Saturday, May 30, 2009



Blogger Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

I have a Little Angel, my 2-year nephew, who has been diagnosed with mild Autism late last year.

With recent reporting how autistic children being treated abusively at the NASUM Centre(tied to chairs as they could be hyperactive), it is HIGH time to save this centre as I want to send my Little Angel there.

Dear Uncle Zorro, theres one sure-fire business strategic we have here in Malaysia. Give bad service at gomen-supported centres (just like our schools), the service providers will become very enterprising, offering their service outside the business hours(read: tuition classes).

So, i know how it feels for Mr Shiok Guy to call for this SOS. We do not wish these gifted kids to succumb to unwarranted stupidity we thought they are and definitely being abused for their limitations.

There a lot of studies showing how genius they could be in IT, engineering and architectural discipline. Some even in sports (theres a report on Micheal Phelps having mild case of autism). They could make a difference in this world, if they were given chances.

It must be made known that autistic cases in malaysia are increasing each years. The medical and therapetic expertise are limited and most of the time, the specialists hang their coats to become a salesman, looking for donations to fund these centres.

I truly believe everyone has his special place in this world. Please lend your compassion to this SOS call.

May 30, 2009 3:55 AM


Anonymous said...

any sms method ?

Richard Loh said...

Hi Zorro,

I see that your graphic on this posting specified Public Bank but at ShiokGuy blog he posted as Maybank. Can you confirm which is which.


zorro said...

Either or, Richard, whichever is convenient as the cause is the same.

Anonymous said...

What happen to the MCA Woman Ng Yen Yen. Thought she is patron.

Maybe should hamtam her. Ask Shiok Guy.

Shiok Guy said...


This is nothing to do with NASOM! NASOM has some government sponsorship and they are their set of program.

I am not Pro MCA or BN. Look at my blog and you will see which way I tend to lean toward.

The old center cannot afford to continue, we have to accept the decision. For me it is not the end of the road. May be the closing of One Center can bring together a whole lot of people to understand what autism is all about.. May be it is worth it too. Right?

One step at a time, the first step is asking for help and the next is a place and a roof call Center where the kids can go to learn.

Shiok Guy

Shiok Guy said...

Dear All,

I feel better if everyone can donate via Zorro's Public Bank Account.

Shiok Guy

Shiok Guy said...

Please see the latest update 4 June 2009 on the Autism center here

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy