happens if few of them are place under ISA, then you CAN EXPECT THEM TO MARCH TO THE HALL OF JUSTICE IN PUTRAJAYA in big numbers. Otherwise 'fat hopes', ONLY YOU AND ME and some others will attend!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's so easy to be barking up the wrong tree
While trying to champion the people being 'free'
When those in authorities can barely count beyond three
Before they execute 'protective custody' lest the innocent people flee

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 310509
Sun. 31st May 2009.

profit said...

Dear Zorro,
I am just reminding you what you have said earlier.You would hold on to the vigil if you be the last person on the planet.Now I want to see practice what is preached.Go get all your T.Kok and RPK supporters to help you.

zorro said...

Profit, did I say that? When? I don't remember that! Please help because I am not used to making sweeping statements.

Harman said...

The climate of Brisbane is subtropical and the weather is warm and humid throughout the year. You won't see leaves changing colour in autumn, as there is really no autumun to speak of. Furthermore, the leaves of native Australian trees, i.e. gum trees or eucalyptus trees do not change colour according to seasons even in "temperate" areas like Melbourne. So those beautiful pictures of autumun are from somewhere but not Brisbane, Australia.

profit said...

AS usual when things comes smack on your face,it is always the denial.Plse read through my comments in your blog right after T.Kok release.

zorro said...

Harman, it was a representation of what we know as autumn. Thanks for the heads-up. I appreciate this....not having been in Brisbane.Thanks again.

ahoo said...

Uncle Zorro,

I think there was a case in S'pore some years back whereby the church lost a case trying to evict a family that had stayed within the church compound for more than 30 years !

I think there is a case against the Penang church if they allowed people to stay on their land for 100 years unless there is clear black & white agreement. In any case, the church belongs to its people and the bishop position is an elected one, so he cannot act alone without the committee's decision as a whole.

Let us wait to hear of the bishop stand and his side of the story and maybe "Jude" can provide us some leads.